Revised Unit Combat for Humankind

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Published by shakee (mod ID: 2144785)


What it does

  • Attacking armored and gunship units will now incur a -10 CS penalty for gunner and archer class units.
  • Attacking gun platform and torpedo boat ships will incur a -6 CS penalty for gunner and archer class units.
  • Attacking armored vessels and aircraft carriers will incur a -12 CS penalty for gunner and archer class units
  • Arquebusiers and Musketeers "Move or Fire" has been changed to "Move and Fire Malus". If they move in a turn, they will receive a -6 CS penalty until their next turn
  • Added the empire wide effect "Portable Anti-Armor Weapons" to technology "Composite Armor" which adds +3 CS to all gunner class land units when they attack armored units (which reduces the initial penalty).
  • Armored units hit by units which have the portable anti-armor weapons will receive -4 CS and -50% movement point until the next turn
  • Transport ships attacking normal ships only attack at half efficiency
  • and more... (look history)

BepinEx Plugin

I have made an optional BepinEx plugin. If you have BepinEx installed for Humankind, just drop the .dll from the into the Humankind/BepinEx/plugins folder. For BepinEx, download the archive here and extract the contents into the main Humankind install folder. Start the game once so it generates the other folder.

It changes the damage calculation from a set amount of damage ranges (Vanilla) to a comparison difference between the combat strengths of both units. The baseline (0 CS difference) is 28 damage avg (with +/- 5 in each direction for min/max).

  • Damage rolls are now a 11 range always. Being at the edge of the possible dame (0 or 100) decreases this range
  • It is now possible to do less damage as in vanilla. You will do at least between 2 and 7 damage even if you CS is way below the enemy's unit.
  • It takes a more positive cs difference to instantly kill a unit (around +27-30 difference)
  • Each positive point cs difference does between +1 and +2 extra damage. Each combat strength point beyond +10 difference, increases the extra damage to +3 and +4.


Changes the units Arquebusiers and Musketeers and the Technology "Composite Armor".

Not Compatible with other mods which changes the above 3 things.

For VIP also install the compatibility patch: RUC + VIP Patch mod for Humankind -

Beta Versions

They are manual download and install only for testing purposes. Would be great to receive feedback on those changes. For install: move or copy the folder inside the archive into your /Documents/Humankind/Community/ folder. Also make sure you do not have the subscribed folder in in subfolder (or overwrite the files in there)








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