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UPDATED 21/12/2021.

See update note at the end.

BuyThis! develops a set of interdependent mechanics, almost an alternative and new game.
- Make Money/Food/Influence/Militarist equal to Industry/Science about building, but in a different way.
- Money and Pop Buyouts are very lowered. Inflation greatly reduced.
- Populations in cities produce more and are competitive vs quarters.
- General production efficiency decreases depending on the population/district ratio.
- Gives the player a lot of options each turn, instead of just click "End Turn".
- Give more time to spend in each era.
- Increase pop generation to more than one citizen per turn if enough Growth.
- Non producing quarters don't increase the cost of others quarters.
- Can build from harbors and Resources extractors, but only 1 area away.
- Nerf Collective Mind.
- Various balance, but nothing about cultures, units, etc. Mostly Costs and concepts.

Warning!!! Produces an addictive effect : "Compulsion to buy".


Game concepts are very easy to catch.
No need to read formulas if you are a casual player.

Buy with Money.

Normal speed : 150% of Industry cost (turn 0), to 300% of Industry cost (turn 300).

From: ((Variable.ProductionCost - Variable.InvestedProduction) ^ 1.18 + Variable.CurrentTurn * (Variable.CurrentTurn / 50) ^ 1.55) * Target.ProductionBuyoutCostMultiplier
To: (Variable.ProductionCost - Variable.InvestedProduction) * 1.5 + (Variable.ProductionCost - Variable.InvestedProduction) * Variable.CurrentTurn / 200

Buy with Pop.

5x cheaper.
Cost depends on Food/pop Gain instead of Industry Gain.

From: 5 * 1 max Target.IndustryWorkplaceGainPerPopulation
To: 25 * 1 max Target.FoodWorkplaceGainPerPopulation

Buy with Influence.

Normal speed : 75% of Industry cost (turn 0), to 150% of Industry cost (turn 300).

From: 0.25 * ((Variable.ProductionCost - Variable.InvestedProduction) ^ 1.05 + Variable.CurrentTurn * (Variable.CurrentTurn / 75) ^ 1.25)
To: (Variable.ProductionCost - Variable.InvestedProduction) * 0.75 + (Variable.ProductionCost - Variable.InvestedProduction) * Variable.CurrentTurn / 800

Outpost Buyouts.

Any non military, non emblematic district can be buy in a Outpost.
As the cost is a bit higher, Influence cultures can benefit the most from this.
Note: this don't produce much an exploit than BuyOut with money in a new city.

War Benefits.

Increase bounty from War Reparation, Ransack, Spoil of wars (Units killed).
Normal speed : x2 (turn 0), to x4 (turn 300).
Don't apply during Neolithic.

Generic multiplicator formula apply on these 3 features:
2 * (Target.NumberOfUnlockedTechnologies * 0.01 + 1) ^ 2
So: Bounty x2 early game and x4 end game, with smooth increase during the game.

Absorbing cities.

5x cheaper. Influence or Money cost.

More Gain Per Population.

Each Pop produce +50% more.
Can be seen in the city popup. Scale with infrastructures and Cultures bonus.
Examples : 1 pop for 6 food/pop give 9 food. Infrastructure giving +2 money/pop give +3 instead.

From: Source.FoodWorkplaceGainPerPopulation * Source.PopulationAssignedToFood
To: Source.FoodWorkplaceGainPerPopulation * Source.PopulationAssignedToFood * 1.5

Generate more than 1 Pop per Turn.

It's a smooth process, examples of significative steps :
+500 excess food : +2 pop/turn.
+1000 excess food : +3 pop/turn.
+1M excess food : +50 pop/turn.
You can see the % in the food city popup. 100% mean +1 pop/turn.

Integrates InfiniteGrowth,
Food consomption a bit lower than Vanilla.
From : 0.25 * (Target.Population + Target.InvestedPopulation) ^ 2 + 6 * (Target.Population + Target.InvestedPopulation)

To : 0.20 * (Target.Population + Target.InvestedPopulation) ^ 2 + 6 * (Target.Population + Target.InvestedPopulation)

Only Production Districts Scale, No external Slot Impact.

