Extended Naval Combat for Humankind

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Published by FreeThinker (mod ID: 1549034)



The goal of ENC is to create a longer, more interesting, and realistic game experience with the addition of new technologies, military units and tweaks to existing units, technologies and pollution to keep it overall balanced. I tried to make this mod as compatible as possible with other mods by putting most new units and bonuses spread over the new Technologies, and minimal changes to cultures and districts, and no changes to civics. The new Technologies also help to make the Industrial and Contemporary Era last significantly longer, especially the late Industrial and early Contemporary era (WW1/WW2) period which is almost non exist in Vanilla.

For more extended gameplay in Medieval and Modern Era I recommend installing the medieval siege mod, which builds on top of ENC

Nuclear Proliferation:

Nuclear weapons have become more useful with increased range and accesibility (with reduced minimum strategic resource requirements) and with the addition of a true ICBM (unlocked after researching Rocket Science and completing 2th Nuclear Test project) and MIRV (unlocked after researching Rocket Science and completing 3th Nuclear Test project), making it more likely they are built and actually used by the AI with devastating effects. The state of Nuclear weapons proliferation is made more intuitive as the National Nuclear Weapon Test Programs strategic resource requirements are made the same as the missile weapons they unlock, meaning if someone manages to build a nuclear weapon test project they can also build and use them.


In order to create a more historically accurate experience, it was necessary to add a lot more intermediate technologies and restructure the tech tree, mostly in the industrial and contemporary era. Starting from the early modern age, the minimum research cost increases, with a sharp spike with the end game technologies. To compensate for the longer endgame, Era stars requirement has been to be increased for the Early Modern and Industrial Era. These changes and the introduction of many new technologies have the effect of creating a significantly longer end game. Although the turn limit is doubled from vanilla, even that might not be enough so I still recommended you disable the turn limit when creating a new game. several additional endgame technologies have been added with fame bonus. To compensate for the added Fame, the Fame Bonus of other endgame technology have been reduced making the overall Fame bonus from technology the same.

New Technologies:

