Swiss Pack for Humankind

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This is a culture pack consisting of six cultures from Switzerland. It includes one culture per era. If you'd like to download the cultures individually, click on their names to go to their individual mod pages.

All six of these cultures are also included in my Culture Super Pack.

Ancient Era: Hallstatt

Affinity: Builder
Legacy Trait: Funerary Rites: +5 Industry on Holy Sites; +25% Industry on Holy Sites per Copper; +1% Faith on Holy Sites per Luxury Resource
Emblematic District: Metalsmithy: Replaces the Copper Mine; +5 Industry per Copper; +5 Faith per Silver; +5 Money per Gold; +1 Worker Slot; Counts as Makers Quarter; Must be built on a Copper deposit; Unlocks at Bronze-working (like the Copper Mine)
Emblematic Unit: Seers: Does not replace any unit; Melee unit with 13 Combat Strength; +3 Combat Strength to allied units when fighting stronger units

Classical Era: Helvetii

Affinity: Expansionist
Legacy Trait: Crossing the Rodonos: +10 Food on Outposts; +5 Influence on Outposts; +5 Money on Outposts; +3 Fame per existing Migrating Tribe on all ransacks
Emblematic District: Oppidum: Replaces the Outpost; Only exploits Food of adjacent tiles (instead of Food and Industry, like the Outpost); Already-existing Outposts are converted automatically to Oppida
Emblematic Unit: Migrating Tribe: Does not replace any unit; Melee unit with 30 Combat Strength; -5% Combat Strength per City; -3% Combat Strength per Territory you control (includes both attached and unattached territories); +50% Combat Strength when ransacking (ransacking will complete 50% faster); May only be built by buying out for 2 population; May be bought in Outposts

Culture Trait (not passed on after advancing to another culture): Gallic Wars: -10% Industry on all cities per Population; -10% Food on all cities per Population; -10% Influence on all cities per Population; -2% Industry on all cities per district; May not upgrade Outposts into Cities; May not attach territories

Note on the Helvetii: this culture is designed to play very differently from normal cultures; please read through its individual mod page to get an idea of how they work and how to use them.

Medieval Era: Swiss

Affinity: Agrarian
Legacy Trait: Imperial Immediacy: +2 Food per Farmer; +1 Food per Worker; +1 Food per Scientist
Emblematic District: Sennerei: +5 Food; +1 Money; +2 Food per adjacent Farmers Quarter; +1 Money per adjacent Farmers Quarter; +50% Food per adjacent mountain; +1 Farmer Slot; -10 Stability
Emblematic Unit: Gevierthaufen: Replaces the Pikemen; 35 Combat Strength (instead of 31 for the Pikemen); Unlocks at War Summons (like the Pikemen); Costs 2 Population to build (instead of 1 for the Pikemen)

Early Modern Era: Swiss

Affinity: Aesthete
Legacy Trait: Safe Haven: +1% Influence per empire at peace with you; +10 Science per empire at peace with you
Emblematic District: Reformed Church: +4 Faith; +1 Faith per territory following a foreign religion (global count, not just in your empire); -1 Faith per territory following your State Religion (global count, not just in your empire); +10 Faith per adjacent Holy Site; -20 Faith and -10 Stability on adjacent Holy Sites; +6 Influence on adjacent Holy Sites; +2 Industry, +1 Influence, and +1 Science per Faith on Reformed Church; -10 Stability; Must be built adjacent to a Holy Site, but must also be adjacent or connected via districts to a Main Plaza or Administrative Center; May only be built once per city
Emblematic Unit: Swiss Guards: Does not replace any unit; Gunner unit with 45 Combat Strength, 4 Movement, and 4 Range; Cannot retreat; +2 Combat Strength when under 66% health, +5 Combat Strength when under 33% health (this counteracts the normal penalties from damage to give +1 when under 66% and +3 when under 33%); Unlocks at Patronage

Note on the Early Modern Swiss: the Reformed Church is designed to function differently from other emblematic districts; please read through the individual mod page to get an idea of how it works and how to use it.

Industrial Era: Swiss

Affinity: Scientist
Legacy Trait: National Redoubt: +5 Fortification on all districts per adjacent district; +1% Stability per Fortification on all districts; Must have 100 War Support to declare war on another empire
Emblematic District: Patent Office: +2 Industry; +2 Science; +1 Worker Slot; +1 Scientist Slot; +1% Science in this city per Worker; +1% Industry in this city per Scientist; Counts as both a Research Quarter and a Makers Quarter; -10 Stability; Must be built adjacent to a Makers Quarter; Unlocks at Encyclopedia
Emblematic Unit: Sharpshooters: Does not replace any unit; Gunner unit with 48 Combat Strength; May fire without line of sight; Unlocks at Nationhood

Contemporary Era: Swiss

Affinity: Merchant
Legacy Trait: Tax Haven: -1 Money on Market Quarters per empire at peace with you; +1 Money per trade route per empire at peace with you; +10% Money per Alliance
Emblematic District: Ski Resort: +5 Influence; +10 Money; +5 Stability; +3 Influence and +8 Money per adjacent Mountain; +10 Fame on construction per adjacent Mountain; Must be placed on a Mountain, but does not need to be adjacent to another district
Emblematic Unit: Gebirgsspezialisten: Does not replace any unit; Gunner unit with 55 Combat Strength; +3 Combat Strength when fighting from higher or fortified terrain; May cross cliffs; Enemy units in combat with the Gebirgsspezialisten do not receive a combat bonus from being on higher terrain (this applies whether the other unit is attacking from higher ground or defending on higher ground)

If you encounter bugs, please let me know! You can find me on Reddit, Steam, and Discord under the name uncle2fire.

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Many thanks for the art for the Gevierthaufen go to kul. Other art included in this mod was adapted from publicly available images.


This mod is NOT compatible with my other added culture mods. This mod has not been tested with any mods made by other creators.


Why so many Swiss?

I’m Swiss, and I wanted to showcase a bit of Swiss history, especially how different Switzerland and the Swiss (or “Swiss”) people have been over time. The Hallstatt and Helvetii, while not really Swiss, were important cultures that inhabited the area of modern Switzerland during the Bronze Age and the Iron Age/Roman period respectively.






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Kepos @kepos

Although I do not rate the Swiss culture to be kind of an advanced civilization over the whole centuries (more a reward for having survived the challenge), I do like the idea to be able to choose a slightly different culture of the same origin over the centuries. Looking forward to see other culture mods to follow that path.

monte_cristo @monte-cristo1

Great work as always. I am looking forward to a pack with your all cultures.

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire

Thanks :) I'm almost ready for the big pack