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Map Editor Manual

Here is the manual to guide you in the map editor tool of Humankind


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In the Main Menu, go to “Extras”, then “Community” and “Map Editor”

From there, you can either:

  • Launch the editor with the default map by clicking on “Launch Editor”
  • Load one of the preset maps (Tiny, Small, Normal, Large and Huge size)
  • Load a previously edited map

Note: in the current version of the editor, this is the only way to load a map.


  • Left click: Move the camera
  • Middle click: Place a tile
  • Right click: Pick the value of the hovered tile. Right-click on a tile and maintain the right-click while moving the mouse to duplicate the tile, you can “draw” a tile this way
  • Mouse wheel: Zoom in/Zoom out
  • Ctrl + right click: Select one tile
  • Ctrl + right click & drag: select a rectangle of tiles
  • B: Decrease the brush size
  • N: Increase the hovered tile’s height
  • W: Decrease the hovered tile’s height
  • X: Increase the brush size
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo
  • Ctrl + Y: Redo
  • C: Next editing mode



  1. Viewport
  2. Tile Mode
  3. Elevation Mode
  4. Point of Interest Mode
  5. Natural Wonder Mode
  6. Landmark Mode
  7. River Mode
  8. Territory Mode
  9. Visibility Mode
  10. Starting Point Mode
  11. Save as…
  12. Validate
  13. Import a heightmap
  14. Quicksave
  15. Undo
  16. Redo
  17. Brush size
  18. Close the Map Maker
  19. Minimize the UI (for example: to take shiny screenshots of your map)



Click on the “Tile” button on the menu and select a tile type (forest, prairie…). Move your cursor on the viewport and click the middle-mouse button to place it.


You can also click the right-mouse button on an existing tile, hold it and move it across your map to draw this tile wherever you want.

You can adjust the size of your brush by moving the cursor on the top of the screen or using the B and N shortcuts.


To adjust the height of your tiles and add depth to your map, select the “Height” button on the menu and a height (0 = floor level, -1 = sea level). Then hover the tiles you wish to adjust and click the middle-mouse button.

You can also hover a tile in the terrain, then use the W and X shortcuts to adjust the tile’s height.



To place a river, select the “River” option in the menu, then do a middle click on the map where you want the river to start, and drag it to a coast or a lake. You can connect two rivers by dragging a river to another one.



To place a Point of Interest, select the “Point of Interest” button on the menu, then click on the category you wish to place: Resources Deposit or Natural Modifiers. Select the element you wish to place, hover the area where you wish to place it, then click the middle-mouse button to place it.



To place a Natural Wonder, select the “Natural Wonder” button on the menu, then click on the Wonder you wish to place, hover the area where you wish to place it, then click the middle-mouse button to place it.



The HUMANKIND map editor allows you to import heightmap images to automatically generate a terrain. You will need two images to do so:

  • The heightmap itself, with clear colors or shades to define each height
  • The palette, a reference image which will be used by the Map Maker

The two images must be in PNG and placed in the Documents/Humankind/Maps folder.

Depending on the map size, your heightmap image should have a 2:1 ratio.

There are 16 height levels, from –3 to 12, 0 being the first land level (-1 is the sea level).



Colored map and palette, with only 7 levels defined, from -1 (deep sea) to 5 (mountains).

To create a palette from your heightmap, you can use the Humankind_Sample_Palette.png file and replace the colors by the ones in your heightmap, the fifth color being the floor level “0”.

You can simply pick the colors from your heightmap and drop them in the corresponding square on the palette.


Once your two files are in the Documents/Humankind/Maps, launch the editor and click on the “Import button”. The import interface is divided in two:


In the “Source” area, select your heighmap. In this example, this is the Humankind_Tutorial_Map.PNG file.

In the “Palette” area, select your palette. In this example, this is the Humankind_Tutorial_Map_Palete.PNG file.

Click on Import to complete the process. Your map should be showing in the viewport, time to customize it and make it playable!


Basic constraints:

  • All the strategic resources must be placed.
  • Luxe resources must be placed.
  • Natural wonders must be placed.

Gameplay constraints:

  • Every player must have a starting point in every version of the map
  • Territories must follow these constraints:
    • Not too big, not too small (roughly 50 tiles for a Continent Territory). Ocean territories can be bigger than continents.
    • Must be flagged as a continent or as an ocean
    • Only one global Ocean allowed, one Earth territory allowed.
    • All “reachable” tiles (not mountains/wonder/water/ water/some POI) in a territory must be reachable from any other reachable tile without having to exit the territory. For example: a territory cut in two parts, separated par water is not a valid territory.
    • All territories with islands must be “Ocean” territories.
  • Ocean Natural Wonders must be placed in the Ocean.
  • Ocean POI must be placed in the Ocean.
  • Natural Wonders shouldn’t be cut or partly erased.
  • No underwater river.

Aesthetics constraints:

  • A natural wonder should be placed on a flat surface.
  • Avoid 3-level high cliffs, as it blocks visibility.
  • Rivers must start from a terrain and end up in a lake or in the sea.


You will need to place starting points in your map to be able to play it.

For example, if you want your map to be playable up to 3 players/civilizations, you will need to place starting points like this:

  • Place the starting point #1 for the 1-player version
  • Place the starting point #1 and #2 for the 2-player version
  • Place the starting point #1, #2 and #3 for the 3-player version

To do so in the editor, first click on “Starting Points”. The first row is the version of the map, the second row counts the number of Starting Points you placed:

Green = Good, Red = Bad.

So, click on the “1” button for the “1-player version” of the map, then middle-click in your map to define the starting point. After that, click on the “2” button for the “2-player version” of the map, then middle-click in your map to define first starting point and a second time for the second starting point, etc.


To add territories, we recommend you to zoom out to have the aerial view of the map.

Adding territory is done in three steps:

  1. Creating each territory’s area
  2. Defining each territory’s biome
  3. Indicating, for each territory, if it is a “Continent” or an “Ocean” territory

You will need to define territories for the entire map, and these territories must not be too small or too big.

Click on the “Territory” button, then, when you are in the “TerritoryArea” map, you can draw territories on your map by clicking on the middle mouse button. Every time you click, you create a new territory, which has a different color.


You can expand a territory by right-clicking in your territory, maintaining the click and dragging your mouse where you want to expand it.

The index of the current selected territory displayed in the tab:


To determine which biome applies to each territory, zoom in back to a closer view of your map. Click on the “TerritoryBiome” tab, then select a biome and middle click on the territory you wish to apply this biome to.


To define the territory type (Continent or Ocean), zoom-out to have a global view of your map, select the “ContinentAndOcean” tab, then select the territory type (Ocean, or Continent) and middle-click on the territory to define its type.



To validate your map, click on the “Validate” button on the top of the interface.


  • Map Entities Pass validates that all the Starting Points are correctly set
  • Territory Pass validates that all Territories are correctly set, in terms of size, accessibility and type

Note: the error message concerning territories is sometimes misleading, saying that “One of the Ocean territories contains more continent than water”, when it’s the opposite (a Continent containing too much water). It will be fixed soon.

The rules are simple:

  • An Ocean territory must contain at least 50% of water tiles.
  • A Continent territory must contain at least 50% of continent tiles.
  • A Continent territory should be roughly 50-tiles big.


We have identified some issues with this early version of the editor. We will improve the tool following its release.

  • The “Close the editor” button closes the game too
  • The “W” and “X” shortcuts are hard to use on a QWERTY keyboard, they will be replaced by other shortcuts in a future version
  • The “Visibility” tool will fully useable later
  • The “Landmark” tool has a UI bug when typing the name of the landmark


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AmesNFire @amesnfire

I'm having issues loading a map I'm currently editing.
I haven't been able to find any info on the problem or people mentioning similar issues.

Seam1630260564 @seam1630260564

did you find how to load the map ?

Niklas1630493744 @niklas1630493744

Benualdo (somewhere below)
It's probably because you edited landmarks. You need to open the .hmap as if it was a .zip file, then edit the Save.hms file to replace the <LandmarkDatabase> section by

<Landmarks Null="true" />

You will also need to replace the values of the LandmarksTexture.Bytes field by default ones from another map of the same size (ie. open default map then save it)

veco123456 @veco123456

you must set spawn points to load a map in the editor

bgarc129 @bgarc129

Anyone have trouble with the change elevation shortcuts?

KylinTang @kylintang

"Rise & Fall", shortcuts are R & F .

CraZyOlE @crazyole

how do you remove starting points again ?

veco123456 @veco123456

brusch over it wihf right mouse button

Stardust24x @stardust24x

How do you remove a river? I tried removing the whole land but the river remains underwater..

Stardust24x @stardust24x

Solved. If it's useful for someone: right-click on a non-river tile and then drag it on the river.

D3LTAV @d3ltav

I'm having an issue where I cant load any maps I edited. anyone else having this issue found a fix?

Benualdo @benualdo

It's probably because you edited landmarks. You need to open the .hmap as if it was a .zip file, then edit the Save.hms file to replace the <LandmarkDatabase> section by

<Landmarks Null="true" />

You will also need to replace the values of the LandmarksTexture.Bytes field by default ones from another map of the same size (ie. open default map then save it)

rody_iwnl_ @rody-iwnl

How is the player's starting point decided? I loaded into an 8p map 10 times and each time I land on the same starting point.

Milamber10 @milamber10

I have the same problem, and when I go back to the Map Editor the number have change. some help would be nice. thank you

anteas1630059289 @anteas1630059289

From my experience, your starting point is always your position in Competitors menu - and in solo game it is always "Player 1". No such option as random starting point, it seems.
The only solution I find - start your game as Multiplayer and place yourself into the desired slot (as second player, third and so on). Then close the lobby and play solo as usual.

Milamber10 @milamber10

Thank for your solution. It's working. But I don't understand why when I choose a place for the starting point 1, when i lauch the game it becomes the number 2 or 3.

KylinTang @kylintang

Cuz when you quit the map-editor, the sequence of the starting point will be rearranged automatically. The first starting point will be the original southernmost point, and the last will turn to the original northernmost one. So, if you don‘t wanna get the starting point changed when entering the game, you‘d better place the first starting point in the most southern pile among all the points.

rody_iwnl_ @rody-iwnl

I've arrived at the same conclusion. A minor issue as it is, it can be infuriating if players are not aware. There should at least be a toggle between preset and random spawn, as well as clear documentation on how the spawn points' numbers actually work.

EDIT: 'the same conclusion' refers to KylinTang's reply just above.

Benualdo @benualdo

In case you're still interested in circumventing this issue I made a small tool you can use to select the player spawn in solo mode you can find here

Prof.Walter:P @profwalterp

Once I finish creating my map I could never open it again and if I want to start it with a new game there will be an error waiting me

enzo-pannacotta @enzo-pannacotta

why is there no way to show the icons of placed resources? how am i supposed to spread and balance them properly like that?

Benualdo @benualdo

+1 This is the most annoying thing when trying to create a balanced map. I wish at least there was a cheat to display the full map without fog of war without having to play it :(

Tyrant_lord @tyrant-lord

Totally agree, makes the process more difficult.

Gams @gams

why the game say territorry to big for ocean ?...

Niklas1630493744 @niklas1630493744

Thank you guys for the tool. I've got a couple of issues.:

Those thing would be awesome:
-toggle yield icons and grid
-custom map size
-setting starting era and culture (incl. previous cultures (legacies))
-placing cities, quarters, units etc.

And blocked territories (movement and movement + outpost claiming)
Right this appears to be the territory with the highest ID. Units cannot enter it. When trying to move there it says something like "Path is outside game area".
<--This might be useful for someone


veco123456 @veco123456

when I start a map that was made by whoever including me i spawn without a unit

Zelgius101 @zelgius101

Anyone know how to delete spawn points?

Niklas1630493744 @niklas1630493744

Rightclick on a non-spawn-point tile and drag onto the existing spawn.

0xd1rec20r @0xd1rec20r

Cool, when you write a guide about gameplay modifications? Or when it will be possible to create gameplay mods?

Ascopa1632383980 @ascopa1632383980

Hello - how is it possible to play more than 8 players? I can only add 8 spawn points even though I have the largest map.

Wyvern69420 @wyvern26mziqqgwq4gep

I am trying to place oil and other water based resources on ocean tiles, but I always get the error that it is not valid for some reason??