  1. Horsemanship, requires Domestication, unlocks Horses and Scout Riders
  2. Crossbow, requires Siege Tactics, unlocks Crossbowmen
  3. Medieval Warfare, requires Crossbow, unlocks Mounted Crossbowmen
  4. Gunpowder Artillery, requires Black Powder Guns, unlocks Cannon and Lancers
  5. Wheellock; requires Gunpowder Artillery, unlocks Reiter
  6. Ship of the Line; requires Chartered Companies, unlocks Man O' War
  7. Military Tradition; requires Line Formations, unlocks Cuirassiers
  8. Naval Steam Engine; requires Steam Engine, unlocks Steam Frigate and Steam Transport
  9. Railroad; requires Steam Engine, unlocks Train Station, Rail Freight Transportation and Industrial era Settlement package
  10. Gatling Gun, requires Line Formation, unlocks Gatling Gun or Siam Gatling Gun Elephant
  11. Breechloader; requires Gatling Gun, unlocks Siege Artillery
  12. Rifling; requires Breechloader, unlocks Rifles
  13. Steam Turbine; requires Propeller, unlocks Torpedo Boat and Oil Strategic Resource
  14. Combustion Engine; requires Steam Turbine, unlocks Armored Car and freight trucks trade bonus
  15. Anti Torpedo Boat Warfare; requires Steam Turbine, unlocks Torpedo Boat Destroyer
  16. Dreadnought Design; requires Anti Torpedo Boat Warfare, unlocks Dreadnought
  17. Bunker Construction; requires Trench Warfare; unlocks Bunker, Bomb Shelters, Mountain Industry, and underground construction
  18. Submarine Warfare; requires Dreadnought Design, unlocks U-Boat/Fleet Submarine Unit
  19. Anti Submarine Warfare; requires Submarine Warfare, unlocks Destroyer Unit and improves naval unit speed
  20. Air Transportation; requires Aeronautics, unlocks Aluminum strategic resource and Airport district
  21. Tank Warfare: requires Combustion, unlocks Light Tank
  22. Anti Tank-Gun: requires Tank Warfare, unlocks Antitank Gun
  23. Antitank Warfare; requires Anti Tank-Gun, unlocks Tank Destroyer and Armored Recon
  24. Fire Control System; requires Air, unlocks Battleship, Anti Air Gun, and improves Air Defense Capability of Destroyer
  25. Fluid Dynamics; requires Anti Submarine Warfare, unlocks Diesel Submarine Unit and Nuclear Submarine
  26. Assault Rifles: requires Amfibious Warfare, unlockes Landingcraft
  27. Wire Guided Missile, requires Computing unlocks TOW Infantry
  28. Gas Turbine; requires Aerial Warfare, unlocks Cruise Missile, Missile Silo, Attack Helicopter
  29. Guided Missiles; requires Wire Guided Missile, unlocks Missile Cruiser, Missile Destroyer, and Missile Submarine
  30. Self Propelled Artillery, requires Continuously Tracked, unlocks Self-propelled Howitzer
  31. Mechanized Infantry Doctrine, requires Self Propelled Artillery, unlocks APC, All-Terrain PMV, Hovercraft Transport
  32. Advanced Nuclear Reactors; requires Nuclear Fission, unlocks Nuclear Aircraft Carrier and Nuclear powered submarine upgrade
  33. Precision-guided munition; requires Jet Fighters, unlocks Precision Guided Weapons bonus
  34. Helmet-mounted display, requires Precision-guided munition, unlocks Helicopter Gunship
  35. Multimedia Computer, requires Mass Media, unlocks Video Games
  36. Reactive Armor, requires Composite Armor, unlocks Reactive Armor Upgrade for Main Battle Tank
  37. Stealth Technology, requires Helmet-mounted display, unlocks Stealth Corvette, Stealth Missile Cruiser, Stealth Missile, and Stealth Fighter
  38. Fuel Cells, requires Renewable Energy, unocks Fuel Cell Submarine
  39. Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing, requires Advanced NUclear Reactors, unlocked Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Facility
  40. Active Protection Systems, requires Reactive Armor, unlocks Hard Kill Active Protection System for Main Battle Tank
  41. Drone Technology, requires Automated Systems, unlocks Drone Assisten Fertilising
  42. Superdonductor, requires Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing, unlocks Lossless Power Transmission
  43. Active Camouflage, requires Stealth Technology, unlocks Active Camouflage bonus for Armoured units
  44. Nanotechnology, requires Drone Technology, unlocks Nano Industry and Nano Bots
  45. Artificial Inteligence; requires Drone Technology, unlocks Androids bonus
  46. Quantum Computing; requires Automation, unlocks Quantum Supremacy

Techtree changes:

  • Renamed Gunpowder Weapons to Black powder Guns
  • Replaced Wheellock as prerequisite to Flintlock
  • Renamed Combustion Engine into Steam Turbine
  • Replaced Ship of the Line as a prerequisite to Steam Engine
  • Replaced Wireless Telegraphy as a prerequisite to Research Institute
  • Replaced Anti Tank Warfare as a prerequisite of Continuous Track
  • Replaced Air Transportation as a prerequisite for Aerial Warfare
  • Replaced Guided Missiles as a prerequisite of Rocket Science
  • Replaced Jet Engine as a prerequisite of Fighter Jets
  • Replaced Naval Air Strategy as a prerequisite for Radar
  • Replaced Renewable Energy as a prerequisite for Space Orbital

Tech Fame bonus changes

  • Space Orbital; reduced Fame bonus to 200 Fame (was 300)
  • Neural Implant; reduced Fame bonus to 200 (was 300)
  • Exosuit; reduced Fame bonus to 200 (was 300)
  • Military Laser; reduced Fame bonus to 200 (was 300)
  • Fusion Reactor; reduced Fame bonus to 200 (was 300)
  • Nanotechnology; added 200 Fame bonus (was 0)
  • Quantum Computing; added 200 Fame bonus (was 0)

Tech-tree branch structure:

  • Steam Turbine=>
    • Combustion Engine =>
      • Tank Warfare => Anti Tank Gun => Anti Tank Warfare => Continuously Tracked => Self Propelled Artillery => Mechanized Infantry Doctrine => Composite Armor => Reactive Armor => Active Protection Systems
      • Aer0nautics => Air Transportation => Aerial Warfare => Gas Turbine => Fighter Jets => Precision-guided munition => Helmet-mounted display => Stealth Technology
    • Anti Torpedo boat Warfare => Dreadnought Design =>
      • Naval Air Strategy => Radar => Computing => Wire Guided Missile -> Guided Missiles => Rocket Science => Communication Satellites
      • Submarine Warfare => Anti Submarine Warfare => Fluid Dynamics
  • Line Formation=> Gatling Gun => Breechloader => Rifling => Trench Warfare => Bunker C0nstruction => Amphibious Warfare => Assault Gun => Insurrection Theory
  • Wireless Telegraphy => Research Institute => Uranium Enrichment => Nuclear Fission => Advanced Nuclear Reactors => Superc Fusion Reactor

Unit/District/Infrastructure/Resource Tech Unlocking Changes:

  • U-Boat is unlocked later with Submarine Warfare (Germany gains 50% research bonus)
  • Medium Tank is unlocked later with Sloped Armor
  • Commando is unlocked earlier with Insurrection Theory
  • Missile Silo and Cruise Missile are unlocked earlier with Jet Engine
  • Helicopter Gunship is unlocked later with Helmet-mounted display
  • Missile Destroyer (originally called Missile Cruiser) unlocked later with Guided Missiles
  • Nuclear Submarine is unlocked with Fluid Dynamics and upgraded with Nuclear Reactor
  • Saltpeter is unlocked with Alchemy

Era stars requirement changes:

  • Early Modern Age: 9 stars (instead of 7)
  • Industrial Age: 12 stars (was 7)

Strategic Resources:

Strategic Resource acquisition is a major pain late game as there is often an shortage in vanilla, resulting in players unable to build many strategic resource hungry units. ENC solves this by making strategetic resource to be visible earlier, reducing the strategic resource requirement to a minimum and provide more option for alternatives. Instead of high strategic resources cost, elite units will have a variable cost which depends on the excess availability of strategic resources. As a result, units will be more accessible and will be easier to upgrade, but at increased construction cost or gold price (up to double or triple the base cost). Late game strategic resources like oil are introduced more gradual and when not available you can always fall back on older units. Coal plays a longer important role in naval combat as it will power naval units from frigate at the start of the industrial up to dreadnought at the end of the industrial age.

Resource Visibility Changes:

  • Iron becomes visible in Ancient Era (instead in classical)
  • Saltpeter becomes visible in Medieval Era (instead in early modern)
  • Coal becomes visible in Early Modern (instead in Early modern)
  • Aluminum becomes visible in Industrial Era (instead of contemporary)
  • Uranium becomes visible in Industrial Era (instead of contemporary)


Both naval, land, and air units have been added and existing units are tweaked to achieve a longer more satisfying end game experience. The naval unit's role progressively gets more important as the era advances with longer attack and bombardment ranges. Industrial and Contemporary units in general have been made stronger, giving them a more substantial edge over Early Modern units. Late combat has been been made more interesting with new rock scissor paper mechanics between the classes. For example, Submarines are more effective versus Battleship, Destroyers are more effective versus Submarines and Battleship are more effective versus Destroyers. Classes now progress through identifiable WW1, WW2, Cold War and Stealth era generation, making it feel more historically accurate.

New Transport units:

  1. Added Ancient Transport Galley, unlocked with Fishery, upgrades to Transport Galley
  2. Added Cog Transport, unlocked with Seafaring, upgrades to Caravel
  3. Added Transport Barque, unlocked with Ship of the Line, upgrades to Steam Transport
  4. Added Steam Transport, unlocked with Propeller, upgrades to Landing Craft
  5. Added Transport Hovercraft, unlocked with Mechanized Infantry Doctrine

New Naval units:

  1. Added Galleass, requires Copper and Saltpeter, unlocked with Gunpowder (with an event), upgrades to Man O War
  2. Added Galleon, requires Copper and Saltpeter, unlocked with Naval Artillery, upgrades to Steam Frigate
  3. Added Torpedo Boat Destroyer, requires Steel and Coal, unlocked with Anti Torpedo Boat Warfare, upgrades to Destroyer
  4. Added Dreadnought, requires Steel, Copper and Coal, unlocks with Dreadnought design, upgrades to Battleship
  5. Added Fleet Submarine, requires Steel, Copper and Oil. unlocked with Submarine Warfare, upgrades to Diesel Submarine
  6. Added Destroyer, unlocked Anti Submarine Warfare, upgrades to Missile Destroyer
  7. Added Diesel Submarine, unlocks with Fluid Dynamics, upgrades to Missile Submarine
  8. Added Guided Missile Destroyer, unlocks with Guided Missiles, upgrades to Stealth Missile Cruiser
  9. Added Nuclear Aircraft Carrier, unlocks with Advanced Nuclear Reactors, upgrades with Advanced Nuclear Reactors
  10. Added Guided Missile Submarine, unlocks with Guided Missiles upgrades with Advanced Nuclear Reactors
  11. Added (common) Stealth Corvette, unlocks with Stealth Technology and Satellites
  12. Added Stealth Missile Cruiser, unlocks with Stealth Technology and Satellites
  13. Added Fuel Cell Submarine, unlocked with Fuel Cells

New Land units:

  1. Added Chariot Archers, unlocked with Wheel, upgrades to Mounted Crossbowmen
  2. Added (medieval) Bowmen, unlocked with War Summons, upgrades to Arquebusier
  3. Added Mounted Crossbowmen, unlocked with Medieval Warfare, upgrades to Reiters
  4. Added Lancers, unlocked with Gunpowder Artillery, upgrades to Cuirassiers
  5. Added Cannon, unlocked with Siege Cannons upgrades to Howitzer
  6. Added Reiters, unlocked with Wheellock, upgrades to Dragoons
  7. Added (common) Cuirassiers, unlocked with Line Formations, upgrades to Light Tank
  8. Added Gatling Gun, unlocked with Gatling Gun, upgrades to Heavy Machinegun
  9. Added Armored Car, unlocked with Automobile, upgrades Armored Recon
  10. Added Towed Artillery, unlocked with Automobile and Breechloading, upgrades to Self-propelled Howitzer
  11. Added Light Tank unlocked with Continuous Track, upgrades to Medium Tank
  12. Added Armored Recon, unlocked with Anti Tank Warfare upgrades to Attack Helicopter with Jet Engine
  13. Added Tank Destroyer, unlocked with Anti Tank Warfare, upgrades to Main Battle Tank with Composite Armor
  14. Added Marines, unlocked with Amphibious Warfare, upgrades to All-Terrain PMV with Mechanized Infantry Doctrine
  15. Added Self-propelled Howitzer, unlocked with Mechanized Infantry Doctrine
  16. Added TOW Infantry, unlocked with Computing, upgrades from Anti Tank Gun
  17. Added Attack Helicopter, unlocked with Jet Engine, upgrades to Helicopter Gunship with Helmet-mounted display
  18. Added Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), unlocks with Guided Missiles
  19. Added (common) All-Terrain PMV, unlocks with Mechanized Infantry Doctrine

New Air units:

  1. Added (common) Stealth Fighter, unlocked with Stealth technology
  2. Added (common) Stealth Cruise Missile, unlocked with Stealth technology
  3. Added InterContinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) unlocked after researching Rocket Science and building 2nd Nuclear Test Project
  4. Added Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicle (MIRV), unlocked with 3nd Nuclear Test Project

Special ability changes:

