Numidians for Humankind

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Published by Uncle2fire (mod ID: 1508768)


This mod adds the Numidians as a selectable culture in the Classical Era. No other selectable cultures are replaced, though the Numidian Independent People are replaced by the Thracians. Otherwise the mod does not change anything outside of this specific culture.

The Numidians are also part of my Africa Culture Pack and my Culture Super Pack.

This mod is centered on pushing the player into a different playstyle. Please read the description below to see all of the effects of this culture.

The Numidians have their own Legacy Trait, Emblematic Quarter, and Emblematic Unit. Info below:

Affinity: Militarist
Legacy Trait: Renowned Horsemen: -5% to upkeep cost on cavalry units per Horses; +1% Combat Strength to cavalry units per Horses
Emblematic District: Horse Breeder: +5 Food; +2 Money; +1 Food and +1 Money per Horses; +5 Food and +5 Money per adjacent Horses; Creates a Horses deposit and exploits it; -10 Stability; Is a spawn point for land units
Emblematic Unit: Numidian Cavalry: Does not replace any unit; Mounted Ranged unit with 20 Combat Strength and 1 Range; In battle may move until movement points are exhausted; Unlocks at Standing Army; Costs 4 Population to build

Culture Trait (not passed on after advancing to another culture): Horse Warriors: May not build any non-cavalry units; All cavalry units must be bought with Population; All cavalry units have increased Horses requirements; All cavalry units may scale fortifications

If you encounter bugs, please let me know! You can find me on Reddit, Steam, and Discord under the name uncle2fire.

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This mod is compatible with my other added culture mods EXCEPT FOR the Africa Pack and the Culture Super Pack. This mod has not been tested with any mods made by other creators.


Credit and many thanks for the art for the Numidian Cavalry goes to kul!


Who are the Numidians?

A Berber group that inhabited northern Africa during classical antiquity, the Numidians interacted closely with the Carthaginians, who settled near the Numidian homelands in the 9th century BC. The Numidians had a reputation throughout the Mediterranean as extremely skilled light cavalrymen, and were employed by Carthage, Rome, and other states as mercenaries and auxiliary warriors for centuries. After the defeat of Carthage by Rome, the Numidians were eventually made a Roman client state but remained a common source for auxiliary cavalry in the Roman army until the 4th century.








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joel.west @joelwest

gives 'mismatched mod error' even if loaded as sole mod

rwriter51 @rwriter51

I find that if I use this mod, or the Africa pack, every cavalry unit ends up costing 8 horses. It makes it virtually impossible to have cavalry unless you start as the Numidians since they're the only culture able to breed horses. Other than that, I love these guys.

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire

This change affects only the Numidians, and no other cultures. It's intended as a way to balance the fact that the Numidians will have a huge number of horses from their emblematic district. Other cultures have no changes to the costs of their cavalry units.

MaxCheng95 @maxcheng95

I've encountered similar issue as well. The thing is when this mod is active, in classical era all horseman gets replaced by Numibian one with the increased horse cost even if I'm not playing as them in the classical

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire

Can you let me know which culture (or cultures) you were playing as?

Monokiro1636409219 @monokiro1636409219

Hey. Why isn't that experiment compatible with the rest?

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire

It has to do with how I set it up for Numidian cavalry units to scale fortifications; if you load this mod with another modded culture from the Ancient, Classical, or Medieval Eras, then the other modded culture will also be able to build cavalry units that can scale walls.

I'm planning to release a pack of cultures in the somewhat near future, with the Numidians included, and that will fix the issue and let you play as the Numidians against my other cultures without a conflict.

Monokiro1636409219 @monokiro1636409219

I see it makes every cavalry unit on every culture or player cost only pops and build instantly. Curious.

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire

It isn't supposed to affect other cultures, only the Numidians. Did you play a game with the mod where you were only able to buy cavalry instantly with population when you weren't playing as the Numidians?

Monokiro1636409219 @monokiro1636409219

Nope. But it was pretty hilarious how every other enemy got instantly 1 pop in every city while overwhelmed by own chariots :D