BigPharma's Han Empire [Classical] for Humankind

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This mod adds the Han Empire as a playable culture in the Classical Era with their own Legacy Trait, Emblematic Quarter, and Emblematic Unit. No other cultures are replaced, and the mod does not change anything outside of this specific culture except for the Standing Army technology. For a more detailed write-up of the design and inspiration for this culture, see here.

**A very special thanks to uncle2fire for inspiration and encouragement throughout this process and to kul for his work on the EU art and title card!**


Affinity Expansionist
Legacy Trait Splendor of the Silk Road +2 Influence per Trade Route on Territory
Emblematic Quarter Imperial Mint

Requires access to 2 Copper

+1 Money per Copper

+2 Influence and +1 Money per Luxury Resource on Territory

Count as Market Quarter and Makers Quarter

Emblematic Unit Běijūn Nǔshǒu

Unlocks with Standing Army in the Classical Era and replaces Crossbowmen in the Medieval Era

27 Combat Strength

+8 Combat Strength against Cavalry and Nomad Units

Cannot use Indirect Fire


Influence: The Splendor of the Silk Road is not to be underestimated in its ability to generate Influence to facilitate further expansion. When securing trade routes it may be worth putting down an initial investment of Money for a land route to pass through as many territories under your control as possible.

Economic: Maintaining multiple trade routes, especially for copper, and building many adjacent Market or Makers Quarters surrounding the Imperial Mint while it is adjacent to a Luxury Resource will provide a considerable boon to Money or Industry production.

Military: Deploying the Běijūn Nǔshǒu can give a significant edge in terms of power level especially when combating empires heavily reliant on cavalry and nomad units, but some care must be taken as they are less flexible than archers and will be handily outclassed even by generic Crossbowmen in the next era. Secure gains early and then look to shore up your defenses.

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If you encounter bugs, please let me know! You can find me on Discord under the name BigPharma or dangitsdaaaaang.

UPDATE: The 4.1 Update (11/17/2021) has indirectly buffed the Běijūn Nǔshǒu considerably as they are now much cheaper and have lower upkeep than their counterparts. I will not be changing them to match at this time, as I expect generic crossbowmen to continue to be rebalanced in the future.





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柚子1642851626 @1642851626

Thank you very much

K.Constantine @kconstantine

This culture is pretty OP for the Classical era.

[GIL]BigPharma @bigpharma2

Care to elaborate further?

Smiley8443 @chenjin2106

Hey mate, I get UI errors(MISSING UIMAPPER) when running your mod, the crossbowman animation is bugged during combat and ED does not give any influence...any chance we can get an update? Swordsman also only costs 23 for some reason, about 4x cheaper than Vanilla, so all other factors aside this bug makes this the best culture by far. This was tested in the absence of all other mods, so not related to any mod conflicts.

The LT feels like it could get a buff to getting more money via trading, and since money's use is limited it would only be a minor buff.

Also, I feel like the ED is fairly weak for needing 2 copper to build. The money it generates needs to be 2x-3x as much to be competitive(although I wasn't getting influence, but that would still only be 2-4). Culturally, I recommend changing the ED to paper maker as paper was invented in 100BCE and it would also give a lot more flexibility into putting stats on it since paper realistically buffs everything. Maybe something like +1 coin, science and influence for each adjacent woodland?

Other than that, thanks for bringing out a cultural mod, it'll add more flavour to the gameplay and hopefully I'll get to play an updated version of this mod soon!

[GIL]BigPharma @bigpharma2

The Missing UIMapper bug (and very likely the other bugs you reported) are a result of changing your loaded mods without relaunching the game. It's a known error with how mods are handled right now that hopefully the next game patch will fix. I don't change anything related to generic Swordsmen at all and the reduced 23 production price seems to be related to playing in Blitz game speed, and I tested the Běijūn Nǔshǒu combat animations and they work fine on my end.

The point of the ED is not to provide all of its benefits on its own. It acts as a Maker's and Market Quarter simultaneously, which is powerful in and of itself but requires significant development of surrounding districts, particularly building around Luxury Resources since those provide bonuses to Market Quarters, and Industry-related Luxuries will also boost production. Copper is a fairly easy resource to get, and so by trading extensively or by grabbing many territories early on, you can get the number of Copper resources you have access to multiplied in every territory you have built the ED in, which is a fairly significant bonus in the Classical Era where Money can actually decently perform to buy out units and infrastructure. Also, the influence generated is not added to the production of the ED, but rather the Luxury Resources within the territory it is built in. I could revisit this mod later to add it to the ED, but at the moment I'd rather not break saves until I have more gameplay-enhancing features to add. I will continue to consider buffing the Imperial Mint as I get more feedback like I mentioned earlier in this comment thread.

As for your suggestion for the Paper Maker, I was saving that for a later Tang or Song dynasty culture in the Medieval Era, since I'm planning on making them Scientist or science-hybrid cultures to move away from Chinese being Aesthete or Money-focused. Block printing and paper currency are later innovations anyhow and would be best represented in that era than in the Classical Era.

Smiley8443 @chenjin2106

Hey thanks for the explanation of the bugs, I tested it on a fresh game and it works well.

I'd still argue the ED needs a buff as compared to Meroe Pyramids from Ancient, it has an extra worker slot, provides more money, comes online sooner and has no requirements for copper. The extra requirements should come with more rewards, but at the end of the day its your mod so do what feels right to you.

Tang/Song sounds exciting, I look forward to playing that when it comes out!

liuxiao @liuxiao


[GIL]BigPharma @bigpharma2

Thank you!

[GIL]BigPharma @bigpharma2

Seeking community feedback on the following:
1) The Imperial Mint went through several iterations and I am unsure if the current version is balanced or needs to be buffed slightly. A Han player will very much need to be looking for trade partners and expanding in order to fully benefit from their culture.

2) I wanted to give the Han a slight technological edge by giving them an early crossbowman, but, as in history, its usefulness in China rapidly fell off in favor of heavily-armored cavalry. As a result, the Běijūn Nǔshǒu is worse than its generic medieval counterpart and will still need to be adequately supported even when fighting Medieval Era cavalry, and will not fare well in melee with other unit types. Is this balanced as is, or does it need more work?