  • Pentekonters and Galley require 2 movement in Ocean tiles
  • Added partial suppression effect to all artillery attack versus non armored units (-2 movement, -2 strength, -2 range, -2 vision)
  • Land-based Archer and Gunner units are less effective (-12 strength) versus naval units in battle
  • Transport Galley and all other naval transport Units now require upkeep when used
  • Cog is converted into a Transport vessel(military vessel is replaced by other unit)
  • Man O' War gain special ability Shatter (similar to Howitzer)
  • Indirect ranged attacks by Archer units on Fortified units get reduced by 6 strength
  • Units that cannot attack fortifications (Cavalry, Tanks, etc.) require 2 movement points in Rocky Field
  • Ironclad special ability Inner Sea Mastodonte (+11 in Coastal Waters) is replaced by Bombard (similar to Battleship)
  • Oar propelled units (Pentekonter, Quadrireme, Galleass ) gain +5 strength in Coastal Waters and +2 speed in combat
  • Dreadnought, Battleship and Missile Cruiser gain extended Zone of Control
  • Torpedo Boats are faster (+2 Movement) near harbors and during combat and are now powered by Coal instead of Oil
  • Submarines remain hidden after attack (similar to Soldaderas)
  • Submarines gain +5 attack bonus versus Armored Vessels (Ironclads, Battleships, Carriers, Cruisers)
  • Submarines can hide better in deep Ocean water, giving them a +5 strength bonus when fighting on Ocean tiles
  • Aircraft Carrier gained Armored property, Stealth Corvette Loses Armored property
  • Anti Air Gun has increased Zone of Control and gains Attack Bonus Versus Attack Helicopters and Helicopter Gunships
  • Missile Cruiser special ability Anti Air is replaced by special ability Multiple Missile Bombardment
  • Commando gains ability to move through cliffs and forest without penalty

Added Unit performance upgrades:

  • Naval Transport: +1 movement with Fluid Dynamics
  • Naval and Air Units: +1 combat +2 Vision range with Radar
  • Guided Missile Submarine: +2 movement +1 strength with Fluid Dynamics
  • Turbine powered ships (Battleship, Carrier, Destroyer, Cruiser): +2 movement +1 vision with Anti Submarine Warfare
  • Nuclear Submarine: + movement +1 attack range +2 strength with Nuclear Reactor
  • Nuclear Aircraft Carrier: +2 movement +1 attack range +2 strength with Nuclear Reactor
  • Commando: +5 Strength +1 vision with Special Ops

Unit Balance Changes:

  • Javelin Throwers +1 strength
  • Pentekonter; +1 strength, +2 bonus movement in battle, +5 bonus strength on Shallow Water, upgrades to Quadrireme, move at half speed though ocean tiles
  • Quadrireme; +2 strength, +2 bonus movement in battle, +5 bonus strength on Shallow Water, upgrade to Galleass
  • Gajnal; +1 Strength, replaces Dragoon, upgrades to Armored Car
  • Jaguar Warriors; +1 speed
  • Hunnic Rider and Mongol Horde gain +1 attack range and can upgrade from Chariot Archers
  • Mortar; -1 Land Speed, -5 strength, but gains partial suppression effect
  • Man O' War; +1 strength, +1 vision
  • Ironclad; +1 vision, upgrades to Dreadnought
  • TorpedoBoat: remove Iron requirement
  • U-Boat; -2 movement, +1 vision, +5 Bonus Armored Units (ironclad, battleships, etc), upgrades to Diesel Submarine
  • Siege Artillery; -5 strength, but gains partial suppression effect; upgrades to Self propelled Howitzer
  • Heavy Machinegun; +3 strength
  • Antitank gun +3 strength
  • Battleship; +3 strength +1 movement +1 vision, +2 attack range, Increased zone of control
  • Aircraft Carrier, +1 movement, +1 vision +Armored (immune to suppression, vulnerable versus submarines)
  • Nuclear Submarine, +2 vision, +1 range, +5 Bonus Armored Units (battleship, carrier, cruisers)
  • Missile Cruiser, +3 strength, +4 vision, +5 range, Increased zone of control
  • Red Army Tank, +3 strength, +1 vision, +1 range
  • Main Battle Tank, +2 vision +2 range
  • Sweden Stealth Corvette +3 strength, +1 vision, +1 range, +Anti Airpower (50% strength)
  • Spearmen +1 strength

