[MAP] Terra - 10 Player Map for Humankind

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Terra (2.1)

Supports 10 Players now !

A real earth map with shrunken pacific and atlantic for more terrain hexes.Realisitic Resource placement and natural territory borders.
(Also to enter the Map Creation Contest, but wanted to create Earth map anyway)

Difference to other Earth-Maps:

The Landmasses are accurately shaped (No oversized Europe or Japan), but the large oceans are compressed. This gives you the most land-hexagons of any accurate Earth Map.
The Mountains are traversable. They are sometimes massive chains and you might only have a few wiggly paths (Andes and Himalayas for example), but a Mountain-Chain never blocks you completely.
Ocean straights are open, if they are natural. No Panama or Suez Canal. But Gibraltar, Bosphorus, Danish Belt and English Channel are shippable.
Biomes have been carefully chosen and hand edited to not only be accurate climates, but also look similar to the real location. (Compare red Australian desert to brownish Sahara)
Territories are placed with two guidelines: Natural borders like rivers/mountains/climate zone. And also human usability. This means many small territories in fertile areas or naturally boxed areas, but very huge few ones in wastelands. (Siberian North, Sahara, Australian Outback)


- Unpack the different ".hmap" Files from the ZIP Archive into your "Documents/Humankind/Maps/" Folder
- Select the map in the new game setup on the left side
- (Optional, to reduce clutter) You may only unpack those starting locations, that you want to use offline.

Known issues:

- Mediterranean has no islands due to territory restrictions
- No Landmarks are set due to a serious editor bug corrupting savefiles. Will be added in future.
- The Game can start lagging when looking at the Amazon (or slightly less at the Congo), because of the many many forest tiles.


I've used a Robinson/Kavrayskiy projected heightmap, reduced colors and moved around the americas.
The oceans were shrunk and Alaska and east Siberia have lost a lot of land too (but they are mostly wasteland and still big anyway)
Some areas needed handcrafting to make them recognizable. Notably Italy, Britain, White Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Baltic Sea, Aral Sea, African Great Lakes, North American Great Lakes, Himalaya and Andes Mountains.
Terrain and biomes have been picked for a balance between looks and realism. Example is the Australian desert, which is tropical biome, but with sterile hexes to create the red look.
Resources are placed semi realisticly. Some abundant luxuries have been artificially reduced to limit crowding (like sage or marble), but strategics are placed on natural deposits.


5 in Eurasia
3 in Americas
2 in Africa

License & Credit:

You may use this map for whatever, edit & republish included, BUT you must credit me by name and a link to this page as the original creator of the content.

Hope you enjoy my Terra as much as I do playing Humankind on it.
Cheers ~Skyrex





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Skyrex7 @skyrex2

Just pushed Version 2.1!
Yellowstone is no longer blocking the whole rockies. And also 10 players are supported now. There is a map Version in the ZIP for every single spawn, to be used for offline play.

MRKAWL @mrkawl

How did you get it to support 10 players?

HarryD1632510651 @harryd1632510651

There's a tool by Benualdo that allows you to edit up to 10 spawn points. Also, the .hmap is a zip archive, so you can unpack and edit it manually if you wish.

SolNegro @solnegro

Thank you for actually making this mod.
Others developers make the continents follow the unnacurate map that we use, when in reality South America is huge. Thanks a lot!

StarkNature @starknature

Amazing how they didnt pick this one as an earth map to reward they really decided random...
Please continue to take care of it

Skyrex7 @skyrex2

Well I was baffled too by how much of an inaccurate earth map they chose as overall winner... But it means a lot to see some appreciating my effort for accurate look and gameplay, thank you very much. By the way, I have just uploaded a new version. So many things changed, that I call it version 2.0. New Video and Pictures included.
Here's the changelog:

