Helvetii for Humankind

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Published by Uncle2fire (mod ID: 1567955)


This mod adds the Helvetii as a selectable culture in the Classical Era. No other cultures are replaced, and the mod does not change anything outside of this specific culture.

The Helvetii are also part of my Swiss Culture Pack and my Culture Super Pack.

This mod is centered on pushing the player into a different playstyle. Please read the description below to see all of the effects of this culture.

Affinity: Expansionist
Legacy Trait: Crossing the Rodonos: +10 Food on Outposts; +5 Influence on Outposts; +5 Money on Outposts
Emblematic District: Oppidum: Replaces the Outpost; Only exploits Food of adjacent tiles (instead of Food and Industry, like the Outpost); Already-existing Outposts are converted automatically to Oppida
Emblematic Unit: Migrating Tribe: Does not replace any unit; Melee unit with 30 Combat Strength; -5% Combat Strength per City; -3% Combat Strength per Territory you control (includes both attached and unattached territories); +50% Combat Strength when ransacking (ransacking will complete 50% faster); +2 Fame per Migrating Tribe on all ransacks (includes when your other units ransack); May only be built by buying out for 2 Population; May be bought in Outposts

Culture Trait (not passed on after advancing to another culture): Gallic Wars: -10% Industry on all cities per Population; -10% Food on all cities per Population; -10% Influence on all cities per Population; -2% Industry on all cities per district; May not upgrade Outposts into Cities; May not attach territories

A note on how to use the Helvetii: Having a high population (10 or greater) will quickly push your cities into negative Industry, which will make it impossible to build any units, districts, or infrastructure. To avoid this, lower your population by buying Migrating Tribe units. These units are tied for the highest Combat Strength of any Classical Era unit, but lose Combat Strength for each territory you control (either attached or unattached). Having a large number of territories will significantly lower the Combat Strength of the unit, so stick with few territories to keep your units strong. Send your units to ransack enemy districts and cities to gather food and multiply (like the Tribesmen in the Neolithic Era or Hunnic and Mongol Hordes), and for fame. Alternatively, ransack your own districts, outposts, and cities for fame and to lower the negative effects these have on your Industry and Combat Strength. While the Helvetii are Expansionists, they are not able to attach territories or create cities, so they will not be able to earn Expansionist stars except by capturing enemy cities. Instead, ransack everything for fame and multiply your Migrating Tribes for Growth stars, while destroying enemy units for Militarist stars.

If you encounter bugs, please let me know! You can find me on Reddit, Steam, and Discord under the name uncle2fire.

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This mod is compatible with my other added culture mods EXCEPT FOR the Swiss Pack and the Culture Super Pack. This mod has not been tested with any mods made by other creators.


Who are the Helvetii?

A Celtic tribe from what today is Switzerland and southern Germany, the Helvetii began a migration west into Gaul in the first century BC. They burned their own villages and granaries to demonstrate their resolve before leaving, but were soon after slaughtered en masse by the Romans, led by Julius Caesar, while crossing a tributary of the Rhône River in modern France. While they would return to their homelands shortly after, this Roman attack was the catalyst for the Roman conquest of Gaul over the next 8 years.






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Enchanteur @enchanteur

I didn't played it yet, but on read, the features are awesome.

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire

Thanks :) I hope you have fun trying them out!

SmileyDA @smileyda

Oh man i also wanted to make a culture that works in a similar way, but you beat me to it. Really great job, i love it!

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire

Thanks! I hope you still make your version; I'd love to see it!