Medieval Siege for Humankind

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Adds Units and Techs changes focused on Medieval Era to FreeThinker's Extended Naval Combat.

Of course you need Extended Naval Combat to use this mod properly

In Ancient Era : Moved Battering Ram to « Carpentry », increased land vision range of Scouts and Runners by 1.

  • Added a ranged unit who need line of sight called "Slingers" unlocked by "Organized Warfare" which evolve into Crossbowmens

In Classical Era :

  • Ballista strenght reduced by 2 and range increased by 1
  • Added an hybrid unit called "Skirmishers" unlocked by "Conquest" and an elite unit called "Cataphracts" unlocked by "Mounted Warfare"
  • Crossbowmens have they range increased by 1

In Medieval Era :

  • Trebuchet strenght reduced by 1 and range increased by 1
  • Added an unit called "Sappers" unlocked by "Medieval Warfare", can attack walls, attack without retaliation if he don't move and can also dug-in.
  • Added "Macemens" an infantry charge unit
  • Added a Tech called "Freehold" which unlock Hamlets and an unit called "Yeomans" (evolution of Skirmishers)

In Early Modern Era :

  • Sappers evolve into Mortar
  • Added a Tech called "Land Clearance" which unlock a Guerilla Gunner called "Rangers" (evolution of Yeomens, Bowmens and Longbowmens), also added +1 production for forest and +1 food for plains.
  • Guerrilla Gunners have less range and less power than usual Gunners but they have indirect fire.

Notes :

- Pathfinder units also ignore zone of control

- Shield paradoxal illustration : In game, Skirmishers and Yeomans have Shield but it's not the case for Macemens

Battuta patch :

Now like vanilla after Battuta update, Khmer's Dhanvī-gaja is resistant in melee
For consistency all mounted ranged units can move after attack


I suggest to load this mod just after ENC.

Compatible with Cobble's 2 and 14 era star requirement as long as you don't use version 0.1

Vanilla Improvement Project : Compatible but I recommend you to load VIP before and to use the compatibility patch with ENC of course.

Please tell me if you find a specific compatibility issue.


Thanks to FreeThinker for letting me create this mod and wisely helping me out with new ideas and balance issues


The Original mod Extended Naval Combat is FreeThinker's creation I do not own anything about it

None of the art, painting or picture used in this mod is created or owned by me, full credit to artists


Extended Naval Combat
















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Axepower4123 @axepower4123

Baraquoi Bug Report: Upon reaching the ancient era, the recruitment of macemen, catraphacts and sappers are immediately unlocked.
Mods useds are
Medival Siege V 2.3
Extended Naval combat 12.71
Vanilla improvement pack v 3.26
and ENC and VIP compatibility V 2.09

Baraquoi @baraquoi

Sorry I cannot reproduce it, are you sure you load them in the right order ? (VIP -> ENC -> Medieval Siege or Compatibility Patch)

FreeThinker @dfdsfsdfdsf

are you sure you loaded ENC before Medieval Siege?

mo201657502338 @mo201657502338

Do the unit upkeep costs need to be adjusted? My scouts auto-upgraded to antic scouts when I changed to the ancient era and my economy was wrecked with the 6 per turn per unit upkeep.

Baraquoi @baraquoi

Strange, Antic Scoots normally appear only after you researched "Conquest" and I cannot reproduce the bug ... How exactly did you make your neolithic tribe auto-upgrade into Antic Scoots ? Or there is something that I misunderstood.

mo201657502338 @mo201657502338

My neolithic tribes auto upgraded into antic scouts as you said. I should note that in addition to this mod and ENC, I had 3 other mods enabled but I would not expect any of them to have any effect on unit upgrades.

- 2 and 14 era star requirement
- end game science conversion
- city cap + expansion extras

Baraquoi @baraquoi

Well you were wrong, I've tested and there is an incompatibility with "2 and 14 era star requirement" !
I don't know how it works because the bug doesn't appear with other mods that change neolithics stars (like my TES).
Sorry I can't do anything about it, because it only depends on the other mod.
Edit : 2 and 14 Era Stars have now a version 0.2 which is compatible (not primary so you have to manually install it)

marcosperes55 @marcosperes55

The same have happened with me and i don't use "2 and 14 era star requirement". I was only using VIP and ENC, and the compatibility patch, ofc.

Baraquoi @baraquoi

Really interesting marcosperes55, I a have found that your problem shows up only if you load ENC and Medieval Siege before VIP ! Loading VIP in first place solve the problem.

marcosperes55 @marcosperes55

I'm gonna try this. Thanks!

mo201657502338 @mo201657502338

I am having a bug that seems to happen with the hybrid units. The skirmishers were working fine for awhile then when I started getting Yeomans they would fail to load when entering combat or sometimes even when merging or separating from armies. This causes the game to lock up. I had to go through and delete any skirmishers and Yeomans to stop it from happening. Not sure if this happens with any other units from this mod.

Other mods I am using:

- Cobble's 2 and 14 era stars (new version)
- End game science conversion
- City Cap + expansion extras

Baraquoi @baraquoi

Hi, thanks for your comment, indeed 2.3 had this kind of bug which does not appear every time. The 3.0 seem to fix it because before my upload, I have done many test with it and it was fine, but maybe I was just lucky. So tell me if the bug is still there.

mo201657502338 @mo201657502338

Thanks, I'll try it again when I start my next game and let you know if I find any issues.

x82 @x821

would you know if this compatible with VIP (assuming I have the ENC compatibility patch enabled)?

Baraquoi @baraquoi

Well, I haven't found any incompatibility yet. Tell me if you found any !
Edit : Load Order issue : you must load VIP before anything else to solve it.

monoolho. @monoolho

Hey there! Is the mod compatible with triple alliance (sup+vip+enc)? It is not working for me, but it may be the load order. Should i apply this mod after the compatch?

Baraquoi @baraquoi

Well, I've tried it today, I loaded VIP -> SUP -> INC -> MC -> Triple alliance. Started a game, everything looked good... What wasn't working exactly when you did it ?

monoolho. @monoolho

Ahhh, I see, I will try messing with the order around. It just didn't apply the mods with my current order (which is Super > VIP > ENC > MedSiege > TripleAll). Maybe some other small mod messing with it, I will try it soon and report back any "findings".

monoolho. @monoolho

Hey there, great mod, really adds to medieval combat variety, though it lasts only a handful of turns most of the time, even with TES.
Not sure its your mod or ENCs latest updates, but i found a duplicated siege artillery by the industrial era, also many duplicates on the tech screen, most notable the crossbow unlocks. It could also be any other mods as well, just a light heads up to see if anyone also finds this odd occurrence. It is very inconsequential and at worst it just clutters the recruitment screen a bit, but honestly, a single unit duplicated is barely noticeable.
Another headsup to the latest updates to ENC that added bowmen to the medieval era, though im not entirely certain how. Because i only onticed it mid game when my archers autoupdated to bowmen.
A nice thing would be to change either the bownen or the crossbowmen upgrade family (other than just plain ranged) so you can keep both units at the same time. I did a test mod for this and it worked somewhat well, mainly for swordsmen and horsmen, so it is doable with low impact on other mods and gameplay. I might just release my test mod one of these days.

Baraquoi @baraquoi

About duplicates it's a consequence of ENC updates, the last version fix it (for a time). And about crossbowmen, I thought separate family was already the case with ENC, I'll check it after ENC's Battuta patch !