Medang for Humankind

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Published by Uncle2fire (mod ID: 1694816)


This mod adds the Medang as a selectable culture in the Medieval Era. No other cultures are replaced and the mod does not change anything outside of this specific culture.

The Medang are also part of my Culture Super Pack.

The Medang have their own Legacy Trait, Emblematic Quarter, and Emblematic Unit. Info below:

Affinity: Agrarian
Legacy Trait: Faith of the People: +1 Maximum number of Holy Sites; +1 Faith on Farmers Quarters
Emblematic District: Borobudur: Unique Holy Site; +20 Faith and +20 Stability (like the Holy Site); +1 Food per State Religion follower; +3 Food per adjacent Farmers Quarter; Does not replace the generic Holy Site; May be built as many times as you have available Holy Sites; Must be built in a city with at least 5 Farmers Quarters; Unlocks at Theology
Emblematic Unit: Armed Peasantry: Replaces the Peasants; 28 Combat Strength (instead of 27 for the Peasants) Does not automatically spawn during sieges; +3 Combat Strength when fighting in a friendly district; Unlocks at Feudalism (like the Peasants)

If you encounter bugs, please let me know! You can find me on Reddit, Steam, and Discord under the name uncle2fire.

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This mod is compatible with my other added culture mods EXCEPT FOR the Classical Numidians and the Culture Super Pack. This mod has not been tested with any mods made by other creators.


Who are the Medang?

A kingdom that dominated much of Java from the 8th to the 11th centuries, the Medang built many temples throughout their lands, the largest of which was Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world. Much of the kingdom’s power and stability came from its ability to grow plentiful amounts of rice, staving off the instability of famine. The Medang were involved in trade between China and the eastern coast of Africa, and there is some evidence that the Medang may have raided coasts as far away as Vietnam in the 8th century.




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PrimusMiles @primusmiles

Hey maybe here somebody can point out my mistake with the lastest patch []. After Babylon and Celts I switched to the Medang but i could not build the Borobudur. I tried and expanded but even with 5 generic Farmers Quarters in the city it was not possible (pic one of my citites) am I missing something?