Atlanteans for Humankind

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Atlanteans Have "OtherWorldly Knowledge" And gain +1 science and industry on all Districts, at the cost of -2 stability per district.

The Atlanteans have 2 Emblematic Quarters, The Atlantean Observatory and the Stargate.

The Observatory functions as a harbor but exploits science and production from adjacent coastal tiles.
It also gives +1 Science and +2 Industry per Reseaercher on City or Outpost and adds a researcher slot.
It counts as a research quarter and a workers quarter.

The Stargate is based of of the Colony Model of the British. It must be placed in a Vassals Territory, and exploits money for the Liege based on the Number of unlocked Technologies., but also gives the Lege science equiveleant to the money exploited.
It should provide science for the Vassal, but I haven't been able to test it from that side.

The Emblematic Unit is called Metal God, and it costs 2 population but gains combat strength per number of Copper (+2 per Copper) and Iron (+3 per Iron). It gains 2 Upkeep per Strategic Resource you have Access to.

Image is not mine, and I got it off of Pinterest. Atlantis Center of the Ancient World by Lorenz





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