Fame-based Era Thresholds for Humankind

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Published by DocktorKain (mod ID: 1519326)


In the Vanilla game, most Era Star goals are determined by 2 main factors: how much of that star you have and your era. This mod swaps the "era" part of the equation for "Fame/1500", meaning that the higher your Fame value is, the harder it is to gather more stars, reducing snowball and providing a more even playing field. The only star I couldn't change in this fashion is the Scientist Star, which is unchanged from vanilla.
In addition, altered Base star thresholds (to one million each) to ensure you'll never enter a new era with stars already, thus giving you more time to play each era. Again, Scientist stars are unchanged from vanilla.





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FurryProfilePic @furryprofilepic

My only real problem with this mod is that in the late game I find myself waiting to gather enough stars to advance, despite having the full techs of that era researched. While you may not be able to directly change era stars for science, do you think it might be possibly to add a tech cost multiplier based on the player's current fame score? If possible, I think this would result in the science stars being indirectly determined (or at least affected) by fame.

shakee @shakee

As an Idea for the Tech Stars: maybe change it to ScienceNet accumulation, like Influence and Money?

DocktorKain @docktorkain

That was my first idea, but I couldn't manage to do that without a Bepinex mod. Are you willing to work with me on that? I can craft a formula while you help discovering which defines to add or modify

AlyG69 @alyg69

i was wondering how this is going for the AI? does anyone know on avarage in how many turns ai's are now swapping era's?

DocktorKain @docktorkain

The AI plays well with the system, but while the mod reduces snowballs we still have ones that fall behind and others that pull ahead. Overall, my fame races have been much more closer overall, at least against the best 2-3 AIs

AlyG69 @alyg69

can i use the 14 star era's mod allong side this one (love that the 14 star mods stops AI from switching era's so fast) or would you say this mod has same effect?

DocktorKain @docktorkain

I believe they should be compatible. Their effects are distinct though, but I believe they can be used alongside with no problem.

Ningauble @ningauble


Enchanteur @enchanteur


Cavalier51 @cavalier51

When you are inside a city display the words MISSING UIMAPPER is listing instead of districts, infrastructure and units. This happened after latest patch. Great mods, I use them all! Infrastructure and district mods are causing the problem.

DocktorKain @docktorkain

how to play with mods: open up the game, select all mods you want, choose apply, play. If you go back to the mod screen and apply another mod loadout the game UI will break.
If you want to play with different mods, close the game, reopen it, then select your mods. This works to avoid the MISSING UIMAPPER bug on any and all mods you choose.

EDIT: MISSING UIMAPPER can ALSO show if you open the game, try to load your last modded game by clicking "continue", fail, go to the mod screen and apply the correct mods, then load the game. Always always always make sure you open the game and select the mods as the first thing you do.