Unit Upkeep Changes:

  • Crossbowmen; reduced upkeep cost
  • Arquebusiers; reduced upkeep cost

Population Cost Changes:

  • Longbowmen from 1 up to 2
  • Halberdiers from 3 down to 2
  • Line infantry (and all emblematic variants) from 4 down to 2
  • Riflemen (and all emblematic variants) from 4 down to 2
  • Medium Tank (and all emblematic variants) from 2 up to 3
  • Armored Personnel Carrier (and all emblematic variants) from 2 up to 3
  • Helicopter Gunship from 2 up to 3
  • Cruise Missile, Nuclear Missile from 1 down to 0
  • Thermonuclear Missile from 2 down to 0

Missile unit changes:

  • Cruise Missile: reduced maintenance cost, and increased range
  • Nuclear Missile: reduced maintenance cost, and base attack range doubled
  • Thermal Nuclear Missile: reduced maintenance cost and base attack range doubled

Unit Upgrade paths details:

  • Torpedo Boat => Fleet Submarine => Diesel Submarine => Fuel Cell Submarine
  • Carrack => Galleon => Steam Frigate => Torpedo Boat Destroyer => Destroyer => Guided Missile Destroyer => Stealth Missile Cruiser
  • Pentekonter => Quadrireme => Galleass=> Man O'War => Ir0nclad => Dreadnought => Battleship => Guided Missile Cruiser => Stealth Missile Cruiser
  • Scout Riders => Horsemen => Knight => Lancers => Cuirassiers => Light Tank => Medium Tank => Main Battle Tank
  • Chariot Archers => Mounted Crossbowmen => Reiters => Dragoon => Armored Cars => Armored Recon => Attack Helicopter => Helicopter Gunship
  • Spearmen => Pikemen => Halberdiers => Howitzer => Anti Tank Gun => TOW Infantry
  • Saboteur => Partisans => Commandos
  • Tank Destroyer => Main Battle Tank
  • Mortar => Siege Artillery => Towed Artillery => Multiple Launch Rocket System
  • Musketeers => Line Infantry => Riflemen => Marines => All Terrain PMV
  • Gatling Gun => Heavy Machinegun => Anti Aircraft Gun
  • Biplane => Monoplane Fighter => Multi Role Fighter => Stealth Fighter
  • Transport Galley => Cog => Caravel => Steam Transport => Landing Craft
  • Saṃnāhya => Dhanvī-gaja => Gajnal => Armored Car


Besides the addition of five intermediate transport vessels , naval Transports has been augmented; The Type of unit can now have an effect on the combat strength and attack range of the Naval transport, making them more strategically important

Naval transport modifiers:

  • Melee +2 strength in Galley or Cog
  • Ranged: -1 strength, +2 range in Galley or Cog
  • Mounted Ranged: +1 range in Galley or Cog
  • Gunner +2 strength in Caravel, Steamer or Landing Craft
  • Field Artillery: +3 strength, +3 range in Caravel or Steamer
  • Marine: +5 strength in Landing Craft


Pollution in vanilla Humankind was a serious problem in late-game which needs to be corrected to keep the game playable and not prohibit the player strategic options with late-game military districts and infrastructure. Pollution will now mostly be unavoidable but its effects will be more gradual and less shocking and public order can be mitigated by giving your population fewer industrial and science occupations and more financial and agricultural occupations.