If you build too much a basic district, its cost increase (like in Vanilla game but lower).
But if you build some others basic districts, the cost of the first one become normal again.
No endless increasing cost like in the Vanilla game.

If you build an Hamlet that give +1 population slot on every workplace, it don't increase basic districts costs like in Vanilla game. Slot impact is reduced in other cases of slots bonus (from Civics, Cultures, etc).

Of course, like in the vanilla game, the more you build districts, the more they cost. It's more expensive than the base game, but cheaper than last game patch (DDLM2), and far cheaper than Fabius Maximus patch.

A non producing district don't increase general district Cost.
You can see "-1 district on city" in the description of these districts.

Integrates BetterDistrictsCosts :
Best than any other mod I made before about district costs.


Because there is more way to produce, it needs ways to balance and slow down the game.

More costly Techs.

Each sub-era tiers have an additionnal cost, increasing by +10% steps.
Era 1 tiers 1 cost get +10%.
Era 1 tiers 2 cost get +20%.
Era 1 tiers 3 cost get +30%.... And so on, until ....
.... Era 6 tiers 4 cost get +290%.

Additionnaly, the 5 ultimates techs get a x5 cost.
Each update, this feature can be balanced (often by adding a general % cost).

Integrates a modified version of CostlyTechs,
Added: x1.25 all techs. And use "Test1" solution.

Era Stars more difficult to catch.

Each Era Star requires to do more than in Vanilla game!
It depends of the kind of stars, you'll see that in-game.

About Science Star : You get 3 stars only by getting all the techs of the era.

Era Stars #2 and #3 have an additionnal Cost depending on Fame Score.
It's calculated at the start of an Era, so Costs won't change during an era if Fame Score change.

Integrates a modified version of ExpensiveStars,
Example with Builder Era Stars.
Star #1 : (Variable.NbEra + 1) * 8 + 4
Star #2 : (Variable.NbEra + 1 * Target.FameScore / 20000 + 1) * 8 + 4
Star #3 : (Variable.NbEra + 1 * Target.FameScore / 10000 + 1) * 8 + 4

Quarters need Pop.

- Ratio : 2 Quarters need 1 Pop.
- Missing Pop : City get a % malus on Industry, Money, Science, but not Food.
- No Pop in the city : Maximum malus is -50%.

You will see it in the city popup. For example : "-6 Industry from city or outpost".
Only producing Quarters matter, not the ones with "-1 district on city".

Integrates a modified version of QuartersNeedPop :
Formula: 0.5 + 0.5 min (0.5 * 1 max Target.Population * 1.5 / 1 max Target.ExtensionDistrictsCount)

Pop need Quarters.

- Ratio : 2 Pop need 1 Quarters .
- Missing Quarters : City get a % malus on Food, Money, Science, but not Industry.
- No Quarter in the city : Maximum malus is -50%.
- City count as 2 Quarters instead of 1. So, No malus until 3 pop if no quarters.

You will see it in the city popup. For example : "-6 Food from city or outpost".
Only producing Quarters matter, not the ones with "-1 district on city".

Formula: 0.5 + 0.5 min (0.5 * 1 max (Target.ExtensionDistrictsCount + 1) * 1.5 / 1 max Target.Population)

Fair Cultural Wonder Costs.

Each time you build a Cultural Wonder, the next one cost twice more.
If you build only one wonder each Era, the costs are the same than Vanilla game, except...
There is also an additionnal cost depending on Fame Score.

- This make more difficult for a single player to monopolize all Wonders with an Influence/Industry snowball.
- It make the first Wonder a player claim always the same base cost. So it's fair for players who couldn't claim Wonders before.

All wonders have this unique formula :
1400 / 2 * 2 ^ Target.WonderCulturalClaimedCount * (1 + Target.FameScore / 100000) ^ 2

National Projects Fame Cost.

National Projects have an additionnal Cost depending on Fame Score.

