Natural Wonder Overhaul for Humankind

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Published by Xotiq1 (mod ID: 1493230)


Every Natural Wonder gives +10 Stability in the city or outpost and a one-time +30 Science when first finding the wonder (unchanged).

Additional bonuses are the following:

  • Danakil Desert: -2 Food +8 Industry +8 Money +5 Science
  • Great Barrier Reef: +6 Influence +6 Food +4 Money +4 Science on Coral Reefs
  • Great Blue Hole: +14 Science
  • Halong Bay: +5 Influence +5 Food +1 CS on Naval Units
  • Kawah Ijen: +12 Money +8 Industry +2 Food
  • Lake Baikal: +2 Faith +12 Food +2 Food per Follower in Territory if Territory follows the State Religion
  • Lake Hillier: +4 Influence +4 Faith +15 Money
  • Mount Everest: +12 Faith +3 Food
  • Mount Mulu: +2 Influence +8 Food +4 Industry +4 Science
  • Mount Roraima: +4 Food +16 Industry
  • Mount Vesuv: +12 Influence
  • Perito Moreno Glacier: +10 Food +8 Science +5 Science on Ice Berg +2 Science on Sea Ice
  • Vinicunca: +6 Influence +6 Industry +8 Money
  • Yellowstone: +6 Influence +6 Faith +6 Money +4 Influence on Nature Reserve
  • Lake Natron: +3 Science +3 Science per Researcher
  • Victoria Falls: +3 Faith -10% Population Consumption +5 Food on Waterfalls
  • Mount Kilimanjaro: +8 Influence +2 Vision Range/+2 Detection Range on Districts
  • Zuma Rock: +3 Industry +3 Industry per Worker
  • Atacama Desert: +5 Science on Research Quarter
  • Lençois Maranhenses: +5 Influence +5 Science per attached Territory +5 Science on Nature Reserve
  • Salar de Uyuni: +8 Food +2 Food per Farmer +4 Money
  • Salto Ángel: +10 Faith on Main Plaza +1 Influence per Territory under your Religions Influence

Influence is a net increase to overall influence per turn. FIMS are yields on city or outpost which contains the NW. Note that Food and Industry are not exploitations from tiles and therefore are not counted towards suggested outpost spots. Instead, they are added once the outpost is placed.

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FreeThinker @dfdsfsdfdsf

It would be nice if it would be updated with balances to the Wonders introduced by the DLCs.

AcrossThePacific @acrossthepacific

This makes natural wonders fun but SO strong. If you spawn with one, you’re set in the early game. Maybe that’s by design, but it’s REALLY hard to play when someone else has one and you don’t. Not sure how others feel about this?

AlyfoxLP @alyfoxlp

I kinda feel like Great Barrier Reef should add Science, perhaps in place of one of the other bonuses. It's incredible biological diversity is a major boon to Oceanographic research

InfamousG15 @infamousg15

Exactly bruh dudes make me wanna learn comp scie just so I can make my own mods

Enchanteur @enchanteur

It look balanced. About effects, it depends on where the wonder appear most of the time. A wonder on sea giving money or providing money tiles could be nice, so we can choose phoenicians if we spawn on this. As we get additionnal money it help to get marchant star. Also, a Mountain wonder which appear where there is mountains could help to choose the Zhou. It could be also more exotic bonus than production boosts. Wonder that give XP to units produced here, etc... So the player could choose a culture rather than another, just because the wonder is important for this choice.

joshuakaufman @joshuakaufman

Newbie here. I am not sure how to actually install the mod once I download the zip file. Any help would be appreciated.

Xotiq1 @xotiq1

You don't have to download the zip file manually. You can use mods directly from within the game: Start Humankind, then in the main menu go Extras > Community > Mods > Browse Mods > Subscribe (you can sort by popular or search manually; it will say "downloaded and installed" or something similar on the bottom of your screen) > Close the browser > Apply the mod (the game should quickly reload; then you're good to go)

PaulodeQuimper @paulodequimper

Nice mod

SmileyDA @smileyda

Man i do really love your mod, just a very small suggestion could you consider some sort of extra effect or small change for Mount Roraima. The reason being if you only have a outpost and not a city you are pretty much not getting any benefits from it.

Xotiq1 @xotiq1

Thanks for everyone who uses this mod, I hope it has the effect of making wonders more "special". Since the further development relies on the player's feedback, feel free to comment on the balancing of the wonder effects here (which wonders may be too weak or too strong in your opinion or based on some games you played). Also, I couldn't playtest with the Mount Everest due to some problems with it in the map editor and I've actually never seen it in any of my games, so any information on whether it works as intended would be helpful.

Pailor_Soon @pailorsoon

Very nice, the natural wonders actually have personality now. Paired with the cultural wonder rebalance mod, wonders are now wonderful.

Sir_Tragopan @tragopan1636137005

I like the idea of more wonderous natural wonders but feel as if they could be stronger so that the natural wonders become far more desirable and contested. The yields are a little low from what I would expect. Also not sure why Danakali needs a negative yield. Great mod though! Can give you some interesting start strategies/themes to work with.

Xotiq1 @xotiq1

Thanks for your comment! I have not done enough testing for now, but I have the same impression that the wonders are rather too weak than too strong. However, to figure this out more thoroughly, I would like/need more information on the impact of the wonders on other players' games. My current impression is that influence is fine as is (since it is generated starting from neolethic era), food could be increased slightly on some wonders (the benefits from food start once the outpost is finished, so potentially in the neo era if one finds it early enough). The other yields could use some adjustments because they start kicking in later (once going up to ancient era), even more so for faith whose production starts only once a religion is found.

Edit: I gave the negative -2 Food to Danakil Desert for historical reasons because of its life-hostile environment.

Pailor_Soon @pailorsoon

My suggestion would be say, when researching a certain tech, the bonuses go from flat to percentage. Excluding influence and faith. Maybe even the one's with faith count as a holy site to receive those bonuses. Though I have no inkling on the possibility of implementing this.