BigPharma's Bagratid Armenians [Medieval] for Humankind

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This mod adds the Bagratid Armenians as a playable culture in the Medieval Era with their own Legacy Trait, Emblematic Quarter, and Emblematic Unit. It also correctly identifies the Armenian Independent People as the Cilician Armenians, whose capital was Sis. No other cultures are replaced.

For a more detailed write-up of the design and inspiration for this culture, see here.


Affinity Militarist
Legacy Trait Bounty of Ararat +1 Food on Rocky Field and Stony Field adjacent to a Farmer's Quarter
Emblematic Quarter Vank'

+1 Unit Experience on Unit Creation per Faith produced on District

+3 Faith

+5 Stability

+2 Faith per adjacent District

+5 Faith per adjacent Holy Site

Emblematic Unit Azatk'

Militia unit automatically created on sieges and via the Militarist Affinity Action

+32 Combat Strength

+3 Combat Strength when on friendly District

+2 Combat Strength per Veterancy Level when Empire Stability is Very High

+1 Combat Strength per Veterancy Level when Empire Stability is High

-5 Combat Strength when Empire Stability is Low

-2 Stability per Unit on all Cities


Religious: Despite being classed as a Militarist culture, the Armenians rely heavily on Faith to provide an advantage to their units. Faith produced by a Vank' within the City will grant Unit Experience towards Veterancy to every Unit, but for Azatk', the Veteranacy bonus is doubled when Empire Stability is between 30-90% and tripled when above 90%, which will allow it to vastly outperform Great Swordsmen. Every Vank' built will also offset the Stability malus from deploying 2.5 Azatk' units.

Military: The Militarist Affinity Action receives the spotlight with this culture and allows for the player to rapidly deploy Azatk' into the field that can stand their own rather than being fodder for enemy knights. They also cost no upkeep and heal at no cost in allied territory. However, deploying them excessively will quickly decrease Stability across all Cities and trigger civil unrest, as well as reduce their Combat Strength if Empire Stability is under 30%.

Economic: The Legacy Trait will enable Cities settled on rivers surrounded by Stony Field or Rocky Field terrain to be much more viable in terms of sustaining population to convert into Azatk'. This terrain also generally is surrounded by cliffs, which can make Cities more defensible and less vulnerable to enemy aggression.

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Tigranes @tigranes

Oh wow, as an Armenian I salute your effort and renamed Cilician Armenia is a nice touch. I am curious why did you opted for Medieval rather than Classical Artaxiad Armenia?))) You know, my namesake Emperor and stuff...

[GIL]BigPharma @bigpharma2

At the time, I had just finished making a militaristic cavalry-centered culture and wanted to experiment with some other unique playstyles. I will however absolutely revisit the Armenians in the Classical Era and make sure I do their equestrian traditions justice ๐Ÿ˜Š

[GIL]BigPharma @bigpharma2

Do note that the graphical representations for the EU and ED are placeholders - there aren't many in-game assets that match historical images and descriptions of medieval Armenian soldiers and the architectural style of Armenian monasteries don't quite match with the building sets of other medieval or early modern cultures. Once we have the ability to define custom assets, I will remedy this as best I can.