Example with Satellite Launch :
Base cost : 2500 * (1 + Target.FameScore / 10000)
Iterative cost : 10000 * Source.IterationCount ^ 1.2 * (1 + Target.FameScore / 20000)

Repeatable Influence Basic Cost.

Vanilla Repeatables have 2 costs, basic cost, and additionnal cost from repeat.
- Basic cost become Influence equal to 25% of Industry cost.
- Additionnal cost is Industry cost, unchanged.

- Make first Repeatable quick to BuyOut.
- Give Influence culture an advantage on Repeteables, and a way to spend Influence, late game.
- Prevent Big Money to BuyOut too much Repeteables.

Nerf 2 Affinity Traits.

- Science trait "Collective Mind" give only 50% of production.
- Industry trait give only 75% of production.

Nerf 2 Tenets.

- The one giving Money on Money tiles : from +5 to +4.
- The one giving Science on Science tiles : from +5 to +4.


Some quality of life improvements you can get also in a lot of others mods, more or less the same.

Cities and Administrative Centers exploit all FIMS.

What you see on the map is what you get.
You can get Science or Money from Anomalies Tiles or Ressources spots.

To balance, base income is lower :
- City Center get -1 of each FIMS. FIMS 2/2/2/2.
- Administrative Center get -1 Food and Industry. FIMS 1/1/1/1.

Free build from Harbor and Ressource extractors.

You can build next to the harbor, or a ressource extractor, but without further expansion.
So, you can't build from the new added quarter, until the City or Administrative Center connect.

Better Natural Reserve.

Natural Reserve provide +1 of any FIMS, +1 faith, and +2 Influence.
So it's more easy to see on the map. Also, Pollution reduction is -6 instead of -3.

Integrates LovableReserve,

Better Commons quarter.

Have now 2 basic effect and 2 synergy.
+4 Stability, +4 Stability per basic economic district nearby (food, money, industry, science).
+2 Influence, +2 Influence per district nearby that are not basic economic.

Can't be build without a basic quarter nearby (prevent AI to do that).
Better AI parameters so AI don't build it so much anywhere, reduce clustering.

These changes are mostly for AI, so AI can get a little benefit of this quarter, instead of building it anyhow for nothing. It's also nice for players, as Garrison often get the preference.

Technology "Encyclopedia".

Removes "Can't buy with pop".
Needed because this mod give food the ability to concurrence Industry with Pop Buyout.


Cost from 500 to 100.
Pollution reduction duration is set to 20 turns instead of 2.
The duration use now gamespeed, so 20 turns is for normal speed. Longer for slowest speeds.

Tradition And Authority.

Authority get additionnal bonus :
+1 Naval and Land speed, then +2.

Tradition get additionnal bonus :
+1 City Cap, then +2.

Integrates a modified version of TraditionAndAuthority,

*** Balance and philosophy. ***

It's a little bit of blabla that will interest those shocked by some choices that seem to make the mod even more snowball than the Vanilla game.

The Vanilla game tried some options of the mod in its beta phase, such as making the money or pop buyout more accessible. As there was not the right balance, they backed off. However, this generates two problems:
- Player frustration at not being able to use buyouts, money or pop.
- The shift of real power to the Industry, which also annoys players.

So, making a mod like BuyThis is based on an implicit bias: no way to back out like the vanilla game. It has already been tried. The idea was to nerf what might be a problem. Because if you don't do that, you have to work on the whole game to adapt to the problem. And that's probably not the kind of risk a developer can take with a deadline looming.
That's exactly what BuyThis does, adapt the whole game! Modder have more freedom, can take risk and make errors. No one will scream, it's just a mod make by a single guy!

Not nerfing the Industry and making other resources competitive is bound to bring excess production and growth. Making the population competitive vs. the quarters as well. So you have to compensate, and that relies on few levers. Nerf the buyouts? That's exactly what we want to avoid. Or in a limited proportion. So we just need to increase the other requirements to make the game balanced. This is mainly due to the cost of technologies and the difficulty to get the Era stars. The quarter/pop ratio as well, this is a feature I've seen called for a lot in the threads.

