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 True Endless Speed (TES, by Baraquoi), but you get to quickly go through Ancient and Classical eras, so you can enjoy medieval sieges and more naval combat (wink wink, nudge nudge to ENC and Med. Sieges mods).


Changes from TES

Production is cheaper than endless speed.

Growth is halved from true endless speed, to try and keep more realistic populations until the end of the industrial era, which sees a huge growth in population.


Research up until the end of classical era are mostly free. 

Neolithic still requires 2 stars, but knowledge is very easy to acquire and food curiosities give a lot more food.

Classical and Ancient require 5 stars, infrastructure and emblematic quarters are cheap to allow you to build at least 1 or 2 before each era change


You should reach the early medieval age by turn 80 or earlier, from there onwards, it's TES as normal.

The calendar was calculated based on the number of turns, so it should work fine, maybe industrial and contemporary are reached a bit earlier, if you have any suggestions, please voice them


Do not load True Endless Speed with my mod, choose one or the other, if you load both, conflicts will happen.


If you run it with DocktorKain's Vanilla Improvement Project (VIP), load my Skip Era mod after the complex mod (any big overhaul mod, really), and apply THIS PATCH right after it, and no conflicts should happen. 



Special Thanks

It is more of a hackjob than an actual mod, and a great many thanks to Baraquoi, he is the actual modder who went through the motions and calculations to make the endless speed great. He is the genius who made TES and gave me the files to modify and create a skip eras mod, so all credit goes to him, I just messed around some files, as I always do in games. If you have any complaints about my lack of coding skills: I am a linguist who mods to better suit my desires, not a programmer or whatever the hell the real modders do with their lives.






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