Africa Pack for Humankind

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This is a culture pack consisting of six cultures from Africa. It includes one culture per era. If you'd like to download the cultures individually, click on their names to go to their individual mod pages.

All six of these cultures are also included in my Culture Super Pack.

Ancient Era: Shona

Affinity: Agrarian
Legacy Trait: People of the Stone Houses: +5 Food on Main Plaza; +4 Food per territory attached to the capital
Emblematic District: Zimbabwe: Replaces the Farmers Quarter; No base yields, but exploits Food of all adjacent tiles; May be placed freely and serves as a base for district placement (like the Hamlet); -2% food consumption of population in the capital; +1 Farmer Slot; May be bought in unattached territories for Influence; -10 Stability; Unlocks at Masonry
Emblematic Unit: Running Spears: Replaces Spearmen; 19 Combat Strength (instead of 18 for the Spearmen); 5 Movement (instead of 4 for the Spearmen); May move until all movement points are exhausted in battle; Unlocks at Bronze-working (like the Spearmen)

Classical Era: Numidians

Affinity: Militarist
Legacy Trait: Renowned Horsemen: -5% to upkeep cost on cavalry units per Horses; +1% Combat Strength to cavalry units per Horses
Emblematic District: Horse Breeder: +5 Food; +2 Money; +1 Food and +1 Money per Horses; +5 Food and +5 Money per adjacent Horses; Creates a Horses deposit and exploits it; -10 Stability; Is a spawn point for land units
Emblematic Unit: Numidian Cavalry: Does not replace any unit; Mounted Ranged unit with 20 Combat Strength and 1 Range; In battle may move until movement points are exhausted; Unlocks at Standing Army; Costs 4 population to build

Culture Trait (not passed on after advancing to another culture): Horse Warriors: May not build any non-cavalry units; All cavalry units must be bought with population; All cavalry units have increased Horses requirements and increased population costs; All cavalry units may attack fortifications

Medieval Era: Kilwans

Affinity: Merchant
Legacy Trait: Entrepôt: +4 Money per Trader; -75% to cost of buying resources through trade
Emblematic District: Coral Mosque: +3 Faith; +1 Faith per adjacent Coastal Water tile; +1 Faith per naval trade route in this territory; +3 Money per adjacent Market Quarter; +3 Money per adjacent Harbour; +1 Trader Slot; Counts as Market Quarter
Emblematic Unit: Shirazi Swordsmen: Replaces the Great Swordsmen; 35 Combat Strength (like the Great Swordsmen); +0.5% Combat Strength per naval trade route; Unlocks at Heavy Infantry (like the Great Swordsmen)

Early Modern Era: Kongolese

Affinity: Aesthete
Legacy Trait: Syncretic Church: +10% Influence on territories that follow a foreign religion
Emblematic district: Mpusu Weaver: +3 Money; +3 Money per adjacent Market Quarter; +2 Money per adjacent Makers Quarter; +10% Money per land trade route in this territory; +0.5 Influence per Money produced on the Mpusu Weaver; +1 Worker Slot; -10 Stability
Emblematic Unit: Shield Bearers: Replaces the Halberdiers; 43 Combat Strength (instead of 41 for the Halberdiers); +4 Combat Strength against Gunner units; Unlocks at Centralized Power (like the Halberdiers)

Industrial Era: Merina

Affinity: Militarist
Legacy Trait: Anti-Colonial Holdout: +30 War Support when starting a war; +5 War Support when winning a battle (when you win a battle, you will gain 13 War Support instead of 8); -3 War Support on your opponent when losing a battle (when you lose a battle, your opponent will gain 5 War Support instead of 8)
Emblematic District: Protected Forest: +35 Fortification; +15 Fortification on adjacent districts; +6 Combat Strength to units on or adjacent to the Protected Forest; Increased Movement cost for enemy units adjacent to the Protected Forest; -5 Pollution; -10 Stability; Must be built on a Forest tile
Emblematic Unit: Local Auxiliaries: Replaces the Line Infantry; 44 Combat Strength (instead of 47 for the Line Infantry); Produced two at a time (when you build one, a second will spawn); Unlocks at Military Coordination (instead of Line Formation, like the Line Infantry)

Contemporary Era: Kenyans*

*This culture is not available individually

Affinity: Aesthete
Legacy Trait: Diplomatic Outreach: +1 Industry and +1 Money in the Capital per 10 stockpiled Influence
Emblematic District: United Nations Branch Office: +100 Influence; +100 Money; -5 Influence and -5 Money per War in your history (either declared by you or declared on you); +20 Fame per Alliance; May only be built once per city
Emblematic Unit: Counter-Terrorism Unit: Does not replace any unit; Modern Infantry unit (upgrades from Rifles); 55 Combat Strength; +3 Combat Strength against Irregular units; +5 Combat Strength when Stability is low; Unlocks at Insurrection Theory

If you encounter bugs, please let me know! You can find me on Reddit, Steam, and Discord under the name uncle2fire.

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Credit for the art for the Numidian Cavalry goes to kul. You can see more of kul's work here.


This mod is NOT compatible with my other added culture mods. This mod has not been tested with any mods made by other creators.







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Arphenix @frezoulsmaxance

Saw you could have religion factors modify could it work if you put a LT removing stab on territories per territories not following state religion ? :p

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire

Yes, I believe that would be possible.

monte_cristo @monte-cristo1

Great work

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire