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Auto-load Mods

This guide teaches how to set up mod auto-loading shortcuts so you don't have to go thru the hassle of selecting them everytime you start the game.


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Preface: My Windows/Steam is in portuguese, but I'll translate terms as we go, so I'm fairly confident you can do it.

What is autoload?

Mod auto-load is a technique to quickly and easily boot up any mod combination you want in Humankind. It saves clicks and avoid common bugs such as the UI MAPPER bug. It allows you to use humankind mods reliably and without any hassle. In the example below, I have a desktop shortcut that loads Humankind with the Vanilla Improvement Project mod. Check it out:

When I double click on it, Steam brings me the following message:

Allow game to load? Humankind is trying to start with the optional parameters below: " -m "Vanilla Improvement Project" ". If you don't know what that means, click "Cancel".

After clicking OK, the game loads as normal but the Vanilla Improvement Project mod is already loaded, so I can just start a new game or load the game without having to enter the mod screen and apply the mod.

Why auto-load?

Not only it saves time and clicks (you need only to start the game to have all mods you want applied) but also avoids the nasty UIMAPPER bug. Whenever you change mod loadouts during a game session or try to load a game without applying the mods, fail, and then apply the mods, the game has a nasty tendency to break the UI. By making auto-load shortcuts you can ensure a much smoother experience if you have a mod loadout you enjoy playing frequently. And as you can do as many auto-load shortcuts you want, you can have a handy library of different mod configurations to experiment.

How to auto-load?

First, find your Humankind folder where your steamapps are. In my case, they're at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Humankind. Right click the Humankind executable and choose "create shortcut"

"Criar atalho" is portuguese for "Create shortcut"

Copy the shortcut file that will appear and place it wherever you want it to be - your desktop, your start menu, a games folder, wherever you like. Rename it to what name you want. In my case, I'm moving it to my desktop and naming it "SuperpackVIP". Then Rightclick it and select "properties"

Yes, you guessed it, "Propriedades" is "Properties" in portuguese

Find the "Target" textbox - its the first thing you can actually write in the properties menu - and scroll to the end of the text. add the following: -m "mod1" "mod2" "mod3" etcetera until you have all the mods you want to use in that shortcut. Use the same names and order you would use in-game. In our example, I'll use the "Vanilla Improvement Pack" "SuperPack" and "CompatibilityPatch - CultureSuperPack and VIP" mods. You can put any number of mods you want, using quotes.

I can already hear you translating "Destino"

Click OK and its done! Your auto-load shortcut is ready. To use it, just double click it and the game will launch with the mods you selected in the order you wrote them in the shortcut.

My game is not loading with the shortcut! What to do?

Two things can cause the shortcut to fail: first, if you have any typo in the mod names, the game will fail to load. In this case, make sure you're using the correct spelling for all mods. Second, you may have old and incompatible versions of your mods. In this case, load the game normally and enter the in-game modbrowser to download the latest versions of your mods.

Closing remarks

Many thanks to the entire modding community that is pumping out amazing mods, and especially to the great Shakee that taught me how to do these auto-loading shortcuts. Also thanks to you for reading this guide and learning a little bit more of Portuguese. Happy gaming!


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Calor7 @calor1

Great Guide although there is a character Limit thats pretty low.

Mods with long names (the compatability patches) can make the list too long to use with a shortcut :(

DocktorKain @docktorkain

To overcome character limits you can use .bat files

CallOn84 @callon84

How would I write it out?

DocktorKain @docktorkain

to make a bat file, open a regular text editor such as notepad, copy the "target" part of your shortcut, and edit it just like you would edit the shortcut with all the mods. Unlike shortcuts, bat files have no character limits. Save your file as a bat file (something.bat) instead of a txt file and you're golden.

shakee @shakee

To avoid the steam warning use: steam.exe -applaunch 1124300 -m "mod name1" "etc"

hicpuer @hicpuer

HK.bat file example:
cd C:\Games\HUMANKIND\
C:\Games\HUMANKIND\Humankind.exe -m "Super Pack.adddda9811d3414593fa353a6d04e64b.1.10" "VIP Modpack.b4af39ab4c1e4f80bd96e8cc01253401.2.3" "CompatibilityPatch - CultureSuperPack and VIP"

Loffas1650211871 @loffas1650211871

My biggest problem is that I never can load a save when I have used mods. No matter if I use the same mods just the day after. No mods have been updated and they are in the same order, but the game is not capable of loading a save when using mod/mods. I do not know where to post these experiences. This major bug really should be solved. Makes the game unplayable, for me atleast :(