South America Pack for Humankind

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This is a culture pack consisting of six cultures from South America. It includes one culture per era. If you'd like to download the cultures individually, click on their names to go to their individual mod pages.

All six of these cultures are also included in my Culture Super Pack.

Ancient Era: Caralans

Affinity: Agrarian
Legacy Trait: Bounty of the Sea: +2 Food on Coastal Water tiles; +1 Food on Lake tiles
Emblematic District: Net Weaver: +3 Industry; +5 Food per adjacent exploited Coastal Water tile; +1 Worker Slot; -10 Stability
Emblematic Unit: Envoys: Replaces Scouts; 12 Combat Strength (instead of 13 for Scouts); +1 Vision; Costs 2 Population to build (instead of 1 for Scouts); Unlocks immediately upon entering the Ancient Era; Tribes are converted to Envoys upon entering the Ancient Era

Classical Era: Chavín

Affinity: Aesthete
Legacy Trait: Blessings of Tradition: +2 Influence per territory following your State Religion; +0.5% total Influence per turn per State Religion Follower
Emblematic District: Ritual Plaza: +3 Faith; +1 Influence; +1 Influence per attached territory; +2 Stability per attached territory; +5 Faith if adjacent to Main Plaza
Emblematic Unit: Ceremonial Guards: Does not replace any unit; Anti-Cavalry unit with 24 Combat Strength; +3 Combat Strength when in friendly district; Unlocks at Standing Army

Medieval Era: Inca

Affinity: Builder
Legacy Trait: Mit'a: +5 Food on mountains; +4 Food on Cities per Unemployed Population in City; +5% Industry on Cities per Unemployed Population in City
Emblematic District: Terrace Farm: +5 Food; +3 Industry; +5 Food per adjacent mountain; +2 Food per adjacent Farmers Quarter; +1 Farmer Slot; Counts as Farmers Quarter; No Stability penalty; Must be built on a mountain, but does not need to be built adjacent to another district
Emblematic Unit: Mountain Slingers: Replaces Crossbowmen, with 32 Combat Strength (instead of 31 for the Crossbowmen) and 5 Movement (instead of 4 for the Crossbowmen); Receives +3 Combat Strength when fighting from higher or fortified terrain; Unlocks at War Summons (like the Crossbowmen)

Note: download the Terrace Farm model by Duskendawne to give the Inca EQ a unique look!

Early Modern Era: Mapuche

Affinity: Agrarian
Legacy Trait: Courage of Lautaro: -90% Unit Upkeep cost; +5% Unit Upkeep cost per attached territory; +4 Combat Strength to all land units; -0.2 Combat Strength to all land units per attached territory; +1 Vision to all land units
Emblematic district: Aillarehua: Replaces the Hamlet; Exploits all neighboring tiles for Food and Industry; +100% Food on neighboring tiles; +15 Fortification; +1 Farmer and +1 Trader Slot; -10 Stability; Is a spawn point for land units
Emblematic Unit: Toqui's Warriors: Replaces the Halberdiers; 44 Combat Strength (instead of 41 for the Halberdiers); +1 Combat Strength per war declared on you; Unlocks at Centralized Power (like the Halberdiers)

Industrial Era: Argentines

Affinity: Merchant
Legacy Trait: Export Economy: +3 Money per Trade Route; +3 Money on Farmers Quarters
Emblematic District: Estancia: +10 Food; +50 Money; -5 Food and -20 Money per adjacent district; +1 Farmer Slot; -10 Stability
Emblematic Unit: Dreadnought: Does not replace any unit; Capital ship (upgrades from Ironclad); 56 Combat Strength and 7 Movement; +4 Combat Strength when attacking weaker units; Unlocks at Combustion Engine

Contemporary Era: Ecuadorians

Affinity: Aesthete
Legacy Trait: Las Islas Galápagos: +5% Influence on emblematic districts per territory in your sphere of influence; -10% to absorb city cost
Emblematic District: National Park: Replaces the Nature Reserve; Must be placed on a natural modifier (like the Nature Reserve); Exploits all yields on this tile but provides +400% to Food and Science yields; +1 Influence per Food and Science produced on tile; +1 Money per Influence produced on tile; +5 Fame on construction per Influence produced on tile; +2 Researcher Slots; May only be built once per city; Unlocks at Research Institute
Emblematic Unit: Cyber Defense Operatives: Replaces the Commandos; 55 Combat Strength (instead of 54 for the Commandos); +8 Combat Strength against armoured units; Unlocks at Covert Ops

If you encounter bugs, please let me know! You can find me on Reddit, Steam, and Discord under the name uncle2fire.

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Credit for the art for the Caralan Envoys goes to kul. You can see more of kul's work here. Credit for the Inca Terrace Farm model goes to duskendawne.


This mod is NOT compatible with my other culture mods. This mod has not been tested with any mods made by other creators.


Terrace Farm model for Uncle2Fire's Inca







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LawyerGamer @lawyergamer

This is awesome! Any plans to add a compatibility patch with the True Culture Location mod to add these cultures in?

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire

Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

I didn't have any plans to make it compatible with that mod, but I can look into it and see how easy it would be to do. That would be a cool combination to have.

monte_cristo @monte-cristo1

Great work

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire

Thank you so much!

Amtoj @amtoj

Pretty amazing how you're getting so many of these out this quickly!

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire

Thanks :)