Scythians for Humankind

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The Scythians have their own Legacy Trait, Emblematic Quarter, and Emblematic Unit. Info below:

  • Affinity: Militarist

"For once the blood has filled our cups, and we have drunk, there is nothing thereafter that can dissolve the bond between us"

  • Legacy Trait: The Riddle of Steel: +1 Industry on industry tiles ; +2 Experience Gain Multiplier

The Scythians were the first of numerous waves of warriors on horses who swept westward over the vast Eurasian steppes, which extend from Mongolia more than four thousand miles to the Carpathian Mountains in Europe.

  • Emblematic District: Kurgan: +3 Influence; +4 Strength for units in or adjacent to District;+1 Money; +2 Faith per adjacent Prairie;'+20 Stability; Fortified

Monumental burial mounds of the Scythian elite dotted the vast plains of the Steppe. These holy sites, teeming with treasure and grave goods, were highly venerated by the nomads

  • Emblematic Unit: Horse Lord: Does not replace any unit; 24 Combat Strength; Gains Poison trait

Practiced in the art of guerilla warfare, when they finally made themselves visible, the sight of fully tattooed Scythian Horse Lords shining with gold as they rapidly advanced on horseback was enough to make most enemies flee





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