DeepSea for Humankind

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Published by Enchanteur (mod ID: 1535911)


We need more space for more district spamming, and the seas are a great place for it!
This mod offers new districts and infrastructure to settle on the seas and oceans, and exploit them.
This makes islands colonization worthwhile and fun. Be ready for game setting 10% land.

UPDATED 21/12/2021.

- Check update section for more information.

*** All eras. ***

- An outpost or a city can be created on an Ocean tile. (Send a land unit for this)
- An outpost can become a city or an Administrative Center on an Ocean tile.
- An outpost on Ocean gains +2 Food and +2 Industry to increase its construction speed.
- About realism: The location is a island so small than we don't see it on the map.

- Districts do not have a Stability malus.
- Districts increase the cost of other districts normally, except military districts (Blocus).
- Districts do not give population slots to the city.
- These concepts apply to Ocean cities only. About Coastal districts, read descriptions.

- City or Administrative Center can exploit Science and Money.
- All FIMS -1 on City, and Food/Industry -1 on Administrative Center.
- Needed for compatibility issue. Read Compatibility section.

*** Ancient era. ***

FISHING - Harbor (District, Modification).
Exploits all FIMS including Influence, on Sea, Lake, Ocean.
Allows district construction from the Harbor.

2021 12 15 19h50 07 2021 12 15 19h17 24 2021 12 09 11h13 29

*** Classical era. ***

2021 12 09 10h31 25 2021 12 15 19h18 18 2021 12 09 10h32 15
2021 12 09 10h30 42 2021 12 09 10h32 34 2021 12 15 19h17 44
2021 12 10 07h55 59 2021 12 09 11h13 29 2021 12 09 11h13 29

*** Medieval era. ***

2021 12 09 10h34 00 2021 12 09 10h33 12 2021 12 09 11h13 29
2021 12 09 10h34 22 2021 12 09 10h34 44 2021 12 09 11h13 29

*** Early modern era. ***

2021 12 09 10h35 06 2021 12 09 10h35 34 2021 12 09 11h13 29
2021 12 15 19h18 56 2021 12 09 10h36 19 2021 12 09 11h13 29

*** Industrial era. ***

2021 12 09 10h36 57 2021 12 10 08h15 55 2021 12 09 11h13 29
2021 12 09 10h38 37 2021 12 09 10h38 12 2021 12 09 11h13 29

*** Modern era. ***

2021 12 09 10h39 27 2021 12 09 10h38 58 2021 12 09 10h39 47
2021 12 09 11h35 19 2021 12 15 19h23 29 2021 12 09 11h13 29

*** BALANCE ***

A lot of playtests and changes have already been done. So the balance keep improving more and more.
Whether some Districts are too weak or too strong, the fun is there first!


All this new content will be easily compatible.
- Unlock is added to some technologies. Not compatible with Mods using same technology. Still good compatibility with cultures mod as they often don't change the same techs, and focus more on Military techs for units.
- Compatible with BuyThis!,
Load Deep Sea after, for now. Soon, I will improve the other mod so the load order don't matter.
- Compatible with Extended Naval Combat,
Use the compatibility patch and load it after both mods :
IMPORTANT : Load Extended Naval Combat BEFORE Deep Sea.
- Compatible with Balance buffs and changes collection,
I don't know if load order matter. But I never made the test to load DeepSea before.
- Compatible with Culture Super Pack by Uncle2fire,
For that, you need to load first the pack and DeepSea, THEN, add the compatibility patch,

*** ISSUES ***

Purple texts: Missing UI mapper in vanilla game. Have no importance on game effects.
Hex icons on bottom: City view, Hex custom pics are slightly on bottom, unknow reason, no impact on game effects.
Screenshots and information here: some are outdated.
Building under the sea: because 3d models re-use basic quarters of the game, and there is no way to do else, or if you found this way, tell me.
AI don't know how to settle on Ocean: I never saw AI doing this, I don't know if it's possible.
SOLVED: AI have difficulties to build on Sea. Now AI know to build all.
Should-be-SOLVED: Independants build Late game stuff.
It's difficult to test because it need Independant spawn, I used a pre-requisite in district build and for now I just make a test AI can build if Era is reached. So there is no issue about that. Need a game with independants to check if it apply well on them.

*** UPDATE ***

Major update 07/12/2021.

