Tonlo's 6-culture pack for Humankind

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This pack, unlike other culture packs here on, doesn't center around a geographical area. It is simply a compilation of all cultures I've made so far, with a focus on economic gameplay and city building. There is however an added culture per each Era, since mixing them on a single package was my goal from the beginning.

All visual assets that are used within this mod are edited images from the own game's files (except for Zanzibarians' culture card, South Africans culture card and Aleuts Emblematic Unit, which come from Google images). I've edited all of these images myself, except for Hebrews' unit and culture card, which were made by Louderz and have nothing but a few photoshop touches on my part. Thus all credit for the art goes to the corresponding parts.

Without any more boring disclaimers, here come the descriptions of the six cultures this pack adds.

  1. Aleuts: Builder, Ancient.
    -LT: +1 Industry on Coastal Water, +1 Food on Forest tiles.
    -EQ: (Sea mammals fishing spots) Can be built on non-land Tiles, exploits Food and Industry from both land and water tiles in a 1 tile radius. Allows the construction of adjacent quarters, can be build on outposts using influence. +1 Industry, +1 Food and Industry per adjacent Quarter.
    -EU: (Baidaras) Naval Transport unit that unlocks on Fishing. 3 movement and 6 Combat Strength.
  2. Hebrews: Agrarian, Classical.
    LT: +10% Food and +40 Stability on the capital city.
    EQ: (Tabernacle's Temple) Counts as a Farmers Quarter and exploits Food. +3 Food, +3 Faith, +2 Influence -10 Stability. +2 Food and +1 Faith per Farmers on that city. +1 Food and +1 Faith per adjacent Farmers Quarter.
    EU: (Maccabees) Swordsman replacement that unkocks on Fortifications. Requires 1 Copper to be built. Stronger (27 CS) than a regular Swordsman. Zealot ability (+3 Combat strength against Empires following different religions).
  3. Galicians: Aesthete, Medieval.
    LT: +2 Food and Industry on River tiles. +5 Influence and Money on Harbours.
    EQ: (Grand Cathedral) You can only build one. Counts as a holy site for bonuses. +40 Stability, +20 Faith, +50 Fame gained upon construction. +1 Faith, Influence, Science and Money per Trade Route.
    EU: (Irmandinhos): Peasants replacement that unlocks with Feudalism. As a Militia unit, they appear to defend your cities during sieges, and can be raised using the Militaristic affinity if you pick one such culture during the Early Modern Era, but they can also be built using industry in your cities. Stronger (34 Combat Strength) than regular Peasants, with access to the Home Guard ability (stronger when within your cities districts).
  4. Portuguese: Scientist, Early Modern.
    LT: +5 Science per access to Luxury Resources (includes purchased luxuries). -50 Research cost on Three-Masted-Ship and Naval Artillery.
    EQ: (Porto das Índias) Harbour-like district that counts as a Researchers in addition to a Farmers and a Markets. +3 Science, +3 Money, -10 Stability. +2 Science per active Trader on that city, +1 Money per active Researcher on that city. Can be bought with Influence on Outposts.
    EU: (Naus) Carrack replacement that is almost identical to one, but a bit stronger (42 CS), faster (8 movement points) and with access to the Stealth ability.
  5. Zanzibarians: Merchant, Industrial.
    LT: -75% Industry cost on Markets Quarters (doesn't apply to Harbours or Emblematic Quarters), +10 Money and +5 Influence on Luxury Resource deposits.
    EQ: (Cloves Plantation) Counts as a Markets Quarter and Exploits Money. +2 Money and +2 Influence, no Stability Cost. As a special effect, it creates and exploits an exclusive Cloves Resource. This resource grants +3 Money, +2 Influence and +1 Stability on every Markets Quarter per each copy.
    EU: (Local Guns) Line Infantry replacement that unlocks right from the start of the Industrial era. It is far weaker (47 vs 41 CS) than Line Infantry, but costs no Resources, has 1 extra Range and also the Move and Fire ability. Besides, it is way cheaper to build both population wise (4 population vs 1) and industry wise (200 vs 1290). However, in order to start producing 1 Local Guns unit you need to pay 1000 Money upfront.
  6. South Africans: Aesthete, Contemporary
    LT: +10% Influence per active Alliance. +1 Influence on Emblematic Quarter, +1 Science on Researchers and +1 Industry on Makers per Major Empire you're currently at peace with. Civil Engineering technology unlocks right at the start of the Contemporary Era.
    EQ: (International Cooperation Agency) counts as a Researchers Quarter and exploits Science. +5 Influence, +3 Science, -10 Stability. +3 Influence, +3 Science, +2 Money and +2 Industry per adjacent District.
    EU: (Chief Engineer) Construction Team replacement that unlocks with Civil Engineering. It is faster than its counterpart (10 movement points) and can only be bought on Outposts using influence. It is able to build a city with all infrastructure from before the Contemporary Era, just like a regular Construction Team. However, this city starts with more starting population (15 vs 6) and unused industry (1200 vs 350).

All these cultures can be downloaded individually, although in a more "beta state", in case you don't want any individual one of them in your games, using the links provided above by the cultures' names.

This pack is fully compatible with Uncle2fire's Super culture pack.

In order to play with both Uncle2fire's mod and mine, you'll need to download the compability patch published by him, and apply it after both of the culture packs on the mod selection screen within the game.

It is also compatible with my Religious Gameplay Extended mod by using a compatibility patch just the same way as before.

Special thanks go to Uncle2fire, Humankind community legend who has guided and helped me throughout this whole process (even testing the mod when I couldn't and creating the main image of this entry), the aforementioned Louderz, who has helped me with the Hebrews' art, and of course Amplitude, for their gorgeous artwork and accessible modding tools.





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kamino_sama @kamino-sama

Will this be updated to work with the latest DLC "Together we rule"?

Sjru @sjru

The Zanzibarians are way too op, The clovers get ridiculous too quickly specially if you have a lot of territory. you should consider blanacing it out, maybe by placing a cap on the bonus or limiting it to per city

Tonlo @tonlo

Well, maybe you're right. It is just that late game money is really difficult to get right because of how much you need to buy anything by the industrial era. I'm thinking of buffing the bonuses a bit and making it buildable only once per city. Do you think it would be better that way?

Sjru @sjru

Yeah that would likely prevent the mass stacking of bonuses to usually 5 or 6 on average cities a player have at that time, it may still be strong but not that ridiculous. Probably you want to tweak the stability effect as to not have market quarters give you positive stability to the point of replacing garrisons / common quarters. Maybe make it give more money instead of stability or somehow make it reduce rush gold cost by a tiny percentage per.

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire

What a handsome avatar

Tonlo @tonlo

Looks like a german to me.