- Major Mountain Rework everywhere. They are selected by Peak-Prominence above 1500m (Ultra-Peaks). More than one ultra has to be at a location OR the Ultra has to be embedded into a high mountain chain. Secondly some peaks got deleted again IF they blocked a major connection OR they made an island non-accessible or useless (Hawaii & Taiwan).
- Made look higher: Chimborazzo, Alps, Zaggros, Caucasus
- Handcrafted elevation refinement. Areas got adjusted to reflect real world highlands and to remove some unnatural depressions. Basically handcrafting to remove the heightmap errors induced by the import resolution.
- Major refinement of Territories. Some got split up and moved around and merged. See the video for new overview.
- Added many natural modifiers
- Fixed wrong placed resources (Pearls at Azores and Fiji)
- Reworked many rivers, especially Amazon, added Syrdarja
- Reworked Tiles to make transition regions less visually harsh
- Added Lakes: Titicaca, Yssykköl, Balkhash
- Redefined Coastlines: Black Sea, Japan, Peru
- More connecting mountain passes without removing mountain amount. Blocked pass from Pakistan to Gobi desert.
- New standard starting location. Player starts in Africa now. 4 AI on Eurasisa, 3 on the Americas. Greenland, Australia & Antarctica stay uninhabited.

Dral_Shady @dral-shady

Awesome map. I hope you keep developing it

zubumafuxiii @zubumafuxiii

Rio needs mountains as well as middle-west Brazil and Mexico east coast too.

Skyrex7 @skyrex2

I will do another update to all mountains and place them by some logic like I did with islands. But will come after the map-contest evaluation time.
(Islands had to be either large enough or isolated enough to appear, and still large enough then. How easter Island and Hawaii are in, Reunion or the Azores are not, that I decided methodically)

Although, Rio de Janeiro (I've actually been there), they will not get mountains. They are large to human scale but not blockingly large and not visible from a hundred miles away like some other chains included. Also notice like Peru or Tibet have little mountains, because they are very high, which is represented, but not very blocking for a civilization to traverse once you are up the climb.
I think the scientific Dominance of a mountain might be a good measure (and would include the iconics like Kilimanjaro, Chimborazo, Damavand, Elbrus, Blanc etc....) but it's still in idea phase.
Mountains will get a rework yes, but maybe not the ones you wish for.

zubumafuxiii @zubumafuxiii

Rio is not Rio without the possibility to place a Christ the Redeemer on it. It's a build requirement. About the other locations: agreed... They are not so important. But middle-west Brazil needs to be a little bit more elevated (I live here, next to Brasília).

Skyrex7 @skyrex2

I am in the process of the Mountain rework, and after finishing the Americas, can give the good news that at Rios location there is a mountain now.
My metric was right, that the Mountains around Rio itself are too small. But the Mountains around Pedra da Mina hit the metric, so there will be a mountain between Rio and Sao Paolo in the next version of the map soon.

Skyrex7 @skyrex2

Just uploaded v1.0.1
- Less Territory-Gaps. Adding islands to cities is more often possible now.
- Broken Haida Gwaii Territory removed
- Removed the Polar Strip Territories. Games seems to be fine with having many territories on edge.
- Added Lake Chad
- Moved Several Islands
- Larger Bismarck Archipelago
- Ocean Territories made larger to have more on land available
- Split into more territories: Amazon, Texas, Manchuria, New Zealand, Thailand, Pakistan, Ontario, Argentina, Chongching.
- Gemstone Luxuries added.
- Opened the Bosphorus
- Added more Antarctic Territories

Avasarala @avasarala

how can I use it on stadia?

Skyrex7 @skyrex2

As I understand stadia, you can't.
You would need access to the maps folder and put something in. Or you can wait, if the devs would ever implement an ingame mod store, where you can subscribe to mods directly, which would then be downloaded to the cloud rather than your device.
To be honest, for all intends and purposes, Stadia is just like an Xbox or Playstation. So if a game has no inbuilt store for addons, then they are not possible.

Highsly @highsly

Earth maps on this game are much better then in civ because of the territories, good map

6lackmax @6lackmax

Do you happen to know the rest of the spawn locations? I’m trying to spawn the ai in the most realistic locations

Skyrex7 @skyrex2

You can see them in the Video.
But they will slightly change, if you can ever setup 10 instead of 8 locations. Currently they are roughly at: Ecuador, Pacific Northwest, New England, Nile Delta, Indus Valley, Beijing, St. Petersburg and maritime Alps.

Cylion @cylion

I guess that this map does not have a "New World" right? Based on the SA start.

Skyrex7 @skyrex2

It does have New World. There are 3 Continents with no-one, Australia, Antarctica and Polaria (Greenland).
I decided against the Americas as it is a huge waste of territory to be left unused for half the game.