- Now AI know to use all districts on sea and do it quite well.
- Way AI use this is balanced, but always different from one AI player to another.
- Add feature: "Gulf Stream" district. Not only because it's a nice one, but also because it's needed for lure the AI and avoid some other districts spamming or missplacement.
- Greatly reduce Commons quarter spamming and clustering.
- Change a lot many already existing features, too much for update this description file quickly. Sorry, check that in-game.
- Tried to make AI settle on Ocean but without success. Look like an hard limit so there is no way to do that.

Update 09/12/2021.

- Many changes and balance.
- Add "Volcano", replace Archipelago about district providing "expand" on Ocean.
- Archipelago now fit more its thematic, remove money harvest, but get Land unit spawn.
- Remove double type on any district except Atoll.
- Reduce Offshore Trawlers synergy pollution, but increase Food lost.
- Change tech order, Agreggate extraction come earlier in a tech that fit the thematic.
- Volcano come earlier than Archipelago.
- Additionnal costs (influence, money): help to balance costs, help to recognize easely Ocean district. Don't apply to some (military, OT).

Patch 10/12/2021.

- Should solve issue about Independants build late game stuff.
- OT synergy set to -6 food and +4 pollution.
- Commons was too OP, set to +4 base Stability and +2 Influence, no change about new synergy.

Update 12/12/2021.

- Harbor : Remove Harbor from the list of districts "-1 district count".
- Naval Base : Count now as a garrison.
- Submarine Hold : ditto.
- Jetty : Build freely on coastal water.
- Coral Hunting : Build freely on coastal water. AI parameter lowered.
- Gulf Stream : Removed "fortified" statut.

Patch 13/12/2021.

- Fishing village go from +2 faith/+2 food to +1 faith/+3 food.
- Shellfish farm go from +2 industry/+2 money to +3 industry/+3 money (make a +2 differential with FV, as it should).
- Maritime Hub get additionnal +1 money, like it should and like it is in vanilla game.
- Coral Hunting: now the AI don't build it so much than before, best, it build it in usefull areas.
- Gillnetters/Maritime Hub AI building is more balanced now.

Update 15/12/2021

- Nerf Tenet Bounty of the sea. +2 food on coastal water kill this mod and produce a very unfair situation: only the player getting the tenet get the full benefit of DeepSea. Bonus on Coastal water is now +1. It's more a additional bonus. It still get +2 on lake.
- Tide Calendar. Infrastructure that give +1 food on Coastal water. So anyone can get a small but effective effect. Then the lucky one get Bounty of the Sea. At least, it's fair. Tide Calendar don't provide bonus on Lake (it's why Bounty of the sea isn't nerfed about that). It's just logic, there is no tide on lake (or very few). Real tide calendar come very late in mankind history, as it's complicated. But at least, antiquity got lunar calendar and estimation of tidal.
- Nerf Cruise a bit.
- Screenshots in description updated (not the ones on the right).
- Miss many information about range of effect of many feature, and how it is about district extension or free build. But take too long time to write or screen shot again for doing this soon.

Update 16/12/2021

- Gulf Stream changes tech and goes to the Early Modern Era.
- This makes more sense, as this district is built on the ocean, and it corresponds to the discovery of the new world and the crossing of oceans.
- It's preferable because Medieval already has the Lighthouse to speed up movement. Also, Medieval is not known for its mastery of the oceans.
- The chosen tech is not the same as the one used in Blocus, but just after. A little background: several versions ago, the AI was building too many Blocus, which is very annoying. But after the introduction of Gulf Stream, the AI started to build too much Gulf Stream instead! So choosing a tech after Blocus gives the AI more time to build Blocus.

Update 18/12/2021

- Fix an error making Salting exploit Coastal water instead of Ocean.

Update 21/12/2021

- Fix an error making Gulf Stream apply district count -1 when Gulf Stream already don't up district count.


























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Diplodocus1641480612 @diplodocus1641480612

Is there a way to make a Compatibility Patch that includes Triple Alliance AND DeepSea?

FreeThinker @dfdsfsdfdsf

For anyone that wished to play with this mod with Ibn Battuta update, I uploaded a fixed version of this mod at

JoshRumsey @joshrumsey

This mod breaks the menu and game.

Fired21 @fired211

I noticed a bug thet is originated by using this mod with the Vanilla Improvement Project (VIP).

When i shoot with my archers/ranged units in a battle the enemy units health doesn't instantly update, but rather they updates all togheter in the next battle round . That's very annoying because i can't manange my units properly if i don't know how much health enemies have.

