Kongolese for Humankind

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Published by Uncle2fire (mod ID: 1551959)


This mod adds the Kongolese as a selectable culture in the Early Modern Era. No other selectable cultures are replaced, though the Kongo Independent People are replaced by the Asante. Otherwise the mod does not change anything outside of this specific culture.

The Kongolese are also part of my Africa Culture Pack and my Culture Super Pack.

The Kongolese have their own Legacy Trait, Emblematic Quarter, and Emblematic Unit. Info below:

Affinity: Aesthete
Legacy Trait: Syncretic Church: +10% Influence per territory following a foreign religion
Emblematic district: Mpusu Weaver: +3 Money; +3 Money per adjacent Market Quarter; +2 Money per adjacent Makers Quarter; +10% Money per land trade route in this territory; +0.5 Influence per Money produced on the Mpusu Weaver; +1 Worker Slot; -10 Stability
Emblematic Unit: Shield Bearers: Replaces the Halberdiers; 43 Combat Strength (instead of 41 for the Halberdiers); +4 Combat Strength against Gunner units; Unlocks at Centralized Power (like the Halberdiers)

If you encounter bugs, please let me know! You can find me on Reddit, Steam, and Discord under the name uncle2fire.

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This mod is compatible with my other added culture mods EXCEPT FOR the Culture Super Pack. This mod has not been tested with any mods made by other creators.


Who are the Kongolese?

The Kingdom of Kongo was an early adopter of Christianity in Africa during the late 15th century, after encountering Portuguese explorers and merchants. The local church developed a unique form of Catholicism, incorporating many pre-existing traditions. For some of its history, the Kingdom used a special type of cloth as a currency, called mpusu.





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