Global Warming:

  • Increased Level 1 Global Warming Threshold by 44%
  • Increased Level 2 Global Warming Threshold by 216%
  • Public order effect depend on Net Global Pollution
  • Food reduction is affected by Net Global Pollution

Added Infrastructure:

  • Level 5 Coal Power: Underground Coal Gasification

Infrastructure changes :

  • Animal Barns generate +3 extra food
  • Palisades construction cost doubled
  • Stone Walls construction cost doubled
  • Financial District generates 50% less pollution
  • Hydroelectric Dam now generate -10% pollution in all districts instead of its normal pollution reduction
  • Wind Farm now costs 9055 industry to build, but now generate -25% pollution in all districts instead of its normal pollution reduction
  • Solar Farm now generate -20% pollution in all districts instead of its normal pollution reduction
  • Nuclear Plant now generate -15% pollution in all districts instead of their normal pollution reduction
  • Sewage System now generate -10% pollution in all districts instead of its normal pollution reduction
  • Factory Farming, Industrial Silos, Anti-Air Surveillance, Command Compound, Tech Park, Financial District, Surface-to-Air Missile, and Supercomputer Lab do not generate pollution anymore.
  • Bomb Shelters are unlocked earlier with Bunker Construction (at end of the Industrial Era)

District changes:

  • Saltpeter Extractors now produce 1 pollution.
  • Coal Extractors now produce 3 pollution.
  • Oil Extractors now produce 2 pollution.
  • Aluminum Extractors now produce 1 pollution.
  • Uranium Extractors now produce 2 pollution.
  • Train Stations now produce 1 pollution instead of 5.
  • Aerodromes now produce 1 pollution instead of 5, can be built at outposts but requires access to oil
  • Airports now produce 3 pollution instead of 15.
  • Missile Silos now produce 1 pollution instead of 15.
  • Attaching a Territory reduces Public Order by 10 instead of 20
  • Natrual Reserve gains +2 Gold and +2 Science

Emblematic District tweaks:

  • Assyrians Dunnu produces 4 influence (instead of 2)
  • Hittites Awari can exploit all FIMS (instead of only food and industry)
  • Goths Tumulus does not cost stability (instead of -10) and can be build without restrictions and exploit food and industry
  • Aztecs Sacrificial Altar produces 10 stability (instead of 5)
  • Teutons Kaiserdom does not cost stability (instead of -10)
  • Dutch VOC Warehouse can be build without restrictions
  • Russian Sobor produced +6 influence (instead of +3)
  • Ottomans Sultan Camii does not cost stability (instead of -10)
  • Edu Japanese Tera does not cost stability (instead of -10)
  • German Coking Works produces 3 pollution (instead of 10)
  • Australia Strip Mining produces 5 pollution (instead of 15)
  • Japans Robotics Lab produces 2 pollution (instead of 5)
  • Soviets Arms Factory produces 3 pollution (instead of 10)

Civilization Legacy Trait Tweaks:

  • Assyrians +10 ransack strength (instead of +5)
  • Dutch +2 gold per population (instead of +1)
  • Hittite +2 unit strength (instead of +1)
  • Edo Japanese: +2 Influence per population (instead of +1)


In general it is recommended to load this mod before any other humankind mods.


None of the art used in this mod is created or owned by me full credit to artists





















































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d_elph @d-elph

Getting the following error report when trying to start a new game using this MOD, even just on it's own with no compatibility patch.

The operation was canceled.

at Amplitude.Mercury.Game.Game+<DoStart>d__4.MoveNext () [0x00157] in <4970ef3fb39e4236909ba5f6b935d1fc>:0
at Amplitude.Coroutine.Run () [0x00019] in <423cab57be344179b97cc317e43f228e>:0

FreeThinker @dfdsfsdfdsf

ENC is currently not compatible with the Together We Rule update. For those who want to play with ENC I suggest you go back to the previous version and wait patiently until I fixed the compatibility issues.

americanslon™ @americanslon

Any update by any chance? Can't play this game without cruise missiles and artillery.

MalataSocietaOfficia @malatasocietaofficia

when will be ?