Hope both of you can fix this.

DonAlem @donalem

the last update since 121d does the mod still work with the latest game update?

Arphenix @frezoulsmaxance

*explodes*woah the mod really changed !

Enchanteur @enchanteur

Hi. I guess you didn't come since a long time. ;-)
It look like it's not so easy to play and need a learning curve.

OMGItsCorn @omgitscorn

Hey everybody, forgive my ignorance, where do I download the mod?

FreeThinker @dfdsfsdfdsf

For anyone that wants to play DeepSea and Extended Naval Combat Mod together with the best experience, there now is a compatibility patch which can be accessed from

Sjru @sjru

Abyss lab shouldn't reduce pollution, if anything it should add to pollution to the sea

Enchanteur @enchanteur

It's a way to tell a story about the discoveries from the lab help to better understand marine life and fight ocean pollution.

Sjru @sjru

i mean yes but it makes pollution trivial since you can add one in every region with ocean, if anything make it -1 or -2. The natural reserve gives -3, it shouldn't be more than it.

DonAlem @donalem

first time trying the mod, can someone explain how i can build City/outpost on the water ?

Enchanteur @enchanteur

Send a land unit on sea, and build outpost like usual.

Enchanteur @enchanteur

TODO: Fix gulfStream, the -1 district count should not trigger twice.

Enchanteur @enchanteur

TODO list :

- Gulf Stream should be more appropriate in Early Modern Era (discovery of new world), as it increase naval speed on ocean territory. Medieval already get Lighthouse.
Test to do: if blocus and Gulf stream are unlock together, how AI build this ?
Else: find appropriate tech for it.

Enchanteur @enchanteur

BALANCE new thougts:

- Bounty of the sea: This tenet give +2 food on coastal water. And often, DS rely too much on that. DrKain nerf it to +1 in his mod. Maybe I should too.
- Anyway, it need another way to get +1 food on sea.
- Could be on Salting. But it's better not. For balance, it make 2 bonus on one Infra. Salting is dedicated to ocean. And it come too late, as Bounty of the Sea is tiers 1 tenet.
- So it need to find how to add that, end of ancient era, or more probably at classical era.
- Could unlock with Hydrology (classical) or Irrigation (ancient). Idea is to call it "Tide Calendar". About gameplay, it's better in Hydrology, but about history and logic, Irrigation is better because it come just after calendar. EDIT: not sure, as I'm reading some history doc about that, it look like first tides calendar come from antiquity, not ancient age.
- BTW, that weird, there isn't a tech "Astronomy" in the game.
EDIT: real Tide calendar come late in history and is complicated, antics had just a basic knowledge, so it's rely more on lunar calendar.

- Cruise : late game stuff is really the most difficult to balance. Already, many games I don't go to late game (because mods update, or any other reason). I just feel this is powerfull. I tried to build that with cheater, was looking ok. But not sure.
- About bonus giving +1 something/other thing. Can't be reduce to less than +1. Or it make the UI show something else. It's why I reworked Abyss Lab, to it don't give half of stability (UI can't show that) but full stability in science, then I nerfed that with money upkeep.
- +2 stability on ressource look to much, and at least could be +1.
- It would need to lower effect on cultural place and natural reserve. No idea how.

Enchanteur @enchanteur

BALANCE, think about:
- Fishing Village: Faith bonus +2 is too high. set +1. I just see it during full playtests, Tenets come quick. Difficult to know if it must be a hard nerf, or replace the +1 faith bonus lost that way with a +1 food bonus. The village already have +1 food if we compare to Farmer Quarter. The reason is it exploit only sea, and Food value of tiles are lower. So less tiles to exploit and lower value.
- Shellfishm Farm: a change of Fishing Village make this change too, depending if there is additionnal bonus or not. An usefull trick would be to switch money and Industry, so the farm start with +3 industry +2 money. I feel that need in game, mostly on island conquest.
- Coral Hunting: Difficult to balance. Cost is like a Gillnetter, so low cost. But in another way, it up district count normally. The basic bonus is lower too. But it get 2 possible synergy and have a basic type, unlike Gillnetter and Maritime Hub. It make a difference with stuff giving bonus on science district for example. The distric is in-beetween low and medium cost. Could need an additional cost? It look like aggregate extraction about effects, just lower base bonus. Reason I wan't this low cost is I see it as a strategic utility. Kind of thing you won't build so much, just quickly when you wan't to spwan units on sea. But AI don't see it like that and build it a lot because of the science part (EDIT: no, it's because military part).
About to remove the "science base", it don't fit the global concepts. the mod should have 1 sea district of each type. Fishing village, Shellfish farm, Aggregate extraction... so Coral hunting too. As it's the sea, the food and money get 1 additionnal cheap district (gillnetters and maritime hub) but these one don't have the food/money basic, so they receive synergy but don't give synergy or bonus on basic districts. The logic should be Coral Hunting be medium cost, like the others. So, it need probably a kind of extra bonus. And there is quite never science or industry to exploit on sea. To compare with aggregate extraction.
- Aggregate extraction: work quite well now, what is usefull, the district can exploit land tiles around. Reason is there is no industry to exploit on sea. It's why the district get a better base bonus and half stability cost because it don't provide Industry pop slot. No change about this, it's just for a comparison with Coral Hunting.

