BigPharma's Dai Viet [Early Modern Era] for Humankind

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This mod adds the Vietnamese as a playable culture in the Early Modern Era with their own Legacy Trait, Emblematic Quarter, and Emblematic Unit. No other cultures are replaced, and the mod does not change anything outside of this specific culture.

For a more detailed write-up of the history and inspiration behind this culture, see here.

**A very special thanks to kul for his work on the EU art and to DocktorKain for balance and design suggestions!**


Affinity Expansionist

Legacy Trait Breadbasket of the South

+2 Influence per Farmer

Emblematic Quarter Đồn Điền

Replaces Hamlet

Can be purchased with Influence on Outpost

+3 Food on Woodland

+3 Food on Forest

+2 Influence

-10 Stability

-1 Stability per Population

+1 Food per Population

+2 Food, +1 Influence per adjacent Farmer's Quarter

+2 Farmers Slot, +1 Workers Slot, +1 Traders Slot on City or Outpost

Emblematic Unit Lam Sơn Partisans

36 Combat Strength

Stealth unit

May move after attacking

-2 Movement Range and -1 Attack Range on targets

Civilization Trait*

Dai Viet rebel spawns will be slightly more powerful than that of other empires.

*not intended as a bonus - more to make rebellions more of a threat in line with historical precedent


Economic: As it was in history, Dai Viet expansion will be primarily to secure new lands for agriculture, and being able to construct the Đồn Điền in Outposts will provide a significant bonus to growth and productivity in new territories. As those territories are incorporated into the cities, even more population will be able to be sustained as the Đồn Điền also produce 1 Food per population. However, be aware that incorporating Đồn Điền will also cause stability to decrease, so it is imperative that infrastructure and military garrisons are in place to enforce order over the otherwise fiercely autonomous rural villages.

Influence: Dai Viet's agricultural output as the Breadbasket of the South is a key source of Influence and maintaining as many Farmers and Farmer's Quarters surrounding the Đồn Điền will aid in settling new territories, incorporating more cities, or claiming Wonders.

Military: Though the ability to sustain a large population is itself a military advantage, Dai Viet's ability to trespass should aid in securing key territories before their neighbors as well as annex territories that those neighbors cannot effectively protect. The Lam Sơn Partisans can be used to scout hostile territories and strike without warning at enemy armies, harassing and tying them down while the main army moves into position to secure their objectives. Their maneuverability and ability to attack and retreat should not be underestimated.

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