[MAP] Giant Earth Map for Humankind

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Published by Gedemon - learn more (mod ID: 1138035)




  • subscribe here or from the in-game browser
  • select the Giant Earth Map from the map list in the "new game" menu


  • download the attached ZIP in the "release" section below this description
  • extract the *.hmap and *.xml file into your "..\Documents\Humankind\Maps" folder (the .xml files are needed by the TCL mod)
  • select the Giant Earth Map from the map list in the "new game" menu (the DLC version add the new Natural Wonders)

Starting Positions

Here are the 10 starting slots

new 10 players starts

You can change your starting position by creating a private MP game and changing your player slot (then switch back to SP before launching the game)

If you use the True Culture Location mod, you can have 6 extra AI players on the map (for a total of 16)

Here are the 16 starting positions with the "Alternate" list option in the TCL mod (or when using more than 10 players slot)

new 16 player start new world

And here are the 16 starting positions with the "Old World only" option in the TCL mod

new 16 player start


Strategic: except Horses, all are placed on existing real world deposits, earlier resources based on historical known locations, modern resources (Oil, Aluminium, Uranium, Coal) on current exploitation. The number of modern strategic are limited, so don't expect all major known mine/fields. There are a bit more older strategic resources available.

Luxuries: between 3 to 6 of each, in historical locations or regions


Oasis, Hydrothermal Vents, Geysers, Coral Reef, Hot Springs, Huge Trees, Marsh, Craters are all based on know locations. All Cave are on location where paintings where found.

Other features are placed for balance, they will be added or removed with balance passes depending on feedback.


Territories are a bit smaller than the normal maps for compatibility with the True Culture Location and Territory Naming mod.


Initial continent shape was imported using an edited screenshot of my version of the Giant Earth Map for YNAMP as a 3 level heightmap (Ocean, Coastal tiles, Land), everything else is handcrafted from various sources (starting with the YnAMP map)

Cities & Territories real names

If you use the True Culture Location mod, you can have real cities and territories names


  • Genghis_Kai : original continent shapes for a squares-tiled map
  • Gedemon: continent shapes converted for a hexes-tiled map, hand-drawn rivers, elevation map, forest, features and resources for Humankind based on real world maps
  • SeelingCat: territory borders (and naming in the corresponding mod)
  • Hormigas: edited continents shape for the Play The World mod
  • Elhoim/ oscar3005 for paving the way and answering questions. Mount Roraima presentation are inspired by his Huge Earth map
  • Everyone participating on Civfanatics Center, with a special thanks to Boris Gudenuf for the historical reference and all alpha/beta testers (SeelingCat, smartclick20, cuso210)







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MalataSocietaOfficia @malatasocietaofficia

this mod is still ok whit bolivar update?

Wobbertson @wobbertson

Been playing plenty since the update and I've not ran into any issues with the map at all so should be fine. That's with 8 and 10 players too

MalataSocietaOfficia @malatasocietaofficia

ok thanks

dshole @dshole

Hey Gedemon, fantastic to see you are keeping up the great work. I'm just returning after a bit of a gap. I just wanted to check something and I apologise if I've missed something obvious. I've updated everything and I believe I've started a game with 16 culture, But the UI in the setup menu never shows more than 10 slots (including mine) at the top. is this to be expected? I followed your guide, flicked to multi, changed slot, back to single etc.

In game suggests I've got the desired amount though.

Gedemon @gedemon

yes, it's 10 (setup screen) + 6 AI slots added on launch. If the number of other empire icons in game match your selection (minus your own slot), it's working.

dshole @dshole

OK thanks! So just to ask another question. If there are only 10 slots visible in my setup screen (which is what I've seeing), how do I select start locations above 10? Perhaps I've missed something really obvious?

Gedemon @gedemon

you can't from the menu, you'll have to edit the "Giant Earth Map - Starting Positions.xml" file for that (it's with the map, search for it in your "..\Documents\Humankind\" folder)

dshole @dshole

Ok thanks, so basically just move around the order, so if wanted to start as slot 0 but be Spain, I just move accordingly from 13 to 0.

johnyoga @johnyoga


About to play HK with the Family.

I see this new update, but do you also have a DLC version like you had before, or does it now not matter?


Gedemon @gedemon

there should still be 2 version in the zip/update, one with the DLC natural wonders, one without.

johnyoga @johnyoga

I tried this Mod now, I see two issues:

After three turns I can proceed to the Ancient Era. (Maybe it's that I got extremely lucky and had a ton of Curiosities around me and I am playing on 150 turn game) - but this is freaky, because I/we only play on 150 turn games and we/I have never experienced this before.

Also, I notice that the game is now stuttering a lot. The only difference is that I now have this mod (none else) applied. This is also just a SP game against the 9 other AI. When I do Co-op, we also play with a total of 10 players (3 humans, 7 AI) on a Huge Map, and there has never been any stuttering...

Something about this mod is causing the lagging...Ideas?

Gedemon @gedemon

you got lucky I suppose, the map doesn't change the game's curiosities spawn.

no stuttering here, even in late game, and I didn't notice that on my older PC too (but I may have not tested late game on the older none)

johnyoga @johnyoga

OK. Good to know.

Pigeon2 @pigeon2

Hey, great map! One question though, I've tried to add in resources via the map maker but it fails validation. Is there any way to get around that?

Gedemon @gedemon

the map file is a zip, it can be extracted, there are 2 files inside that can be opened with a text editor, just change the failure flags in them to 0, and copy the start positions from a previous file if you want 10, then zip back the files.

Pigeon2 @pigeon2

So I'm guessing the 2 files you mentioned are the .hmap files, but when I open them with a text editor I only get a bunch of symbols.

Gedemon @gedemon

no, all the map (.hmap) files are zip, with 2 files inside, that can be text-edited.

MalataSocietaOfficia @malatasocietaofficia

hi Gedemon your mod says it was updated an hour ago but your changelog list is stuck at Is it an update without changelog?

Gedemon @gedemon

that happens when I edit the description, like I did this time to clarify a bit the installation instructions.

MalataSocietaOfficia @malatasocietaofficia

very thanks for your'e reply