Damn coral hunting. If I set AI parameter military to none, now AI don't build a single one...
The more I think about that, I feel like this district could maybe be split. Into a science one and a military one (garrison type). it's just this garrison would be more powerfull than a normal one, so it need to nerf it in another way.
Mostly I don't like the idea to split it because there is a story in this district. Area with divers, helping boats and transports, sabotaging enemy boats.
For sure, AI parameter military matter for AI. AI think it's a defensive stuff, with bonus for troops or kind of thing like that. Problem here, it's not exactly that, it's mostly spwan point with bonus for unit spawning on it, only one turn and if the unit start the turn on it. Set AI parameter military isn't good for AI, AI can't really make good use of that. I'll try with a AI parameter science only and check that.

Woo! It work now. AI build it but only very few. Best, AI build it far away from the coast, so in areas that are interesting for the strategic purpose to spwan units. I don't know why AI build it like that. I suppose it's because the district don't need to be build on coast, and also free placement. I have to test if it's still ok with the low cost.

Even with low cost, now AI know to build Coral Hunting in a balanced way. So not too much. To be tested in full gameplay, I just started medieval era with cheater here.

Other balance:
Maritime Hub and Shellfish farm. Global bonus is just +1 of Fishing village and Gillnetter. Reason for this is because in the early days of the mods it was needed as the districts was differents about synergy, BUT... now it's not good.
The vanilla balance is Money districts have a base yeld of +3 and food one +1.
So a money district should have +2 difference with food one. It mean I need to balance these two and rollback on a additionnal +1 like it should. For proof, I can see AI build many more gillnetter than maritime hub, and I do it too during game. So it mean the balance wasn't ok.
AFTER that: it will need to check if a Fishing Village is not better than a Farmer Quarter. Farmers can stack with synergy or various bonus get very strong. Early game, with a good spot, a Fishing village is better. Later, Farmers quarters can be better, even far better for some cases.
So, I let the actual balance like it is. If needed, it mean a nerf of -1. I don't know if that nerf would concern also Maritime hub and Gillnetters.

Enchanteur @enchanteur

- Harbor : Remove Harbor from the list of districts "-1 district count".
- Naval Base : Find a way so Naval Base count as a garrison for various other game effects. Mostly cost reduction from civic.
- Jetty : isn't very used, but I find it now it have a good strategic interest, it would need to allow to build it not only on Coast. As it's useless to build it in the coastal water, it won't happen. But if the tile is next to another territory, it could help for a invasion, making Jetty something more usefull. Else, it need another district doing that, but I prefer to limit added content now. There is already a lot of stuff in the mod.
- Coral Hunting : Quite nice but also underused, just need to be build freely would do what the district need for military. Need to look at AI parameter, in my current playtest, AI build this too much.
- Gulf Stream: Remove "fortified" statut. Make a kind of ZoC effect that's not intented.

Enchanteur @enchanteur

I'm in classical era and Independants build Abyss Lab. How is it possible ? It only unlock with a contemporary tech! What kind of weird hole is there in the game, and how could I fix that?!
EDIT: I found a way, will update soon.

Sjru @sjru

Yeah independent and all players can build those late game districts for some reason in early game o.o

Enchanteur @enchanteur

Should be solved. Unlike empire players, I think Independants don't use tech and don't make science research. They just get what they wan't depending on the era. So, I set a parameter, not in the tech, but on the district that say "can be build only Era > X". I hope it's ok now.