Rebalanced Infrastructures for Humankind

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Published by DocktorKain (mod ID: 1483265)


The following changes are applied:
1) Fishery: +3 food -> +1 Food on Coastal Water and Lake
2) Whale Fishing: +1 Food on Coastal Water and Lake -> +3 Food and +1 Money on Ocean
3) Fishmonger: Added +1 money per Naval Trade Route
4) Charcoal Kiln: +1 Industry per adjacent Maker's -> +1 Industry per adjacent Farmer's
5) High Furnace: Added -1 Stability per adjacent Maker's Quarters
6) Quarrying Machine: Added +5 Industry and 1 pollution to Strategic Resources
7) Factory: +3 Worker Slots -> +20% Worker Slots
8) Automated Factory: +1 Industry per worker, +2 worker Slot -> +10 Industry per worker, -50% Worker Slots
9) Factory Farming: +2 Farmer slots -> +8 Food per Farmer, -50% Farmer Slots
10) Palisades/Stone Walls/Bastions/Bomb Shelters -> Added +15 Stability on each
11) Food Market: +1 Money on Market per adjacent Market, +2 Money on Market -> +1 Money on Market per adjacent Farmer's, +3 Money on Market
12) Food Plaza: Added +2 Money per adjacent Farmer's Quarter
13) Levy Administration: +3 Money on Main Plaza -> +3 Money on Quarter adjacent to main plaza
14) Taxation Office: +5 Money on Main Plaza -> +1 money per population
15) Commodity Market, Stock Exchange: Added +2 Trader slots on each
16) Customs Farm: Added +3 money per territory
17) Customs Agency: +10% on trade route income -> +25% on trade route income, +5 money per Administrative center
18) Public Fountain/Acqueduct/Sewage System: +15/+20/+25 Stability -> +10%/+15%/+20% growth gain, -5%/-10%/-15% growth loss
19) Theater: +4 Influence -> +2 Influence on Administrative Center and Main Plaza
20) Playhouse: +4 Influence -> +1 Influence on Common's Quarter
21) Cinema: +6 Influence -> +2 Influence and +5 Stability on Common's Quarter
22) Apothecary and Hospital: + Stability per Researcher -> + Stability per Trader
23) Academy: Added -1 Stability per adjacent Research's Quarters
24) Library: +1 science per population -> +5 Science on Main Plaza, +3 science per strategic resource extractor
25) Cabinet of Curiosities: +1 science per population -> +3 science per trade route
26) Changed Harbour exploitation to have it exploit Ocean tiles. No FIMS will be given by Ocean tiles unless you have an effect that buffs it.

KNOWN ISSUES: The tooltip on Public Fountain/Acqueduct/Sewage System say +Food, but they're actually +Growth in the game.








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RaimoTorbouc @fred4ubackup

Got a 'mismatch error' when trying to load the mod. No longer compatible with the game?

SpacesuitSpiff @spacesuitspiff

I don't see the appeal of the Public Fountain line. You occasionally get a pop 1 turn sooner, but ultimately just hit food homeostasis and then it does nothing. Decent on settled cities that get it instantly but idk why I'd ever build this manually. Even if the number were bigger it wouldn't offer much because of how quickly food consumption scales with pop.

RaimoTorbouc @fred4ubackup

I would say it emphases the active use of pop sacrifice. Some growth % can make a big diff in production gain/loss here.

Catsley @catsley

I really like the look of these changes. I'm just wondering what the reasoning is behind changing the apothecary and hospital to work through traders instead of researchers?

DocktorKain @docktorkain

Thanks! The idea behind moving those to Traders is to buff whats (arguably) one of the weakest specialists in the game. Having max Researchers is already a no-brainer, as techs grant you a great advantage, so by moving them to Traders you present the player an actual decision to make.

Catsley @catsley

Right, so more of a gameplay consideration. Fair enough. In my mind it made sense for the apothecary, using all kinds of exotic herbs and medicines brought in by traders, but struggled to make a headcannon for the hospital.

I like the idea of making traders more relevant, but stability I often find to be a bit of a non-issue. Perhaps the buildings could also add a growth effect to traders? After all medicine, doesn't just make us happy, it keeps us healthy too!

Mr.Kushti @mrkushti

Get a procedure or some pills in the US, it'll make sense. :-)

Catsley @catsley

Lol, hopefully I never have to.

rwriter51 @rwriter51

This is a great mod, thanks. One thing I would like to see added is FIMS slots for every infrastructure. I mean there's gotta be somebody working in those places. But then again, maybe they don't like their jobs and are just there to collect their paychecks.

KcaztheMighty @kcazthemighty

I love this mod. One small bug I found, it doesn't seem like the new whale fishing effect does anything. I believe this is because the default harbor esploitation is set to never exploit oceans, so adding +3 food to ocean exploitation doesn't effect anything since there are no ocean exploitations in any coastal cities. You could probably fix this by going into the exploitations discriptors file and adding ocean to the list of exploitable terrain types in the Exploit_CoastalWaters file. Other than that though I love using this mod, makes a lot more infrastructure worth building.

DocktorKain @docktorkain

Fixed it. Thanks

SmileyDA @smileyda

I do really like most of the changes, however because of some of the weird changes. I do not like the mod overall and i will not be using it. I really do not understand why you would change Charcoal Kiln, Food Market, Food Plaza to give adjacency bonuses to other farmers districts this makes city planning a nightmare and from a gameplay perspective makes no sense. Quarrying Machine, Library, Cabinet of Curiosities with the changes you made i would never ever build, since the industry cost for those is not worth the benefit you get. Also i might not be understanding this correctly but the change to Public Fountain etc. seems really broken.

DocktorKain @docktorkain

1) The Charcoal Kiln and Food Market changes were done to disencourage carpeting districts of the same type, by introducing cross-district adjacencies. The coal line needed some nerfs and thats also the intention behind Charcoal Kiln's change. Food Market also got a small buff to compensate (from +2 to +3 money on district), and overall I think the money situation is much better here.

2) Food Plaza and Quarrying machines retains all its bonuses and gain extra things (now food plaza does +10% Money , + 2 Money on Market Quarters per adjacent Market Quarter, + 3 Money on Market Quarter, AND gets added the extra +2 money per adjacent farmers, and Quarrying Machine is +2 industry on all tiles producing industry AND gets added the new +industry on strategics).

3) The Aqueduct line provides an interesting mechanic. With Public Fountain (+10% Growth) that increases the growth percent by 10%. Say your current food is giving you +50% pop per turn - Public Fountain will turn that into a +55% pop per turn. Its an avenue the game does not explore and I'm really happy with how it turns out in-game.

4) Lastly, Library and Cabinet of Curiosities are two that I'm actively looking into as I might have overnerfed them. I'll keep updating the mod as I receive more feedback.

SmileyDA @smileyda

Thanks for replying, indeed on Food Plaza and Quarrying i overlooked that you just added things and didn't change them (whoops), that actually makes it way better.

Also thanks for explaining the growth gain that seems like a cool change and not as op as i thought.

And i definitely understand what you are trying to do with the changes to The Charcoal Kiln and Food Market, it's just the base game at the moments just doesn't support it. As in makers quarters get adjacency only from makers. Maybe it's better if you keep the original bonuses but also add the once you changed, not sure.

But i think i will still give this mod a try, so many of the changes are so good and smart. Like for example why don't walls give stability, if garrisons do. Really good change. So yeah thank you for taking the time to make this!