BigPharma's Normans [Medieval] for Humankind

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This mod adds the Normans as a playable culture in the Medieval Era with their own Legacy Trait, Emblematic Quarter, and Emblematic Unit. It also replaces the Normans as an Independent People with the Bretons, one of their important early regional rivals.

No other cultures are replaced, though do note that any mods that affect the Chivalry technology will be incompatible until Amplitude defines merge behavior for it. Also, some localizations are missing from the base game which will result in some tooltips displaying elements in a garish magenta.

For a more detailed write-up of the design and inspiration for this culture, see here.

**A very special thanks to kul for his work on the EU art and title card!**


Affinity Militarist
Legacy Trait Bras de Fer

+0.5 Combat Strength but +1 Unit Upkeep per Unit Killed on Cavalry units

(displays as +1 Combat Strength; this is a rounding error)

Emblematic Quarter Donjon

Exploits surrounding Food and Science yields

+1 Influence per Osmotic Civic Event

+4 Combat Strength inside and adjacent to the district

+30 Fortification

+5 Stability

Counts as Garrison

Land Spawn Point

Can be freely placed

Emblematic Unit Chivalers

Unlocks with Chivalry in the Medieval Era

+38 Combat Strength

+4 Combat Strength against weaker units


Military: The Normans were not very subtle about their penchant for martial pursuits, and this culture is very much specialized for that and almost nothing else. Though the Chivalers are slightly less powerful than their Frankish and Teutonic counterparts, they are more than able to excel by picking their battles and growing stronger with each victory.

Influence: The Normans were typically very open to assimilating aspects of their neighbors' and conquered peoples' cultures into their own, and so each Osmotic Civic Event will passively increase the Influence yield of Donjons. Norman players will be able to manage the perks of scientific osmosis and free civic choices with the knowledge that eventually the Influence disparity will resolve itself.

Economic: The Donjon resembles a less developed version of the English Stronghold, just as the Norman and Sicilian castles never quite achieved the level of sophistication that their cousins did in Britain. However, it will serve as an adequate defense and does preserve Science yields, which makes it useful for exploiting Black Soil and Terra Rosa tiles. Watch the growing upkeep costs of your victorious Cavalry units and be sure that there is a steady influx of Money, whether by growing your cities or by pillaging.

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Needs an update...hopefully one day soon. :(

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Link to your Classical Han Empire mod gives me a URL Not Found error.

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Fixed! Thanks for letting me know.