Hebrews for Humankind

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Hebrews Trait, Home of the First Temple, grants them 10% food on their capital, as well as +40 stability per turn on the same city.

Their Emblematic Quarter, the Tabernacle's Temple, is a Farmer's Quarter that has +5 base food,+2 influence and +3 faith on it. Besides, it has a +2 food and +1 faith bonus per each Farmer a city has, and another +2 food and +1 per each adjacent Farmers Quarter.

Their Unique Unit, the Maccabees, are a Swordsmen replacement that unlocks on Fortifications instead of Standing Army. It has 27 base Combat Strength, requires only 1 Copper and has a +3 combat strength bonus when fighting against empires whose state religion is different from yours.

I'm willing to listen to any suggestions, both here and on Reddit (Tonilopez020800). If you enjoy this mod, please feel free to check on my other mods, Galician culture and a culture balance mod. Other culture mods will definitely be coming soon!






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Grathocke @rcarothers51

Incredibly strong. I just finished a war against them which I barely survived, and that was only by raising countless 3-star levies to throw at them. They were triple veterans due to another mod that I used. I was the Myceneans and my Promochoi couldn't be built fast enough and couldn't stand up to them on their own. It took quite a while to whittle them down. I will have to play as them next time. I give your Hebrew culture a big thumbs up!

SilverVolcano359 @silvervolcano359

I like it. you might want to change their emblematic quarter though since they only ever had 1 temple in their capital.

Dr_Mikaeru @dr-mikaeru

There were several. Solomon's Temple was the first and the greatest. After that one was destroyed, I believe two more were built on top of it.

Tonlo @tonlo

Well, actually the idea of a single temple is pretty modern. Archaeological findings have suggested the existence of numerous israelite temples instead. It is true that there weren't as much as "one per territory", but there aren't that many Gothic Cathedrals at Spains Neither! It's all in all only some form of abstraction to give them an unique piece of infrastructure, hahahahahahaha