BigPharma's Tibetans [Early Modern] for Humankind

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This mod adds the Tibetans as a playable culture in the Early Modern Era with their own Legacy Trait, Emblematic Quarter, and Emblematic Unit. No other cultures are replaced, and the mod does not change anything outside of this specific culture.

For a more detailed write-up on the history and inspiration behind this culture, see here.

**A special thank you to DocktorKain for balance and design suggestions!**


Affinity Builder

Legacy Trait Ganden Phodrang

+3 Influence per State Religion Follower worldwide

+3 Unit Combat Strength on District and all adjacent Districts in Capital

Emblematic Quarter Dzong

Exploits Industry

+7 Faith per adjacent Mountain

+3 Faith per adjacent District

+1 Industry per Faith produced on all adjacent Districts

Emblematic Unit Yul Dmag

33 Combat Strength

Requires 1 Saltpeter

Militia unit created automatically on sieges

May only perform one move or one attack per turn

+6 Combat Combat Strength when fighting religious enemies

+3 Combat Strength when fighting on friendly district


  • Military: Defensively-minded players, upon securing a source of Saltpetre, will have the Yul Dmag as intermediary gunner militia unit much stronger than medieval peasants to defend against aggression, provided you stay close to the walls to enjoy the protection of the blessing of the Ganden Phodrang. Enemies of the faith should beware the increased conviction with which they will fight. Having many Dzongs within a city will also allow more militia units to be mustered during a siege, making cities even more difficult to conquer if defended properly.
  • Religious: The Dzong is best built in highly mountainous areas where they will get a higher faith bonus than if they were surrounded by other districts. Spread your faith far and wide and watch your Influence soar as well.
  • Economic: Not to be underestimated, the Dzong is an enormous boon to Industry when placed adjacent to Faith-producing districts. Holy Sites, Wonders, and certain Emblematic Quarters have the potential to slingshot your production.

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DccAnh @dccanh

Why are you using the mughal art work ? Tibetan aren't indian, both their race and culture are more closely relate to East and Central Asia than south Asia. Tibetan are also Buddist, while this artwork depict the muslim.

xuzheqi @na1642852263

I agree with you to Tibet as a separate civilization,but Tibet belongs to China, is an indispensable part of Chinese civilization since the beginning of time

柚子1642851626 @1642851626

I don't agree with you to Tibet as a separate civilization, because Tibet belongs to China, is an indispensable part of Chinese civilization since the beginning of time

[GIL]BigPharma @bigpharma2

That's an interesting opinion to have of a people whose language, political history, and cultural and religious influences are so radically different from Han Chinese civilization given their geographical proximity.