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Welcome to highly detailed map from Elder Scrolls game series. Explore Tamriel from snowy peaks of Skyrim to warm sands of Elsweyr. Map based on The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) map data, which means each place created based on game lore and geography (but with some changes related to 4X genre).

Game Design

Up to 8 players. Start pos: 1 - Black Marsh; 2 - Summerset; 3 - Valenwood; 4 - Elsweyr; 5 - Hammerfell; 6 - Morrowind; 7 - Skyrim; 8 - High Rock. (Use multiplayer private session to change starting point)

Strategic resource: Oil resource available only in Cyrodiil province in the centre of map. Aluminium and Uranium available only in the middle of the sea (central far left/right map borders aka Clockwork City).

Luxury resources: One resource per map territory. Expand your empire to get more resources!

gd map tamriel


1. On this page, download the attached zip file, and extract its components.

2. Select the extracted file 'Tamriel (The Elder Scrolls Map).hmap' and move it into the following directory: 'C:\Users\[Your Username]\Documents\Humankind\Maps'

3. Start the game, create a new game. Set the world size to Huge, and select the map Tamriel (The Elder Scrolls Map)


UESP:Elder Scrolls Online Map

Vector Tamriel map by Ilona





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itsyoboi3388 @itsyoboi3388

Love this map, especially the skyrim region because I can easily fortify myself into it, only gripe I have is that the markarth area doesn't have silver deposit as the cidhna mine alone produced over half of the silver in skyrim

Derekhan74 @derekhan74

Has anyone got this issue where the map does appear in the map selector screen, but you can't actually select it (the slider won't work) ? For me, this happens on a variety of map, including this one. Very strange

ElBacha @elbacha

Great map, wished I had read your specification about Uranium. I realized a bit too late were it was and AI had taken it. Beautiful, big and plenty of fun especially oil island lol!

EmperorofS1631892700 @emperorofs1631892700

Great map, thanks! Do you think it would be beneficial to give players 2 and 6 e.g. additional resources as their starting positions have bigger disadvantages (less expansion until trade expeditions) compared to the other starting locations?

Dimonoider @dimonoider

Map updated for latest game release. Thank you and have fun!

Thib Testart
Thib Testart @testart

Congratulations Dimonoider & welcome to! Hoping you're enjoying the site. Impressive work :)

Tyrant_lord @tyrant-lord

Dimonoider I just want to give you more appreciation for this map as I did before and during the livestream. I was astonished when you released it (you are clearly a professional in the industry), I realised how less detailed my Tamriel was in many ways in comparison.
I was really hoping (as many in the community we could say by the skyrocket support you had in just a couple of days) for your first spot reward because your work truly deserve it. Cheers!

Dimonoider @dimonoider

awww thank you :D

Hauntalogical @hauntalogical

This is really well done, defiantly gonna take notes on your work for my next map. I love how you did the terrain.

Skull_Koopa @skull-koopa

Hey ! Really love the work you did on this ! I want to share a problem i found with your map.
When someone claim Clockwork city and create structure on the two sides of the island it is impossible to besiege it and get the ressource. The problem is because of some broken game mechanic but it would be better if we had more places to land on the island ! (i don't know if my message make sens i'm not english ><). Anyway your map is incredible i really love it and love to play on it.

Dimonoider @dimonoider

Hey. thank you for feedback! I'll take a look on this problem with future update :)

enzo-pannacotta @enzo-pannacotta

impressive landscapes!

Tyrant_lord @tyrant-lord

Wow, you managed to do it on Huge! Good job :D