BULGARIANS - Medieval Bulgarian Culture Mod for Humankind

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[This mod is compatible with all other mods as it uses its own folder structure]

A short history of the Bulgarians:

The First Bulgarian Empire was a medieval state that existed in Southeastern Europe between the 7th and 11th centuries AD. The nomadic Bulgar horsemen under Khan Asparuh secured Eastern Roman recognition of their right to settle south of the Danube by defeating them in battle. Many steppe peoples have attempted to create lasting, settled societies, but among them only the Bulgars were successful.
Quickly establishing a foothold and a base of power, they began rapid fortification efforts around the Balkan mountain range, emulating the construction style of Roman-era builders in their transition from steppe to stone. The peoples of Moesia and Thracia were a mix of native Greeks, Romans and a large Slavic population that had recently made its way south of the Danube. The Bulgars realized that their state would not last long without a coherent identity of its own, so they worked to integrate with their subjects and formed the unique Bulgarian identity that survives to this day, adopting the Slavic language and many of their cultural facets while maintaining the spirit of the steppe and ambition of building a lasting legacy.
During the 9th and 10th century, Bulgaria at the height of its power spread from the Danube Bend to the Black Sea and from the Dnieper River to the Adriatic Sea and became an important power in the region competing with the Eastern Roman Empire and, for a time, boasting one of the most populous and wealthy states on the continent. It became the foremost cultural and spiritual center of south Slavic Europe throughout most of the Middle Ages until its eventual defeat and enslavement at the hands of the Ottomans.


Era Medieval
Affinity Builder
Legacy Trait From Steppe to Stone 50% Tech Cost Reduction for Chivalry and Feudalism
30% Cost Reduction for Hamlets (Applies to ED)
3 Industry per Horses on all Hamlets
1 Industry on all Dry Grass and Prairie terrain (1 Industry on all Land Terrain producing Food)
Emblematic District Dvorets

Unlocks at Chivalry and replaces Hamlet for this Era

25 Fortification
5 Food per Hamlet
-10 Stability

Count as a Hamlet
Exploits Industry and Food on adjacent tiles
Can be used as Land Unit Spawn
Protects neighboring Districts from Ransack
Can be placed freely

Emblematic Unit Bagatur

Unlocks with Chivalry and replaces Knights
Requires 2 Horses | 2 Iron

39 Combat Strength | 6 Movement | 1 Range

Counter-offensive (unique trait)
Stronger when standing in friendly Districts and when fighting from high ground or a fortified position. Has a larger zone of control that cannot be ignored.
[This unit features a unique look and custom formation, so it should be visually distinct from other units]

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Programming and implementation - SmileyDA
Art manipulation and unit customization - K. Constantine






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joel.west @joelwest

gives 'mismatched mod error' even if loaded as sole mod

MalataSocietaOfficia @malatasocietaofficia

i think you must update youre mod's, the game now it's a litle be different!!!!

MalataSocietaOfficia @malatasocietaofficia

its compatible whit Extended Naval Combat for Humankind and [MAP] Giant Earth Map for Humankind ?

Pesh0 @pesh0

Супер!!! Нямам търпение и за индустриални българи. Keep up the good work !!

Arphenix @frezoulsmaxance

Noice !

K.Constantine @kconstantine

We tried to make them work in a somewhat different way to have players rethink how they plan cities and use cavalry in a defensive way.

CovalianKing @covalianking

Awesome. This will go well with Duskendawnes Scythians.

SmileyDA @smileyda

Good to hear, hope you enjoy it!