Balance buffs and changes collection for Humankind

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Update 04/01/22: Minor Fixes and changes to infrastructures and religion.
Patch notes here:

Hunt the Infidels: Removed: -15% Upkeep on Ranged Units, Added: 25% ExpGain on Ranged Units
Smite Unbelievers: Added: 10 Industry on Cities
Yield to None: Removed: -15% Upkeep on Cavalry Units, Added: 25% ExpGain on Cavalry Units
Show Not Mercy: Removed: -15% Upkeep on Melee Units, Added: 25% ExpGain on Melee Units
Meditate Often: Removed 1 NavalSpeed, Added: 1 Naval Speed on Transports

Infrastructures changes:

From 9 to 12 Agrarian Star Req for Capital Punishment
Capital Punishment: Lifetime Sentence: Added: 5 Food or 5 Industry on CommonsQ(Depending on previous Civic)

Zhou: ED: Added: 2 Science, Adjacency bonus from 5 to 3 Science per Mountain( Was too good)
Phoenicians: LT: Removed: 1 Money per Trade Road, Added: 1 Money per Naval Trade Route on Empire
Phoenicians LT: Added: 1 Naval Speed in friendly Territory, Added: 3 Money on Main Plaza
Assyrians: ED: Removed 10 Bonus money per Ransack, Added 2 Public order per Garrisons
Assyrians LT: Added 25 Money on Ransack per Era
Mycenaeans ED: Removed adjacency Bonuses, Added: 3 Exp on Unit Creation
Nubians ED: Removed extra 1 industry adjacency bonus
Mauryans LT: Added 1 Influence on tile Producing Influence
Carthage LT: Removed: 1 Naval Speed in Non Allied, Added: 1 Speed on Naval Transports
Carthage LT: Removed extra Combat STR on Naval
Goths ED: Adeed 1 Stability per Religious Districts
Aksumites: Removed: Adjacency bonus 2 faith per markets, Added: 1 faith per any district
Huns: from 3 money+ food to 3 food + 2 money per horses on Outposts
Romans: LT: from 3% to 4% Industry per Army Size on Capital
Byzantium: LT: removed 2 Money per districts on all Cities, Added: 3 Money per Researched Technologies on Capital
Ghanaians: LT: Removed 3 Money on MarketsQ, Added: 3 Money an all Territories
England: ED: Removed Adjacency Bonus
Haudenosaunee EU: STR from 46 to 45
Mughals: EU: STR from 47 to 46
Edo Japanese: ED: From 8 Culture to 1 Culture on tile producing Culture, Adjacency bonus from 3 to 2 faith
Edo Japanese: EU: STR from 48 to 47
Venice EU: Removed extra Zone of Control, from 41 to 43 STR
Italy ED: Adjacency from 4 to 3 Culture
India ED: Adjacency bonus from 10 to 6 faith + 3 Stability
China ED: Changed to 1 Money per All Workers Jobs, Adjacency bonus is now 6 money+ 3 Culture
Brazil ED: Adjacency from 6 to 5% Food + 5 Science per ResearchQ
Turkey ED: Adjacency from 5% to 15% Science
Soviets LT: from 5 to 10 Influence per Weapons Access, Added: -10 Stability on Weapons Deposit
Soviets ED:Adjacency from 6 to 5 industry+ money

Public Ceremonies Changes:
Feast: from 5 Food to 5 on Main Plaza and Admin Center
Holy Day: Added: 5 Faith on Main Plaza
Games: From 5 Stab to 10 Stability and 5 Stability on Admin Center
Parade: From 5 exp to 15 exp+ 15 Industry
Festival: From 2 to 6 Influence on Main Plaza, Added: 3 Influence on Admin Center
Trade Fair: from 4 to 20 Money and 10 Money on Admin Center
Symposium: from 5 to 20 Science and 10 Science on Admin Center

End of patch notes.

A collection of my mods to make underused Cultures more viable and playable. My original plan was to only make a Cultures mod, but as i was doing it i realized i need to change many other things to make those cultures actually viable. I have tried to add some uniqueness and flavor where possible. The changes include better civics, to give influence producing cultures a edge, also better wonders to make spending influence on those worth it.
Also bonuses from religion and religious wonders were changed to scale better with Faith production, to give cultures with religious bonuses a nice buff, the Indian Cultures was given a faith scaling LT as well.
I tried to give underpowered expansionist and military cultures some form of economic boosts to mimic the excellent German and Mycenaean cultures.
I have mostly not touched agrarians except in the final era, because after the changes with Fabius Maximus food now scales into the Late game.
Science and Builder Cultures are also mostly untouched since they are strong based on their special abilities.

Important Note: After a couple of playtests it seems that since a lot of the cultures are stronger now and have better options, this mod seems to make the game a bit harder. So be warned that you might want to first play on a lower difficulty setting then usual.

I am willing to listen to any suggestions, since i always want to improve

You can find all individual mods here with all the changes:

My Mods:

Humankind Cultures Rebalance:

Civics and Ideology Rebalance:

Cultural Wonders Rebalance:

Religious Tenets Buffs:

Scaling Public Ceremonies:

Infrastructure Rebalance:

Late Game Districts Buffs:

Scaling Natural Wonders:

Era Stars:

Luxuries Rebalnce:

Other mods, not for me that i recommend using in combination with this:

My Culture Mods:














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Cobcra123 @cobcra123


Cobcra123 @cobcra123

It is compatible with endless mod?