In a BuyThis game, the player has time to develop his cities more in each era. And changing era after just having built three or four quarters is also very frustrating for players.
Secondly, it's research on game concepts about other cultures than Industry. Food for example: exceeding the limit of 1 pop per turn, and creating a hellish dynamic of sacrificing pop to buy. This fills the theme, and creates something new in relation to the industry.

Nerf Industry : the mod choose to not do that. But if industry is still a problem, there is a easy way to nerf it, without needing to edit each Industry cultures or features in the game. Just edit the Industry output in the city, with a formula. Best, it can also choose Industry coming from pop and Industry coming from other source. So nerf mostly Industry coming from quarters and effects, but not Industry coming from pop.



Check screenshots of unity project. If you use a mod changing one of these files, it will conflict.
Ok, I need to update Screenshot, for now, you see nothing. ;-)

Recommended Mods.

The ones I like, and also the ones I know they work well with BuyThis!, with good compatibility or synergy.

- Need More Stars mods.
If you wan't slow down AI to change Era, use this kind of mods.
Example, Fourteen Star-Eras :

- More Resource Options,
Not only more options, but effective ones, far better than the FabiusMaximus ones.
Even if you don't wan't more resources, use that, because it spread better resources on the map.

- Some other AOM mods I consider as a must have.
Improved AI Culture Selection,
With that, AI don't choose the usual cultures like Harapean, and for unknow reason never choose Egyptians.
More Religious Tenets,
You dream of more tenets and 5 tiers tenets ? This mod make it real!

- Deep Sea, because it's so cool,
Then you will probably wan't to use also Extended Naval Combat,

- Balance buffs and changes collection,
This awesome megapack work with BuyThis, I always play both.
Should be loaded before if you prefer TraditionAndAuthority change. Also, if you load it before, you keep Train Station and Airport buyout influence and no-scale (and loose exploit own FIMS, what is fair). I never tried to load it after BuyThis, but should be fine, if you prefer these small changes from this mod.
Include 14 stars/Era and 2 stars Neolithic, really needed.
All BuyThis don't do, this mod do, and vice versa.

- Vanilla Improvement Project,
A promising overhaul mod. I never tested it, so my opinion is mostly because it's the kind of overhaul mod BuyThis like, as they do what BuyThis don't do. But it make some changes that could be not compatible with "Balance buffs and changes collection", so it need to choose one. Still, I think both could work, but it will make loose some features, depending of the load order. It could also accumulate some features by accident.
If you use the mod with BuyThis!, for sure, you need to load it before BuyThis!, otherwise, you will loose too much important features from BuyThis. Sadly you will also loose some feature from Vanilla Improvement Project, but not so much, and mostly the ones about global balance that BuyThis do in its own way (costs, era stars requirement, etc).

- Culture Super Pack,
Thanks to the fact that all cultures are in a single pack and there is a compatibility patch, this awesome pack is now available with BuyThis!
Compatibility patch : Compatibility: Culture Super Pack and DeepSea,
Patch can be used both for DeepSea and BuyThis! and must be loaded after.

- Progressive Difficulty,
I think it's a real need for the game, so a must have mod.
But I still work a lot on it, as I need to find the good balance, listen to feedback and how players feel it.

Other Mods.

Most of the mods are Ok, as they don't tweak the assets I use.
Any mod you like about :
- New Cultures, new stuff.
- Balancing units, civics, ideologies, wonders, cultures, infrastructures, etc.
Only risk is to unbalance if the mods give too many buffs.

Conflictual Mods.

- Almost all my mods, but they are integrated in BuyThis.
- Naval-Rework,
Can work if loaded after BuyThis!, but you can't build anymore from Harbors.
Also, Harbor will be added to DistrictsCount, so it scale the cost of others districts.
List of Districts that scale and Definition files used will be listed in BetterDistrictsCost,
- BalanceOverhaul,
- Reduces the cost of a district,
- Simpler Buyout Costs,

Load Order Example.

My new usual load order, few mods, but heavy ones :
1 - Balance buffs and changes collection.
2 - Extended Naval Combat.
3 - Culture Super Pack.
4 - BuyThis!

