Tonlo's Religion Gameplay Extended for Humankind

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This mod aims to be an expansion to one of the weakest systems of the game in its current implementation: Religion. My main issues with it are:

  1. -There aren’t many different sources of faith in the game, and some cultures have massive access to them while others struggle to keep their home religions alive.
  2. -Every historical religion has the same bonuses and effects on their exclusive Holy Sites. This results in a severe lack of flavor no matter which religion you pick.
  3. -Tenets become scarce after Tier 1 and some of them are extremely weak.
  4. -Religious Civics decisions range between a useless waste of influence and useful but one-sided.
  5. -Tradition Axis is undeniably worse than Progress Axis in 99 out of 100 situations.
  6. -Faith itself does not do many things for you besides 2 or 3 districts in the game + a grievance, which isn’t completely useless, but makes religious builds reliant on warfare and/or really specific culture and wonder choices.
  7. -The option to convert to another player’s religion is often shadowed by the fact that it doesn’t really hurt you that much to have all of your territories follow a foreign religion.
  8. -Being the founder of a religion doesn’t really do much for you, since every other Empire that converts to your religion can access the same bonuses and Holy Sites aren’t that strong after Ancient/Early Classical era.
  9. -Religion doesn’t necessarily help you win the game at all directly, since only the first Holy Site in the world grants any fame.

For the above mentioned reasons, this mod includes 16 new Tenets and a rebalance of all previously existing ones, an exclusive bonus to each type of Holy Site, an exclusive constructible (Unit or District) for every historical religion (except for Shamanism, which has an exclusive bonus), 5 generic Religious districts for every culture and religion in the game, 4 Religious Infrastructures, a rebalance of Religious Civics and Tradition Axis bonuses and 2 minor tweaks to stability to make room for all new stability bonuses. It also features 1 new Technology during the Early Modern Era.

Previous Considerations:

While making this mod, I tried to generally buff as much and nerf as little as I could, since I generally consider religion an underpowered aspect of the game. The results… I think that I have not made religious builds broken or overpowered, at least when compared with Science/Industry builds, but your feedback will be greatly appreciated in case I have created any bonkers strategy without really realizing it.

Besides, I also wanted to give indirect buffs to weaker or underused districts and strategies such as Garrisons, Commons Quarters, Farmers Quarters or pure Merchant builds, and so I designed some possible strategies to make them more viable. On the other hand, I was really careful granting bonuses to industry and science, since those FIMS are already strong on their own and count with many cultures and buildings to maximize them alright.

I also want to apologize preemtively to any religion outside of Islam, Christianity or Judaism, for my ignorance about the ways of their faiths might have depicted them wrong. I did the best I could with what I knew about them, and searched for things I might not know, but I may have misrepresented any of them without being aware of it. In regards to new Tenets, I tried to make them as themed and varied as possible, with bonuses that really reflected their names. I also tried to reflect ideas from all religions depicted in the game, but as a guy born in a mostly Christian country, maybe Christianism was more in my mind than it should.

I would also want to make clear that every single Quarter introduced with this mod has free placement rules. The reason is that many of them benefit from adjacency to Holy Sites, and so that makes it easier for city planning without having to worry about putting every single Holy Site near your cities (some exclusive Holy Sites will benefit from a more “urban” placement with this mod, though).

FInally, I clarify that the game refers to a Religious District as any district that produces faith as a base effect. So when I write “bonus to Religious District”, that includes Holy Sites but DOES NOT MEAN HOLY SITE exclusively.


On this Google doc (this many characters made the in game browser act weird).

Compatibility and images.

This mod edits a whole lot of files, including many technologies, and so it WON’T be compatible with most mods.

It is compatible with Uncle2fires's culture super pack if you use the following compatibility patch.

It is also compatible with my own culture pack by using a similar kind of patch.

Images used in this mod were extracted from the games files and or Google, I have only edited them. The exception is the picture for the Jewish exclusive unit, which Louderz kindly gifted me. I know some of the images don’t have the sharpest of editions, and I’m really sorry, but I wasn’t able to do it much better than this… I hope at least you can laugh a bit with the Medjays’ funny hats!









