French Canadians for Humankind

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Here we are with another Canadian culture. This time, we're representing the French part of the country!

New France, or the Canadian part specifically with this mod, was a very interesting place. The colony had a rich history of adventurers trying to make their mark, and traders doing their best to make it big by selling some New World discoveries to their French friends back home. As time went on, French Canadians began to take on an identity of their own. They were an ocean away from their king, and France as a whole was largely apathetic to Canada.

Guys like Voltaire thought Canada had no value, and the Acres of Snow legacy trait is a tongue-in-cheek reference to that. The continued support of colonial efforts relied on turning large profits, so making the most of your tiles will reward you with plenty of money. Make sure you also develop your resources and build plenty of Market Quarters to sell them in. You'll be living large once you throw a Fur Trading Post on top. There are no beavers in Humankind, but plenty of other goods were exchanged in those trading posts too. In any case, your rivals might get jealous of all your wealth. Luckily, you can rely on the Voyageurs to defend your territory if anyone tries to take a cut of your profits. They act as a replacement for Musketeers, and you'll definitely be packing a punch against any army with them.

3D assets can't be added to the game by modders. You'll notice that the French Canadians are looking regal like the Franks who came before them because of this. Admittedly, it's not quite the rugged look you would expect from this culture. Though you can't argue with style. Eventually, I'll try to get some unique 2D imagery in. Stuff that'll help the French Canadians stand on their own two legs visually.

I hope you guys have fun playing as this culture! The economic bonuses might be somewhat overpowered, so feel free to leave some feedback on how that can be balanced. Gotta keep things fair, after all. Anything you've got on your mind would be appreciated!

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SkaarSmashKikou @skaarsmashkikou

Ok. First comment (I suppose).
First off, as a French Canadian myself, I suggest some changes to your mod.
The first should be about the Fur Trading Post. It was ways too generic and hardly been considered as something that only the frenchs have do. Instead I propose something in these lines:

Secondly, the fact you made them an Merchant culture don't reflect the (then) reality. It could be an agricultural focused culture, as nobody really care to make huge profits (compared to Americans and Britishs), and were more concerned by agricultural production and family affairs than anything else, which was an (probable) reason why France don't hesitate to give the colony to England.

Which mean the traditon of ''Acres of snow'', should be changed to ''Réveillons du jour de l'an'' which was the local term for New Year's Eve.'s_Eve#Canada, which was an crucial element of French Canadian culture, even today.

Finaly (that part was more an suggestion than anything), as talking about today, the culture should be splitted in two, as French Canadians was an umbrella term for the french acros Canada, but today nobody (in Québec, at least) identifie themself as such, and use the term Québécois (or Quebecers, if you prefer). You may made an builder culture for it, to reflect the (today) reality (we build the largests hydroelectrical dams in the world, after all), with an influence bonus as legacy trait who may been called ''Saint-Jean-Baptiste''
you could, even, keep the cities names for both of them.

Also, about cities names... Montmagny and L'Assomption were not really great. You msy change then for Gaspé and Rimouski, for example.

Here there, was my advices. You are free to use them or not.

Amtoj @amtoj

Thank you for the feedback! I'll definitely take it into account if I ever revisit the mod.