5 - DeepSea.
6 - Compatibility: Culture Super Pack and DeepSea.
7 - Progressive Difficulty.
And of course all AOM mods about resources, religion, AI culture choice.

2021 12 18 20h59 17

*** ISSUES ***

SOLVED - IN GAME ISSUE about UI : Come from too much text in Configuration Tab.
Thanks for reporting, and thank to the dev team who helped on this case.
Already subscriber with the issue : Unsubscribe, then subscribe again to force refresh and solve the issue.

SOLVED - Pending End Turn when conquering a city : A bug coming from the integration of BetterDistrictsCost. The correction was made in both mods. Full test with conquest of multiples cities, and it work ok now. Many playtests since then, no problem.

SOLVED - No prod city/Infinite turns outpost : A bug coming vanilla update 13/12/2021 (v1.0.6.667) with 2 unrecognized properties in GameEffect_Settlement. I just cross fingers there isn't this kind of thing in another part of the game.

*** UPDATE ***

Major Update, 07/12/2021.

- Give to Militarist and Influence Cultures new way to play, like it was for Food and Money.
- Change Buy With Influence in Outposts.
- Better War Benefits.
- Nerf Science and Industry Affinity Traits.
- Repeatable basic cost with Influence.
- Cheaper Reforestation Cost.
- Integrates modified TraditionAndAuthority.
- Balance Merchant Star : exponential from 3.2 to 3.3.
- Balance Quarter Need Pop : pop multiplicator from 1.5 to 1.334. Make ratio Pop/Quarter from 2/3 to 3/4.
- Common quarter have a better synergy and should prevent AI spamming and clustering.
- Re-introduce a very light Inflation on Money/Influence Buyout (smooth increase to x2 instead of x1,5 late game).
- Nerf 2 Tenets, +5 money or science/tile to +4.
- Curve a bit Science cost: end of Era 1 is higher. Other eras, no change, except late industrial and comtemporary era, with higher costs.

Patch, 08/12/2021.

- Set buyout money on "test 2" start at x1.5 and go to x3 (max inflation).
- Remove Commons exploit FIMS.
- Add DeepSea compatibility.

Patch, 10/12/2021.

- Nerf a bit the new Commons, was too OP. Synergies unchanged but base 4 stability and 2 influence.
- Nerf a bit Outpost Buyout, just set the original value I was targeting. As a whole, Vanilla game was making to easy to buyout in outpost and get almost Harbor for free. Here, we want only culture producing enough Influence get benefits of this.

Update, 12/12/2021.

- Era stars 2 and 3 have additionnal cost depending on Fame.
- Add Pop need Quarters.
- Add Cultural Wonder fair cost + additionnal cost depending on Fame.
- National project cost have additionnal cost depending on Fame.
- Science cost rollback to previous one x1.2 instead x1.1.
- Farmer and Builder Star more difficult.
- Tradition get +City Cap bonus instead of Fame bonus.
- Remove Harbor from "-1 district count" list.
- Food Consomption : Rollback to a few reduction, not so important than previous versions.
- Pop buyout depends now of FoodWorkplace instead of Industry.

Fix, 14/12/2021.

- Recent update v1.0.6.667 of 13/12/2021 was making this mod bug. SOLVED.
I found at least one reason: new properties in GameEffect_Settlement.
As for now, the mod tool can't recognize these properties, I had to rebuild the file from the vanilla game (which don't recognize too these new properties). So add the content of the mod again. I hope there is not this kind of property added in another part of the game (particularly a file used by the mod). And it's too long to compare all files.

- Change the ratio of the Quarter/Food and set up so it trigger in more extreme conditions, instead of bothering too much player during the game.

Update, 18/12/2021.

- During playtest, Era stars and Science stars was out of sync. Often Science stars was done before enough others stars.
- I reduced the Fame cost in Era stars as it's a factor that can do this kind of unbalance.
- Added also a very light science cost increase (+5%).

Update, 19/12/2021.

