Compatibility: Super Pack & Extended Naval Combat for Humankind

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Published by Uncle2fire (mod ID: 1727435)


By loading this mod in addition to my Culture Super Pack and FreeThinker's Extended Naval Combat mod, you can play with both mods enabled and no conflicts.

The load order of the Super Pack and Extended Naval Combat shouldn't matter, but you must load this mod AFTER both of them. That is, you need to select the Super Pack and Extended Naval Combat first, then select this mod, then click "Apply".

See the screenshot for a visual to go along with the instructions.


If you want to play with the Vanilla Improvement Project mod enabled alongside the Super Pack and Extended Naval Combat, you will need to use the Triple Alliance Patch instead. Do not load this patch alongside the Triple Alliance Patch.


This mod makes small adjustments to a few Super Pack cultures, to fit better with FreeThinker's changes to units and technologies:

Chileans: the name of the EU has been changed from Dreadnought to Almirante Latorre-class Dreadnought, to distinguish it from FreeThinker's generic Dreadnought unit; the unit's combat strength has been increased 60, to be slightly more powerful than the generic Dreadnought; the unit will now unlock at Dreadnought Design instead of Combustion Engine, to match the unlock point of the generic Dreadnought

Costa Ricans: the Portage will not unlock at Railroad instead of Steam Engine, to match the unlock of the Train Station

Ecuadorians: the Cyber Defense Operatives will now unlock at Insurrection Theory instead of Covert Ops, to match the unlock point of the generic Commandos


If you encounter bugs, please let me know! You can find me on Reddit, Steam, and Discord under the name uncle2fire.


Culture Super Pack
Extended Naval Combat









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Hehodas @hehodas

Got the same problem as proussel59

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire

ENC hasn't been updated for the newest game patch yet. This compatibility patch can't be updated either until ENC is updated.

proussel59 @proussel59

I have a message saying "one of the mods prevented the game from running" (translated maybe not exact wording in english). Is this an issue with latest update? Any update planned on you rside?

SunshineCrazy @sunshinecrazy

Could you please update this compatibility mod?? I've updated both Naval Combat and your Super Pack mod and now I can't even get past turn one because already there it gets stuck on 'Turn Pending'!

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire

An update is in progress, but has hit some major roadblocks. I'm trying to work through them, but I don't have a time estimate. Thanks for your patience.