Cisplatina Huge - Scarce Resources 10players for Humankind

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Published by monoolho. (mod ID: 2253967)


Huge Cisplatina map, my homeland.


It has up to 10 players with different spawn points.

Very scarce resources, most around 6 nodes. the only excepetion, of course, is silver, which there is plenty of (hence the name).


Not height-accurate, but it was meant to be interesting, not accurate and plain. It is more of a reimagining of the Brazil-Urugay-Argentina triple frontier. 

Personally, i found the map interesting where logistics and movement count a lot. Placing an army at the wrong place may prove a fatal mistake, as well as each resource having a much higher value when exploited.


Hope you do enjoy it and feel free to comment suggestions or problems with it.


For the sheer size of it, it might be interesting to use a city cap extender mod.

Harder early trade may also improve your experience.


Might require Africaan and Latin Ameican cultures DLC.




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