Popful VIP for Humankind

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Published by DocktorKain (mod ID: 2265583)


This mod makes pops central to your FIMS (Food, Industry, Money and Science) population, by applying the following rules:

1) Cities with no population only produce 40% of its FIMS output;

2) Cities with all job slots filled produce 120% of its FIMS output;

3) Cities that have between 0 and full job slots will produce 40% + 80% * Job slots occupied / Total Job slots.

For example, a city with 2 Farmers out of a total 4 possible Farmers Slots will only produce 80% of its total Food production (40% +80% * 2/4), while a city with 8 Researchers out of 10 possible Researchers will produce 104% of its total Science production (40% + 80% * 8/10). This heavily increases the worth of pop jobs and population overall, skewing the balance towards having big populated cities.

In addition, it also includes all VIP changes to City Cap penalties and bonuses, so it is compatible with the Vanilla Improvement Project . This mod can be used by itself or together with VIP, but must always be loaded AFTER the Vanilla Improvement Project.

This mod changes the Database/Empire/EmpireType/Tag_Empire_Major definition, so it should conflict with any other mods that alter that file.




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Cavalier51 @cavalier51

The game does not crash for me, when I attempt to absorb both cities or when I scientifically achieve military architecture. It does take my influence, and both cities remain unchanged. I was playing in the medieval era and I was playing the Umayyads.

monoolho. @monoolho

Unfortunately, this great mod crashes the game after researching Military Architecture and trying to absorb a city into another. Not sure why, but when you do it, you can't go to the next turn, and I trying save and reload produces errors.

Maybe it is fixable? One definitely hopes so.

Redone the error just to copy the error message, which is pretty generic:
The operation was canceled.

at Amplitude.Mercury.Game.Game+<DoStart>d__4.MoveNext () [0x00157] in <90e17bcb470a4a83b93ea733ca6110eb>:0
at Amplitude.Coroutine.Run () [0x00019] in <acfb744786f440b193a602fe930d317b>:0