The 4-Xperience (Normal Sized) for Humankind

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Published by StormDragonAlthazar (mod ID: 1996539)


A rather "unrealistic" map, being that it's a big X that everyone plays on. Each player begins on one of the arms of the X, and will either have the option to go for the central desert in the X to try and claim territory to get access to the late game resources, or try their luck for the big islands and hidden lands inside of oceans of the X. Generally, the map is fairly balanced and will have all the horses, copper, and iron within close proximity to each player's starting area. All other resources are more inward or located on the islands.

The idea was that for the early game, players can focus on building up their empires, and from the mid game and beyond get more aggressive if they wish. This map is big enough to allow independent people to spawn so it shouldn't be a total slog fest between the four players.

The map features no natural wonders, landmarks, or any of the nodes that would be found in the ocean (water based oil, pearls, coral reefs, etc.), the latter due to the game currently throwing errors about these things. Hopefully by the time I make another map, that water node issue will be fixed.




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