DocktorKain's Revised Tenets for Humankind

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Published by DocktorKain (mod ID: 1467458)


The following changes are applied:
1) Respect the Sea's Bounty : only +1 Food on Coastal Waters instead of +2
2) Abstain from Intoxicants : only +1 Industry on Woodlands instead of +2
3) Smite Unbelievers: -10% unit upkeep instead of -1 unit upkeep
4) Observe Fasts: +10 Food on harbor (up from +5)
5) Purge Idlenes: +15 Industry on Holy Site
6) Develop the Intelect: +15 Science on Holy Site
7) Raise Monuments: +10 Science per Territory following this religion
8) Sustain the Faithful: +6 Industry and +3 Influence on Religious District
9) Donate Generously: +1 Money per Faith produced on District







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stormscurse @stormscurse

Hi DK :) My people are rioting against the "3) Smite Unbelievers: -10% unit upkeep instead of -1 unit upkeep"
This is a very early game tenet that's supposed to help early game. With this change, none of our scouts or early armies are costing any less, and all those +1s and+3/5s add up t a lot in early game, when our gold income is nil. Units will have to be 10+ gold before we see any savings, which isn't until Classical age.. 20+ before the tenet change actually becomes better.
[When has any civilization ever actually sacrificed part of their livelihoods to potentially benefit people thousands of years/ages from now, instead of benefiting from our hard work now, when we really need it.. ? And if so, would they have done this in the Neolithic or Ancient era?! never. haha. ]

What if you made it: -1 OR -10%, whichever is higher. or -1 + -10% ?

I guess my real problem is the 1gold upkeep on tribe/scouts. the whole Neo and Ancient Eras I've been negative on gold production because of this, and its killing me. I really want to change it. :/

stormscurse @stormscurse

Ok, I'm trying to figure how to modify your mod for myself, but I'm having issues. I finally got unity editor to import a package from your mod, but am I supposed to import every single file in the folder? I try importing more, and I get errors. When I try to open the SettlerUnit asset, it says "The associated script cannot be loaded. fix any compile errors and assign a valid script." Everything looks like it's in there. Inside the project I made, after importing a package, it looks like it has all the assets in there. I don't know what else I'm supposed to do. Please, any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
my unity editor looks very different than the one in the official modding guide. I'm thinking this is the main issue. I don't get why it's different tho

RaimoTorbouc @fred4ubackup

Got a 'mismatch error' trying to load the mod, no longer compatible with the game?

SmileyDA @smileyda

I really love all the buffs you made, however i honestly don't think the nerfs are needed.