North American Culture Pack for Humankind

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Here is a full list of features for the seven new cultures by era:

Oceti Sakowin (Sioux)
Era: Industrial
Affinity: Militarist
Quote: “A people without a history is like the wind over the buffalo grass.”
Legacy Trait: “Counting Coup” +100% xp gain on units. + 2 combat strength on units with veterancy level 3.
Emblematic Quarter: Thiyóšpaye. Automatically upgrades regular outpost. Cannot be attached to cities in this era.
“These camp circles house large extended families, which in turn form the political and moral basis for the Oceti Sakowin people. ”
Emblematic Unit: Akichita. Immediately unlocked. 43 Strength, 6 movement, range 4, 1 population, requires 2 horses and 1 saltpeter. Nomad with the Gunner and Multi Move traits.
“Members of an elite society of warriors, the Akichita fight without fear or hesitation for their land and people.”
Diné (Navajo)
Era: Industrial
Affinity: Aesthete
Quote: “Be still and the earth will speak to you.”
Legacy Trait: “The Blessing Way” + 4 faith, food, influence and stability and -50% production cost on nature reserves.
Nature reserves immediately unlocked.
Emblematic Quarter: Hogan. Exploits all adjacent tiles and can be freely placed. + 4 faith, food, influence, and stability per adjacent mountain or nature reserve.
“These sturdy earthen houses have been built by the Diné since mythic times. They serve as both housing and a place of ceremony, where rituals are conducted to ensure balance is preserved.”

Emblematic Unit: Naabaahii. Unlocked at Guerilla Warfare. 49 strength, 4 movement, 4 range, costs 2 population. Has the Stealth and Move after Attacking traits.
“The most deadly weapon wielded by these warriors is their connection to the land, which allows them to surprise their enemies and disappear before they have time to react.”

Nʉmʉnʉʉ (Comanche)
Era: Early Modern
Affinity: Militarist
Quote: “All who have died are equal.”
Legacy Trait: “Lords of the Plains” +1 movement on all land units. +10 war support on battle victories and when a hostile army retreats.
Emblematic Quarter: Tipi. Automatically upgrades regular outpost. Cannot be attached to cities in this era.
“Tipi settlements contain all the amenities of a traditional village, with livestock, artisans and craftsmen, but can be moved to horseback at a moment's notice. ”
Emblematic Unit: Tekwaniwapi. Immediately unlocked. 38 Strength, 4 movement, range 1, 1 population, requires 2 horses. Melee cavalry units with the Nomad, Move After Attacking and Unstoppable traits.
“The horsemanship of these riders is legendary; they will stop at nothing to secure a future for their people and their way of life.”
Nēhiyaw (Cree)
Era: Early Modern
Affinity: Expansionist
Quote: “Only two relationships are possible- to be a friend, or to be an enemy.”
Legacy Trait: “Iron Confederacy”+ 5% money and food in all cities per alliance. +5% money and food in all cities per vassal.
Emblematic Quarter: Atâwêkamik. Counts as a market quarter and research quarter. +5 money, + 1 money and science per trade route. + 1 science per trader and +1 trader slot and +3 money per adjacent market quarter.
“In this bustling trading post, both goods and ideas are exchanged, bringing new discoveries and opportunities to the people.”
Emblematic Unit: Okichitâw. Replaces the Musketeer. 44 Strength, has the Move After Attacking trait. Requires 1 saltpeter and 1 population.
“Experts at hit and-run tactics, these fighters use their superior mobility and knowledge of their surroundings to overcome any numerical disadvantage.”

Era: Medieval
Affinity: Aesthete
Quote: “The laws of man are always changing; only the laws of the spirit remain the same.”
Legacy Trait: “Renewal Ceremonies” -50% public ceremony industry cost.
Emblematic Quarter: Platform Temple. + 3 influence and +3 faith. +5 stability and +2 faith per adjacent district. +2 influence and +2 faith per completed public ceremony in the city.
“The religious and cultural center of every Missisipian settlement, this great temple is built on a massive earthen pyramid, which is expanded at regular intervals in elaborate ceremonies .”
Emblematic Unit: Falcon Warriors. Unlocked at Heavy Infantry. 36 Strength, 4 movement, 1 population, requires 1 copper. Replaces the Great swordsmen. Unique trait: Sacrificial Captives: Gains influence per battle victory.
“Adorned with ceremonial copper vestments and wielding fearsome maces, Falcon Warriors offer their enemies as sacrifices to the heavens.”

Era: Classical
Affinity: Merchant
Quote: “A good leader does not take; he gives.”
Legacy Trait: “Hopewell Exchange” +1 money on rivers. -25% buying resource through trade cost.
Emblematic Quarter: Burial Mound. -10 stability, +3 influence and +1 money per trade route in city, +4 money per adjacent market quarter. Counts as a market quarter, +1 trader slot on city.
“In this great burial complex the honored dead are buried alongside gifts obtained from their greatest trading partners, ensuring that the memory of commerce and cooperation will last for time immemorial.”
Emblematic Unit: Woodland Raiders. Unlocked at Standing Army and replaces the archer. 23 Strength, 4 movement, 3 range, 90 industry, 1 population. Ambusher and Indirect Fire traits.
“Masters of nighttime raids, these fighters excel at raining death from hiding places in the deep woods.”

Era: Ancient
Affinity: Agrarian
Quote: “We must sustain our world, for it sustains us”
Legacy Trait: “Our Way of Living” +1 food on sterile terrain, rocky field, stone field and dry grass. -15% pop food consumption.

Emblematic Quarter: Ciqlluaq. -10 stability, exploits food from land and water and can be freely placed. +2 food per adjacent sterile ground, coastal water, or lake. Counts as a Farmer’s Quarter.+1 farmer slot on city.
“A sturdy lodge built partially underground, this structure is a haven for hunter and fisher alike, allowing them to sustain their people in even the harshest of environments..”

Emblematic Unit: Pisurta. Unlocked immediately, replaces the Scout. 13 Strength, 4 movement, 1 range, 45 industry, 1 population. Has ranged attacks and ignores penalties from fighting in melee and moving through forests. Regenerates health outside of your territory.
”Expert hunters armed with harpoons and javelins, the Pisurta are experts at living off the land as they venture far and wide to protect and feed their people.”

Please do comment if you have any suggestions/concerns (especially for the quotes, I'm not 100% on how authentic some of these are).
I do know that some of the UI elements are not displaying correctly (the Oceti Sacowin, Dine and Nehiyaw LT's) but unfortunately until they update the mod tool there doesn't appear to be anything I can do about it. I have tested it and the effects are applying correctly.

If you are using my other culture pack mods, make sure you install the compatibility patch here:





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LawyerGamer @lawyergamer

This is awesome! Any plans to add a compatibility patch with the True Culture Location mod to add these cultures in?