THRACIANS - Ancient Thracian Culture Mod for Humankind

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The Thracians were an Indo-European speaking people who inhabited large parts of Eastern and Southeastern Europe in ancient history. Their culture is among the oldest in the historical record, boasting the first recorded written script and examples of goldsmithing.
Thracian craftsmen and winemakers were known across the ancient world, as were the deadly Peltast skirmishers, dependable wings in more than one famous conqueror's army. The Thracians made almost no efforts to unite their disparate tribes under one banner, choosing instead to live uncomplicated but exciting lives of revelry, combat and creative pursuits. Instead, they came under the influence of the power players of the day, leaving naught but a memory. If they had united, the world might look different, and that is where you come in. Will you forge another fate for the steadfast Thracians? And will you forge it in gold?


Era Ancient
Affinity Militarist
Legacy Trait Dedication in All Things -25% Industry cost on Emblematic Units
1 Combat Strength, 1 Land Speed and -25% Upkeep cost on Emblematic Units
Emblematic District Artificer's Sanctuary

Unlocks automatically

1 Influence
1 Money per access to Copper
1 Influence per access to Gold
3 Industry and 3 Money per adjacent Luxury Resource Extractor
1 Worker slot on City
-10 Stability

Count as Market Quarter and Makers Quarter
Exploits Industry on adjacent tiles
Can be placed freely

Emblematic Unit Peltasts

Unlocks with Bronzeworking and replaces Spearmen
Requires 1 Copper

21 Combat Strength | 4 Movement | 2 Range

Unique Trait Elite Skirmisher:
The unit can move until all movement points are depleted, ignoring zones of control and ignores penalties from fighting in melee.
[This unit features a unique look, so it should be visually distinct from other units]

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Programming and implementation - SmileyDA
Art manipulation and unit customization - K. Constantine
Unit icon assistance - Kody














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ArcaniteM @arcanitem

Its a bit buggy, the units dont attack.
But they look incredible.

MalataSocietaOfficia @malatasocietaofficia

UPDATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! its super buggy!!!!! please!!!!!!

Gedemon @gedemon

K.Constantine what do you mean by "[This mod is compatible with all other mods as it uses its own folder structure]" ?

You can avoid the issue below by adding your own subfolder in the Database folder ?

SmileyDA @smileyda

If you yourself do a lot of modding i already explained with a example in the thread that you linked how you can do this.

K.Constantine @kconstantine

There is a known UI Mapper error that appears when multiple mods use an identical folder structure. This is why it's desirable for modded cultures to be added to packages as this doesn't happen as long as it's a single "mod."
There is, however, a method that allows you to avoid this by simply having each mod have its own folder structure with dedicated folders for its content, since the various Definitions and Mapper files only care about the filename of what they're pointing toward, not where it's located exactly. So, having your own subfolders, for example - LandUnitUIMappersThracians, allows you to avoid incompatibility with other mods as long as they don't share a folder name.
Obviously, this only applies to adding new files instead of editing vanilla ones and attempting multiple overrides of a single file, I'm not personally familiar with how that would be handled.

Uncle2fire @uncle2fire

Awesome work on the very first imported 3d unit model!

K.Constantine @kconstantine

Just a small correction, it's not imported 3D but a collection of vanilla assets.