- Increase Militarist Era star difficulty.
- Go from (Era*3+2) to (Era*5).
- It mean Ancient era is unchanged but later, the multiplicator will made it much more difficult.
- It's a quick change, I guess here maybe this star shouldn't be linear progression but include a Exponential factor. Quite sensitive to set in a hurry.

Update, 21/12/2021.

- Help a bit more to reduce pollution, but it's better to use a dedicated mod for that.
- Natural reserve go to -6 pollution reduction, and reforestation duration is set to 20 turns instead of 2.
























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SasquatchBrah @sasquatchbrah

Does not currently work.

Fired21 @fired211

Hi guys! I have this mod configuration loaded:
1 - Balance buffs and changes collection.
2 - Extended Naval Combat.
4 - BuyThis!
5 - DeepSea.
7 - Progressive Difficulty.
8 - Eventful
I have an issue where i can't build extractors on strategic or luxury deposits. Does anyone know the solution?
i'm playing in the bolivar Update

HappyHead @happyhead

heads up! unsure why (or if its a new mod conflict issue) , but, with the bolivar beta update, playing with buy-this results in being unable to construct artisan quarters to extract luxuries despite having calendar researched. Side issues is that administrative centers are also invisible. (possibly an issue with the new admin center theme change added by the bolivar beta)

Grathocke @rcarothers51

I just checked Buy It! That mod is still working.

wangxs11 @wangxs11

Hello, I want to merge some of your revisions into my own mod. Could you please share your ".unity" file to me?
My email is Thanks a lot!

TheCivEngineer @thecivengineer

Just tried the Bantu with this mod enabled, I think that 70 influence for one Bagendi unit seems a bit extreme.

Hadar1 @hadar1

Hello, I was wondering if you have planned to update your mod for new DLC ? Thanks for your work.

Enchanteur @enchanteur

I don't know what it really change, normaly the mod should adapt. It don't tweak this kind of content. But I didn't tried the new DLC, can't be 100% sure.

AikidoPanda @aikidopanda

Played the whole game with this mod, ProgressiveDifficulty, and 12-star setting. The game was quite satisfying, no noticeable bugs, and even AI could compete till the last era. However, there were somethings I wished to be changed.
The first one is annoying cultural osmosis. It happens literally every turn. Moreover, 'scientific' osmosis gives too much science. If you managed to compensate stability penalties, it's even advantageous to be in someone's sphere of influence. I think the frequency and power of these events should be decreased.
The second one is buyout with pops in later eras, which seems ahistoric. I think the availability of this option in two last eras should depend on some civic choices, for example, labour laws.

Enchanteur @enchanteur

I'm glad to know that the balance is getting good, even with only these two mods. What difficulty did you choose?

The osmosis trigger is definitely from ProgressiveDifficulty, and I'm agree with you about that. So annoying. I've already lowered the vanilla cultural and religious expansion bonuses for AI. But that's not enough. I'm thinking of simply nullifying them.
As far as lowering the osmosis values granted, I don't know where that is yet.

About the "can't buy with pop": the gameplay dictates the rest. As soon as I understood that it was necessary, it doesn't matter if it fits the history or not. If I fudge and delete it, then make it available again in another way, players will have trouble understanding. Plus, it means tweaking a Civic. This will create incompatibility issues with other mods, including the ones I play with. Keeping it simple is better.

AikidoPanda @aikidopanda

I chose the Empire difficulty. As for only two mods: the next one I play with Balance buffs and changes collection. And, though most its changes seem reasonable, tenet/civic buffs have made the game too fast, both for me and AI. Probably, BuyThis and ProgressiveDifficulty are enough. But need more testing.

As for cultural osmosis: is it possible to decrease its frequency? Or at least turn it off in cities, already having "defiant" status?

And one more question: how does the loading order in Humankind work? What happens when I load BuyThis and only then Balance Collection?

Enchanteur @enchanteur

The mod you load last overwrite the mod you load first if both mods use the same file. So, it target only commons files.
For example: I always load BuyThis after Balance buff because I prefer the change I made about commons quarter. But the two mods have very few same files, almost none. So they are very compatible. For some others mods, I'm sure it need Buythis be loaded after (vanilla improvement project).

