Canadians for Humankind

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I want to thank Uncle2fire for their incredible guide on adding cultures to the game. They've got so many of their own published already, and you should definitely check them out!

Anyway, the Canadians. I figured that I might as well start with my own country while trying to learn how modding for this game works. What you have here is a Canada with a strong focus on diplomacy with a bit of foreign intervention. The country came out of the Second World War with an opportunity to walk its own path. However, the future was clouded. The British Empire which Canada formed part of was on the decline, and the Americans were rallying the entire west to combat the Soviets. Canadian leaders wanted to support their allies while also not blindly following them into every conflict.

That desire to be an independent actor is represented by Middle Power Diplomacy, the legacy trait provided by the Canadians. It grants extra influence for every alliance you enter. Be friendly to your neighbors, and your influence can soar. Make sure to also use your alliances to come to plenty of agreements on increasing trade. More trade routes are a huge boon given the emblematic district you get access to, the High Commission, which further increases your net influence for each one that's active. A high commission is the embassy of one Commonwealth member to another, and the district represents Canada's strong presence in multilateral organizations. Building relationships emulating those in the game would be great for preventing war. However, you'll still be ready if conflict emerges with the Canadian emblematic unit. The Special Operations Regiment is based on Canadian spec-ops units, and it replaces the Commandos. Use their abilities to fight from the shadows and take out your opponents before they even realize what's coming.

Please note that new 3D assets currently can't be added to the game. The Canadians share some of their visuals with the British as a result. It kinda works though! The outfit is a bit antiquated, but you could definitely picture a Governor General wearing it. I'll work on getting some 2D images in eventually. Just need to get the vanilla art style just right!

Hopefully you all enjoy playing with this culture! I'm admittedly not the greatest at the game, so feel free to drop some tips on balancing in the comments. Something in here probably could use some tweaks. Any feedback is appreciated!

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