Hadar1 @hadar1

Hello, I was wondering if you have planned to update your mod for new DLC ? Thanks for your work.

Enchanteur @enchanteur

Hello, I've seen some weird changes, I don't know if it's intended.
There is a civic that give the choice of +5 stability on Commons OR +5 industry on Maker quarter. Is it really that ? Because of course, I chose the huge industry bonus. Or it come from another mod ? I didn't changed my load order.

About repeatable: I know you are looking for a game mechanic here, but the problem is it don't show in the UI. And it's really a problem. I tested it, however, it work, the effect apply. A bit too much powerfull even. I think your previous idea was good enough: give a little bonus per number of times the repeatble was chosen.

SmileyDA @smileyda

Hi, that is a base game civic i just made it easier to unlock.

And for the Public Ceremonies, yes the code i was using was broken i fixed it now.

Lawakun @lawakun

how do i install this ?

SmileyDA @smileyda

If you are playing through steam you just subscribe and then in the game go to Community and Browse mods. It will download automatically.

Enchanteur @enchanteur

A fresh update! Just as I was starting a new game... so great!!!

Enchanteur @enchanteur

Hi, I report a small issue: on Pharos of alexandria, there is a purple text about "+1 CS on effect__LandUnit". I suppose it's rather Naval Unit ? Also, it's possible to avoid the purple text by setting path, target unit and use Validation on navalUnit (I don't remember what is the tag, but I used it a lot). The idea is to not use "effect_", but something else.

SmileyDA @smileyda

Yes the reason is i implemented a bugfix so that Lighthouse doesn't give CS to land units, whoever i did the code wrong. I have already fixed it but i am delaying release a new patch because of a multiplayer session i have. There are a couple of more fixes that are needed as well. But thank you for the Feedback!

Enchanteur @enchanteur

Hi. I have found some other issues. I propose you open a thread on g2g forum, so I can post the screenshots. It isn't big issues making the game bug, but it's weird. Maybe you already know as you play with your own mod. Just an example, something that give a bonus of +0 of something (food, influence, etc).

SmileyDA @smileyda

If you are playing with the old version the British LT was bugged i already fixed it. A known issue is for Indians because i gave the 0.25 per faith, the games always rounds up. So 0.5 shows up as 1 and 0.49 shows up as 0. Maybe i will make a thread on g2g, but thank you for the feedback.

Enchanteur @enchanteur

SmileyDA, hi. About the food repeatable. I don't know if it's intended, but it look like the % bonus can transform in a % malus if the grownet is negative.

SmileyDA @smileyda

Yes i think you might be using a old version, that's why i changed so that the food only gives 25 food and no percentage. Because its so cheap giving it even 1 % food is too strong.

Enchanteur @enchanteur

I'm in-game, it's difficult to track your changes (I don't have a good memory). I'm not sure, about the civic that give choice to 50% cost on Commons or Garrison. I'm not sure, but wasn't something more with that before ?
About Cultures, Pheonicians... 50% reduction is back instead of 25% ? Hey, even that, I don't take. You can put back to 25%... All I need is the +1 naval speed ^^. I miss that so much, I wan't to play my lovable Pheonicians again ! In my current game, it's hell. I play on humankind difficulty, no way to get movement bonus because AI rushed Alexandria pharos. I will try to get the Ideology "authority" (my mod use movement bonus on that, I made it like that because I know how painfull it is to have slow speed, especialy on sea).

Enchanteur @enchanteur

I'm playing with the full pack. Only thing I change is to use TraditionAndAuthority for 2 ideology change. The pack is awesome. There is many available choices in the politic, I really don't know what to choose, when usualy it's an obvious choice. I can't tell about balance, I focus essentialy on how fun it is. All look a bit more powerfull here. But as I play with BuyThis, tech and stars are more difficult to get, so it's ok. I'm playing Pheonician again, very good culture with both mods.
I'm not sure but there could be a conflict with this mod: I remember to try this, and it give 5 tiers instead of 4 tiers. In my current game, there is only 4 but there is well the additionnals tenets. Try it because anyway it's a very good mod, and say me if it work for you, and how it work if you use it + your mod.

SmileyDA @smileyda

Thank you, hope you enjoy it more. I just changed the civics and ideology, i think you will like it more now

Enchanteur @enchanteur

Hi, about the mod conflict, I just made a bad install of this mod.

LyuMir @lyumir

i really like this mod, lovely features and tweaks but prev and new version (1.1.0 & 1.2.0) has too many MISSING UIMAPPER things, religion broken(cannot establish a religion because you cannot get the first believer. they remain in animism forever. every single tower and other wonders is Not considered as sacred place. so no faith prod.)

all these bugs happened in Korean language setting. i changed setting to ENG and it seems works perfectly..

SmileyDA @smileyda

Thank you for the feedback, i have no idea what would be causing that. I had no issues with religion when playing, however i did notice the UIMAapper appeared when i tried to play with another mod, even tough the other mod shouldn't interfere. I tried to change the Formula for animism it shouldn't overpower you anymore.