Docktor Kain's Culture Rebalance for Humankind

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This mod is intended to help test part of the Vanilla improvement project. Full changes are detailed in

Many thanks to @shakee for helping me how to fix the pink texts
















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Cruor34 @cruor34

The fact that you have the skills to do this yet did not fix the Soviet problem boggles my mind... They need to be nerfed into the floor. Unlimited +1 combat strength from weapons can not stay in. IF it does, I'd say it only could if you change with +3 combat strength start to -3 combat strength, so they start weaker until they build a few weapons factories. Other suggestions would be remove the +1 combat bonus to something else, and change the +3 combat strength to - population per unit or - unit upkeep. Soviets/Modern Russians always fought by zerging, not by elite weapons and training. I am currently playing with the editor myself but it is a lot more difficult that modding Civ games or even Bethesda games imo.

XIVIX @xivix

can you please improve on the stability effects on Chinese emblemetic district? Realistically it improve the stability. Also I am curious about whether if African cultures DLC rebalance would be added.

wangxs11 @wangxs11

I'm new for mods. Can you show me how to revise British's EQ that it can be built on British's land?

DocktorKain @docktorkain

Oh sorry for taking so long to answer. I did that by creating a completely new EQ for british that coincidentally used all its characteristics, but was built on a market quarter "chassis" instead of the British one. So in the mod the british actually has 2 EQs, one that can only be built in vassal land, one that can only be built in owned land

EBarracuda @barracuda20

One issue I see is that the Phoenicians lose access to any early naval combat unit since the Bireme is turned into a transport. If its possible would you be able to allow them to build Pentekonters to defend themselves on the coast lines?

DocktorKain @docktorkain

Wait, do they? Lemme check (and fix if needed). You're absolutely right

DivermanCJ @diverman1

DocktorKain Hi ! Thanks for your mod, I really like the changes you made to the cultures ! Just a quick feedback to highlight some bugs : there's still a pink text in the Aztec LT description (Era3_Tech instead of heavy infantry) and the vikings LT doesn't give +2 combat strength to naval units (it gives the bonus to land and embarked units). I didn't notice the bonus to veterancy from Germans aswell.

DocktorKain @docktorkain

Thanks for your comment! The bugs just somehow slip through the cracks. Pushed a fix for those problems, make sure to download the latest version (and if need be, unsubscribe then subscribe again to force the refresh)

Btw, at least on my end the pink text is gone, please report if its not gone on your machine:

SmileyDA @smileyda

DocktorKain Hello there, great to see other people make culture rebalance mods, since everyone has different ideas and opinions. What i have discovered and did for my mod is if you don't want the ugly purple text to appear what you can do is under the ConstructibleCostModifier in Settelments where you change or add a value. There should be a Specific Localization field, if you manually write something there for example for the Hittites: ''-25% Industry cost reduction on Cavalry and Mounted Gunners" , then that will appear instead of the ugly purple text, same for the district's.

DocktorKain @docktorkain

Thank you! I'll do a couple tests to see how they feel in-game and if there's some compatibility issues with the main modpack, and then I'll use your solution to fix the purple text. Your mod was one of the main inspirations for this one!