[Map] Huge Earth for Humankind

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I'm working on a Huge Earth map!

Updated with 10 players version and Europe start.


- The idea is to make a map inspired by Earth, but tweaked to make regions visually interesting, with more cliffs, passes and nice visuals. That said, it should be too far off the real world.

- The Americas work as a New World, no start points there, and no horses.

- Region-wise, the goal is to make every region have something, whether it be a wonder, a luxury or a strategic. It's not a hard rule, of course.

- It has a lot of strategic resources, I want to see how the game plays out with it (especially the AI). Early on you'll get one of each most probably, you'd have to expand to get two, and trade or fight to get 3+ (or explore the whole world).

- Luxuries in the regular map are in the range of 1-5 each, depending on the strength of the bonus, and all 20 luxury types are placed. Some will be all in a region of the world, others all over the globe.


Download and extract the attached zip to:


When starting a new game, go to maps and it should appear there.


While TSL is impossible, what you can do is assign the historical personalities to the corresponding slots. And you know, maybe every now and then the cultures match with the location! As for the player, it starts in slot 1, but you can make a local private multiplayer game and assign your player on the slot from the map below.

Also, there is an alternate version in which there's only one copy of each luxury resource (and an extra one for 5 of them on the new world). So 25 luxury total. Stability will be a lot harder to manage! Plus the yield pace will slow down a bit. I personally enjoy this one quite a lot, but be warned it's a challenge and you know to use all the stability tricks in your arsenal (hint: A single army per city adds 5 stability for each unit it has, so keep a garrison!).







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Hi, i can't choose a map in the version 3.1,0 , got a two symbols (red and yellow) but I can choose version 1.0.0

amx1998 @amx1998

Hi and thanks for your work. I have a problem. After Turn 134 i AI turn is endless and i cant do nothing.

atarasick1643359320 @atarasick1643359320

Hello again.

Also an immeasurable amount of glitches during manual combat mode.

C <3

amx1998 @amx1998

Only giant earth mod

atarasick1643359320 @atarasick1643359320

I should rephrase. I send a unit to attack and they won't then it will pretend like nothing happened and move me on o the next unit. I am dramatic at times.

atarasick1643359320 @atarasick1643359320


I also noticed infrequently that some of my units on their turn will not be able to move at all. I have to put them on SKIP or STATION. It has happened more than a few times to notice and be worth mentioning.

Thanks again!!

atarasick1643359320 @atarasick1643359320


I noticed a glitch with the side interface displaying the selections for Shared Projects, Infrastructures, Districts, etc. is showing a MISSING UIMAPPER above them opposed to what it should say. I'm using a couple different mods so not sure if it's this one.

Thank u! Love the work you do!

oscar3005 @oscar3005

I m waiting for the map editor to be fixed, and I'll be making a version with the new natural wonders.

Str8Savage @str8savage1

what is TSL?

Da_Tidecaller @da-tidecaller

True Start Location: It refers to personalities/civilizations starting in their true start location (ex. germany starts in germany)

darthcrow1637395245 @darthcrow1637395245

How did you end up getting 10 players? My map creator only allows up to 8...

oscar3005 @oscar3005

Sorry for the very late response. There's a utility called bhktools that allows it:

CovalianKing @covalianking

I do not own humankind. But this mod is better than any tsl earth maps you can find in civ vi.

oscar3005 @oscar3005

Thank you for your kind words!

Addanc1629568045 @addanc1629568045

is this going to be available via the in game browser?

Iscariott25 @iscariott25

Great mod. However, does anyone find that the AI players seem to spawn right on top of you? i've started a few play throughs now, and always seem to have a couple of AI empires spawn near me no matter where I start

Marvin1632158399 @marvin1632158399

what map do i select to play on multiplay with friends

Natannn123 @natannn123

i cant use the new map on version 3 or 3.1... there's a yellow and red exclamation mark on the map...

justdick @justdick

I have got the same mark .

BruceWayne1 @brucewayne1

I am having a bug where the buyout on cities does not decrease. Example 1 turn for an archer costs 8,510 gold, the same as it did 3 turns ago.