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/!\ Important :

The mod should still work with the if you switch from the beta :)
For the Main Branch ->
Be sure to remove the config or update the values to match the new vanilla thresholds for pollution :) ( values in the example below )

NOTE : it's non invasive because using bepinex so it don't replace any gamefiles :)
It should work with Any version of the game, not only steam. ( lemme know if any issues )

How to install :

Install Bepinex first :
Direct Link on what version to use :

All Versions available : Releases · BepInEx/BepInEx (
How to install ? Installing BepInEx | BepInEx Docs

Note : ALWAYS take the version from github not the MONO one from the website !

then :

Moove config & plugin if you want a basic config or just plugin if you want the mod to generate the basic files for you with vanilla settings

install 1

Once done you just have to launch the game :)

You can explore the config folder to change the values like you want, if you want to reset like vanilla just remove the config files & the mod will recreate them for you.

Era Stars Configs :

Vanilla values for era stars :

    "Neolithic": 1,
    "Ancient": 7,
    "Classical": 7,
    "Medieval": 7,
    "Modern": 7,
    "Industrial": 7,
    "Contemporary": 0

Contemporary is always at 0

Pollution Configs :

For the pollution go check here : Unbalanced Pollution by map size - Humankind (

GameSpeed is the Flat Budget , here are the vanilla values :

    "Blitz": 5000,
    "Fast": 10000,
    "Normal": 20000,
    "Slow": 30000,
    "Endless": 40000


    "Blitz": 12500,
    "Fast": 25000,
    "Normal": 50000,
    "Slow": 75000,
    "Endless": 100000

WorldSize is the map size factor, here are the vanilla values :

    "VerySmall": 0.4f,
    "Small": 0.6f,
    "Normal": 1f,
    "Big": 1.8f,
    "VeryBig": 2.5f

basically : total worldmaxpollutoin ( the limit to trigger the endgame ) = worldsizepollutionfactor * gamespeedpollutionbudget
Depending on the map size you choose when launching a new game and the game speed

example :
Normal speed , normal size :

20000 * 1.0 = 20k max pollution

Costs Multiplier Configs :

it is possible to modify by game speed the cost of multiples things , it's , for now globals multipliers :

Example :

"Blitz": {
        "productionCostMultiplier": 0.25,
        "moneyInstantCostMultiplier": 0.25,
        "influenceInstantCostMultiplier": 0.25,
        "populationInstantCostMultiplier": 0.25,
        "technologyCostMultiplier": 0.25

Check in the config files with a text editor & ( Notes , vs code , notepad etc ... )you will see the values i'm talking about :)

Keep the notation consistent :)

To uninstall just removes bepinex's files.


touhma-config-v1_-_beta_1.3.248.zip65.24kb1.0.2 - Main




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Sealed1633508025 @sealed1633508025

total noob here: My game keeps ending at turn 0 because of pollution treshhold reached, what am i dooing wrong? if i delete the files, they reappear as that is programmed in.

Davualo @davualo

Okay let me explain it, to make it work:
- Switch to the beta_1.3.248 (right click on humankind (in steam) properties > beta> select beta_1.3.248.)
- Download the mod
- Download the first link of the BepinX (download the right one for your computer system)
- Paste BepinX in the Humankind folder as you see in the picture (Steam > Steamapps > Common > Humankind(place BepinX here) )
- Place the 2 files that are in the mod zip in the BepinX folder which you pasted in the 'Humankind' folder (the 2 files: Config & Plugin, as you see in the picture) Don't worry about, you having less files, they come in the BepinX automatically when you launch humankind
- You might need to verify the files from Humankind. On my pc Humankind didn't start anymore so i needed to verify the folders (Right click on humankind (in steam) > properties >Local files > Verify integrity of game files -> and wait..)

Very fun mod, exactly what i was looking for thankyou! Touhma

Walderschmidt @walderschmidt

This did it for me. Thank you!


Walderschmidt @walderschmidt

Can someone explain how to install this mod and use it correctly, but barney style please?

I don't know what I am doing wrong. And I'm only half sure I downloaded the right BepinX file.

I don't even understand the picture he shows. Where is the cache file from? Where is the patchers file from?

FurryProfilePic @furryprofilepic

Has the mod been updated to work with the most recent update? I can't seem to get it to work correctly, although I'm new to this and not quite sure I did it correctly in the first place.

ntj @ntj

Hey, Touhma is the mod source open source (and under version control on e.g. GH? I'd gladly go through the code, and hack in it, try some things out, and if it goes well maybe also add something.

Radrakin @radrakin

Hello, I wanted to ask if it is possible to block the AI from ascending to the next era before the player. Hence they will only ascend once the player has ascended?

This is mostly because I enjoy taking things slow and want to appreciate each era rather than always having to make a whole sprint to the final era.

Hope this is possible! Thank you! :)

Darpaek @darpaek

Lot of user error in these comments. I have the current version of Humankind, the current stable Bepinex release and the touhma.1.3.248 file and this mod works as expected. I didn't do anything fancy, I only replaced the speed and pollution values for Slow and Endless with Normal's values.

8 Ages of Pace is one of my favorite EL mods and this mod delivers a similar functionality. I love it! Thank you, Touhma!

Walderschmidt @walderschmidt

I haven't been able to make this work.

I downloaded BepInEx, put in Touhma's plug and config into BepInEx folder and modified the varied text files but my game remainds unaffected. What am I doing wrong?

Snownova @snownova

"moneyInstantCostMultiplier" seems to affect everything you spend gold on (trade, unit upgrades), EXCEPT buying things in cities, which is annoying because that's the one thing I wanted to scale down, the other ones I actually like the original pricings.

ReiCoringa @reicoringa

On beta version the populationInstantCostMultiplier is not working.
On the 1.0.1 version the game ends on turn 2 because of Pollution.

Tiffony @tiffony

not working. redownloaded and got the latest version of it and bepinix still nothing. Are the install pictures wrong? I put the folders in the BepinEx folder like in the picture?

Achilleus1633852507 @achilleus1633852507

Works great, but I miss an option to extend number of turns before the game ends.

Pickly1632991059 @pickly1632991059

Tried again, redownloaded bepinex, tried a number of forum placements, not going anwhere. Will play around more with it over the week.

SwissPidi @swisspidi

Update your Bepinex version from Github and it should work

Quineloe @quineloe

Yeah I installed it exactly like pointed out (I've also used bepinex in other games before)

this seems nuked. Doesn't work with .253 version at all.

Pickly1632991059 @pickly1632991059

Installation check: Based on the screenshot, I put to bepinex folder inside my humankind folder in steamapps, and put the two folders from the mod in the bepinex folder. is this how to do it? (Star changes don't seem to be catching, still 1 star for neolithic and 7 for ancient.)

Choupinet @choupinet


Do you know if it's also possible to modify the AI bonuses by difficulty (flat combat bonus, research bonus, etc.)?

Basileus1319 @basileus1319

Can you do district limit per region? We know that EQ are limited per region. Can we do the same with other districts?

Daedalus1632731326 @daedalus1632731326

I'm just a bit confused with the download process. I downloaded the 64x BepinEx file but it's still not working? It might not be the right file, since it only has the "core" file in it and yours from the picture looks like it has more files other than just that one, like "cache" and "patches", but I'm not sure since it was the only 64x file to download.