FreeThinker @dfdsfsdfdsf

Considering the Mod Tool isn't released yet, it might take weeks

MalataSocietaOfficia @malatasocietaofficia


MalataSocietaOfficia @malatasocietaofficia

it's just a shame... why you dont want put 3d model's?

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire

Hi Malata. I don’t know where you heard that adding 3d unit models was possible, but it is not.

You have repeatedly posted this demand in extremely aggressive forms on several people’s mods and you have not received a response. The reason for that is (in my opinion) your aggression in asking. I’d suggest being less aggressive with future questions.

Again, whoever told you that adding 3d unit models was possible was wrong. It is not possible. Please stop posting this demand everywhere.

MalataSocietaOfficia @malatasocietaofficia

aggressive forms on several people’s mods
what??? wich commente and what kind of mod's???

BATISTAx @batistax

AND APPROXIMATELY THE 40TH TURN starts loading endlessly

FreeThinker @dfdsfsdfdsf

RESOURCES EXPANDED, which is currently still experimental, seems inherently cause this problem. To get around it, it usually help to reload an older save and make some different choices as this cause the AI to make different choice preventing the hang bug from occurring. At least it did in my own playtesting with this mod.

rajmano13p @rajmano13p

Hi, u are doing really good job and I really enjoy ur mods.
There is one thing that i really lack in Humankind and I find it fitting this mod. Have u considered adding canals? Working simmilar to the civ 6 ones. Just to connnect oceans/lakes and could work as fortification (simmilar to river).

MalataSocietaOfficia @malatasocietaofficia

hey but when the hell do you put the 3d models of your units ?? I have been told in various forums that putting 3d models is possible in the actual state of things but that it is not easy ... BUT IT CAN ALSO BE DONE !!!!!!!!!! So what do you want to do?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Axepower4123 @axepower4123

Bug report access to the ICBM on production screen upon reaching ancient era.
Access to the controlled Access Highway infrastructure upon reaching ancient era.
access to the Torpedo boat upon reaching ancient era.
Mods used
Extended Naval Combat v14.45
VIP Modpack V3.32
ENC & VIP compatibility V2.11
Note the bug occurred with the compatibility pacth because I tried ENC and VIP individually and it did not have this issuse.

Axepower4123 @axepower4123

Bug report: redundant horsemanship tech which gives access to horses and scout riders after domestication tech
Present Upon reaching ancient era
Extended naval combat V13.95 loaded first
SUPERPack V1.24 loaded second
VIP MODPACK 3.32 loaded third
COMP TRIPLE ALLIANCE V 0.32 loaded last

FreeThinker @dfdsfsdfdsf

I suspect there are more issues, because I did not make those compatibility patches nor play with them, it would be valuable if you could create a complete list off all compatibility issues that should have fix

Axepower4123 @axepower4123

@FreeThinker Does anyone know why it is impossible to import custom 3D models into the game. Is it because they did not provide the tool to create 3D models and import into the mod then the game. Is it to do with the fact the modding tools and the game source code is restricted.

FreeThinker @dfdsfsdfdsf

Exactly that, they simply didn't do it. I expect there are commercial reasons for not doing so, as it would effectively allow completely overhaul humankind with mods, which might hurt their bottom line as there is less reason to buy expansions.

Axepower4123 @axepower4123

@FreeThinker Bug report, is the Cuirassiers as well as halberdiers meant to have two tile range where they are able to skip over units and conduct a melee attack animation over two tile range. Also because they have two tile range, they received no damage in retailation.

FreeThinker @dfdsfsdfdsf

that is not ENC functionality, at least its not intended. are you using other mods as well?

MrBSRK @mrbsrk

No it's definitely a bug with this mod after researching 'Marine Steam Engine' and affect every land unit(It's just more noticeable with melee). Might be relate to the increase range on naval transport.

FreeThinker @dfdsfsdfdsf

Alright, I could reproduce the problem and fixed it in the latest release. It was indeed caused by Marine Steam Engine, which act like a unit upgrade for embarked travel, however it unintentionally also modified all non embarked units, that is now fixed. Thanks for point out