About how to tweak Osmosis, frequency, etc. No idea, I never looked at this part of the game. And it's more difficult to look at now because the mod-tool have a problem since last update. I can't answer now about what is possible to do.

If you play at Empire difficulty, so we play same difficulty. I'm able to get a good culture/science from the start, so I don't get the osmosis event with that difficulty. Well, it depends of the game, or if an AI had time to be very strong. I get it when I expand far away close to another AI or when I conquest a city.

AikidoPanda @aikidopanda

I have one more suggestion. In the current version first cultures that have entered a new era claim and build all the cultural wonders too quickly. It can be used by player, but also can work against him. I propose to increase the exponential cost of cultural wonder claiming, to prevent one or two nations to get all of them.

Enchanteur @enchanteur

Hi, my mods are complete and stables now. I won't probably mod again or even play during month, maybe years or forever.
You can build the mod using mine (go to g2g forum to get the file, you can import all in a new mod) or propose any modder to do so. Contact SmileyDA for example, he's maybe the best choice as he know well the mod.

TheCivEngineer @thecivengineer

If I understand correctly, each farmer is supposed to produce +9 base food per turn, correct? That doesn't seem to be the case for me (just founded my 1st city and per turn is only +6 food). I loaded this mod first, followed up 'humankind cultures rebalance' and the neolithic 2-star. Playing on a Mac if you think it might matter?

Enchanteur @enchanteur

It work, but can't apply to the workgain you see directly. Deploy the city pop-up and look at how much give you the pop, you'll see it here.
If this don't work, it's a mod conflict. Can't come from neolithic 2 stars. About culture rebalance, I don't know, but it should not.
I guess you just didn't look at the good place for now.

TheCivEngineer @thecivengineer

Sorry but I don't follow what you're suggesting... where am I supposed to look? The only place that I see where Farmer per turn yield is in the worker panel for famers. That has a base yield of 6 per farmer

AikidoPanda @aikidopanda

I have found a bug, but not sure if the reason is your mod. When I try to plant forest, the cost is set to infinite. Buyout with money or pops is also impossible (I can press the button, but nothing happens). You have changed deforestation cost, so it could trigger the bug...

Enchanteur @enchanteur

It can't be that. Forest is a flat cost and it change the cost file only. Here I can't help, I don't have this kind of bug with my load order. Maybe a conflict with another mod you use.

AikidoPanda @aikidopanda

Ok, thanks. Gonna check other mods then.

Btw, are you planning to change the pollution mechanic in your mod? Currently Greta Thunberg's rage is more dangerous for stability, than four horsemen of apocalypse together. But I can't believe that it's can't be modded. I'd like to see three levels of local pollution instead of two. The first one (20-35) causes very low stability penalty and no penalties to production. The second (35-50) triggers moderate stability and some production penalties. And the last one (50+) makes the city suffer. It will look much more believable. There were very few ecological protests in industrial era.

Enchanteur @enchanteur

Oh, I didn't think about pollution. I saw some others mods tweaking that. In progressiveDifficulty, I add a PollutionReduction to AI (I can put more if needed). In DeepSea, there is some district reducing reduction. AI can't build some, but still build a lot of GulfStream (-1 pollution, but with many, it help, as it's a very cheap district and AI love build that).
To include this in BuyThis, for now, I don't think as it's maybe more something another mod should do. But maybe also I'll feel the need to do it later, as for cheaper cost on reforestation (it took a while before I decide to put this, but as many other mods did the same, I saw that as a kind of consensus quality of life improvement).

AikidoPanda @aikidopanda

I think that the problem is pollution impact on stability per se. One coal plant and one train station hit the city stability much more than wars, economic crises, overextension and all the negative events. It seems unrealistic, ahistoric, and annoying. I don't think there is a need of adding new districts you mentioned. Just basic numbers should be changed.

Enchanteur @enchanteur

In vanilla game, it's a bit silly. I don't build any Coal infrastructure. I wait contemporary, build Nuclear power plant and things like that THEN I build stuff with coal..................