[Map] Huge Azeroth for Humankind

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Published by Salterius (mod ID: 1115000)


Credit: Sturmbart for making the topographic map I used

I mapped down and divided into territories most zones (except Redridge, kind of forgot Redridge exists). Given them all a biome that made them look as close as they appear in the game. I used the natural wonders, either in place of their counterparts or because I wanted something special an area (Wintergrasp having Lake Baikal for example).

This all wouldn't have been possible without the map import tool and the map made by Sturmbart that I used for the import tool (I made Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms larger).

8 player spawn locations:

Slot 1: Pandaria (Jade Forest)

Slot 2: Stormwind

Slot 3: Ironforge

Slot 4: Thunderbluff

Slot 5: Orgrimmar

Slot 6: Silverpine Forest

Slot 7: Darkshore

Slot 8: Northrend (Right between Sholazar and Icecrown)

6 player spawn locations:

Slot 1: Stormwind

Slot 2: Mulgore

Slot 3: Ironforge

Slot 4: Durotar

Slot 5: Silverpine Forest

Slot 6: Darkshore

The map file goes into /Documents/Humankind/Maps

To play in a specific slot (perhaps you want a Darkshore start), make the lobby, turn it into a multiplayer lobby and join in the slot you want. After that you can switch to singleplayer and it will save you in the slot you chose.

Warning: this isn't a balanced map, more so a fun map to play with friends. I placed special tiles where they aesthetically fit and in abnormal amounts. Almost all of the Luxuries were placed randomly if I didn't know where to put them. Strategics are somewhat placed in a balanced way. Somewhat.




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SnuggleMuffinManTTV @snugglemuffinmanttv

map invalid and needs rexporting

Salterius @salterius

Aaaaaaand done