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Grathocke @rcarothers51

Any idea how far away an update is for ibn Battuta?
Maybe he's on vacation? I hope he hasn't lost interest. This is the best religiom mod of all.

Grathocke @rcarothers51

I'm still seeing the AI spamming Shrines. Some of them do so more than others. The simplest solution would be to make them stronger but limit them to one per territory. Just a thought.

ProfessorHecks @professorhecks

Yeah, it's a great mod, but my enemy AI cities are pure shrines. I absolutely second making it more powerful and one per territory. I think it's suffering the commons district spam, but at an even worse level.

Secondly, I have shrines and congregations unlocked, but none of the other visible religious buildings are available. I have 0 required districts for monasteries, mandirs, and religious relations. This is my first play through, so I hope I just haven't hit the right tech (In the middle ages atm). But it would be nice if it listed what is missing so I know what to build and what tech unlocks it.

CommanderViper @commanderviper

I agree with tehcrazylowk, something needs adjusted. At the very least make it removable with another district cause of of right now the only to remove it is to ransack. I would also suggest make it so only 1 per territory, the AI is spamming it due to the fact it is very bad at managing stability.

tehcrazylowk @tehcrazylowk


Could you do a workaround on shrines? They unlock on your 1st city and AI goes crazy with it.

Great mod!


Grathocke @rcarothers51

Playing today I went to choose my religion and was unable to choose one. I played a game earlier today without this mod and it worked fine, so I'm thinking Vitruvian broke the mod.

Sorry... It was my brain that was broken. It works fine. The mod, that is, not my brain. It sometimes runs on just two cylinders. If I was a car I'd be a Citroen 2CV.

aselnor @aselnor

Excellent mod but the shrine need a nerf, Ai keeps spamming it everywhere it can.

Grathocke @rcarothers51

Yes. That's almost the only thing they build.

Grathocke @rcarothers51

I'm hoping the Vitruvian update won't affect this mod, but if it does are you going to follow up with a new update? I only ask because I've had other favorite mods get abandoned after game updates.

TheCivEngineer @thecivengineer

Nice work, like fleshing out religion... one question, though. In my most recent game with this mod, the AI just spammed religious districts everywhere and I was 4K+ fame ahead of them. Not sure why. I did have a couple of other mods enabled (Humankind Rebalance, BetterDistrictCost and BuyIt), if it makes any difference.

Grathocke @rcarothers51

I'm not sure how to change my religion to one of the higher ones. I only see the AI;s polytheism and shamanism as available. What am I missing?

Tonlo @tonlo

Hi! In order to change your state religion to something other than Polytheism or Shamanism, you need to change it in the Tenet selection screen, after you have chosen the new Tenet but BEFORE confirming your new selection. At the top of the screen, you'll see the name of your religion and the Holy Site of that religion. There is a small arrow that should let you choose between the 8 historical religions present at the game.

Again, you need to click this arrow BEFORE confirming your new Tenet, but AFTER selecting one (It is a bit difficult, I know)

Grathocke @rcarothers51

Thanks. It will have to wait for my next game. That's a strange mechanism. Hopefully the devs can streamline it in a future update. Question though: does it have to done with the first tenet, or can you wait until a later one?

Tonlo @tonlo

You can wait as much as you want, as long as you still have a Tenet left to pick.

Darpaek @darpaek

ENC or VIP Compatible?

FurryProfilePic @furryprofilepic

I don’t know if it would be possible, but it might be helpful to hide units of buildings on the tech tree that are specific to a religion you haven’t chosen. It makes the tree a little bit hard to follow at times.

Tonlo @tonlo

It sadly isn't possible, or at least I don't know how to do that. Sorry!

EBarracuda @barracuda20

Does the AI still continue to keep their ancient culture religion or do they change in recent game updates or due to this mod?

Tonlo @tonlo

No, it sadly doesn't. And I didn't really find any way of making the AI pick a historical religion within the modding tools. So for now, it is more of a player feature to add a bit of flavor. They do build every new generic district, building and so, and can pick Tenets just as you. So ignore historic religions if you find it unfair.

I'm sorry that I do not have a better answer, but I'll keep trying to make the AI pick other religions.

Best regards.

Kepos @kepos

Great addition and I'm looking forward to see the Compatibility patches for Culture Super Pack and your Culture Pack.