True Culture Location and 16 players (10+6 AIs) for Humankind

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Published by Gedemon - learn more (mod ID: 1344293)


Manual installation only, don't subscribe, see Instructions below.

On Era change, Cultures are unlocked by owning their real world historical territory (based on relative position on generated maps, or on the Giant Earth Map territories).

Support for Custom Cultures or Custom Maps can be added using .json or XML files, see the "How To" on CFC

Some Cultures require to own a "Capital Territory" and can only chosen by one Empire, some have multiple unlocking territories and can be picked by multiple Empires.

There are a few options available to setup the mod behavior, it's possible to either keep all your old territory or only keep the core territory of the new Culture. You can even deactivate the True Culture Location gameplay component to only keep the visual elements (Historical districts, City naming, Territory Naming)

For the first Era an outpost is enough on a territory to unlock a Culture, you can setup from which era a City (or an Administrative Center attached to a City) will be required to unlock a Culture.

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By pressing the [F3] key in game you can toggle the territory names on the map.


This is a BepInEx plugin, you don't need to replace any of the original game files to install and use it.

Source code: gitHub
Development: thread on CFC

Installation Instruction

This mod requires a manual installation from, subscribing from the in-game browser won't work, see detailed instructions below.

(note that finding your installation path will differ for non-steam version of the game)

1/ Install BepInEx if you've not done that part already

2/ Install or update the mod as a BepInEx plugin

  • Download the attached archive file in the "release" section below this description
  • Extract the archive into the "..\Steam\steamapps\common\Humankind\BepInEx\plugins" folder, replacing previous version when updating
  • Optional: install or update the Giant Earth Map (v1.1.1.2 or later) that you can get here on
  • Start a new game with the Giant Earth Map or use the experimental setting to set territory unlocks based on real world relative positions on any generated map.

Alternatively, Andrew/AOM have made a Mod Manager, you'll find a detailed tutorial for BepInEx installation and how to use their Mod Manager on their site here.


The options can be set in the "Difficulty" section when starting a new game


Custom Cultures with TCL support

Maps with TCL support

Additional mods

  • (AOM)'s Improved AIs Culture Selection : will raise the chance for the AI to choose a new Culture instead of transcending.
  • (AOM)'s Allow duplicate cultures mod : mandatory if you want to play with 16 cultures on a random map without TCL (unless you add at least 6 cultures mods starting in ancient era)
  • FoxFox' Oarly Boats mod : give access to Europe's Culture earlier for more players.
  • (AOM)'s Rainbow mod : you'll need more colors with 16 players !

Special Thanks

  • Andrew and Touhma on discord who helped me and provided working examples that allowed me to convert the mod to use BepInEx
  • SeelingCat for naming and reshaping the territories on the Giant Earth Map
  • every one on CFC for alpha testing, comments and suggestions
  • Amplitude for making this possible


  • Gedemon : design, coding
  • SeelingCat : territory names/shapes, TCL for independent people on the Giant Earth Map
  • (AOM) / Andrew : code to add options directly into the setup menu of a new game


[MAP] Giant Earth Map














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blendy @blendy1

Hey Gedemon FYI - I tried this mod out and it doesn't work. I even tried reverting back to previous versions and it still didn't limit the civs you can choose from based on territory. I hope you find the time to fix it cuz this is my favorite mod!

michal.turski @michalturski

Same here - I actually stopped playing Humankind since this mod is not working anymore.

sophloaf @sophloaf

An update or even a standalone version for 16 players would be INCREDIBLE. Thanks for all your hard word on humankind and civ modding!

SPARTANxBEAR @spartanxbear

does this mod still work or is it broken? trying to play with 16

Nahimi @nahimi

Amazing mod. Hopefully it gets updated!

nikitalast @nikitalast

Pls, update this mod, cannot play 16 players.

dshole @dshole

Hi Gedemon, I'm not sure if you are still maintaining this excellent mod, but I don't think the mod is working since the last update? I can't seem to change start location anymore or they have become messed up. Any thoughts?

dshole @dshole

I think and I might be wrong. But the issue seems to be with the old world start location option. When I select that the locations don't seem to adjust. If I use the alternative start option I start in the correct location. For example slot 6 is Greece. But on Old world if I select slot 10 (for Rome?) I start up in North America?

Captain#Crunch @captaincrunch26

I don't even see the mod showing up on list to enable.... I think this one is broken

Walglorious_Bastard @walglorious-bastard

this mod is a BepInEx plugin, which means it won't ever show up in you modlist but runs as a script when starting the game: if you see all the extra options in the difficulty screen it's at least loading.

Sadly the last update broke this mod, so it's not actually doing what it hould do: restrict cultures to certain locations. The 16 players option also doesn't seem to work, I haven't tested empire split yet

It's waiting for the mod creator to answer/update I'm afraid

Walglorious_Bastard @walglorious-bastard

It seems this mod doesn't work at all:

- I can choose any culture anywhere (the basis of the mod)
- Alternate start position nolonger seems to work, only default 10 player start
- The F3 button nolonger show the overlay

Rossels @rossels

Hello Gedemon, big fan of your work since Civ, does this mod support the new DLC Culture of Latin America and Bolivar update?
It seems to work with the current version of TCL and GEM however the location requirements for cultures doesn't seem to be required anymore.

~BirbMen~ @birbmen

does the 16 players thing function for you? i just find this mod for a couple of days and i cant seem to work it, please need help

hnk2075 @hnk2075

Me too, positioning mode doesn't work after this patch

dshole @dshole

Hi Gedemon, perhaps there is something basic I'm missing, but how do I prevent duplicate AI cultures in the early ancient era?

Tboner @tboner

Only just discovered this and love the mod so far, only issue is that after a certain number of turns the game locks. Units can't be moved, cities selected, or the turn progressed. Reading comments below it looks like this is a known issue since the latest patch with Civs >10. I'm thinking of rolling back the latest patch till the fix - what was the last patch where 16 majors were not an issue and what would the corresponding version above be? Just asking as I'd rather not try 2-4 dead-end games brute forcing the solution :)

Gedemon @gedemon

should be

edit: not sure for the game's patch version number, the one before the vitruvian update in April.

Walglorious_Bastard @walglorious-bastard

Any chance there is an update on the way? or is it better to roll back for the forseeable future?

WesleyMesley @wesleymesley

Turns out i was downloading the incorrect BepInEx file. For anybody also struggling with this, under the instruction "Extract BepInEx to that folder" click the hyperlink that sends you to a download for a x64 version (if on windows 10) and do all the steps. That should work.

Walglorious_Bastard @walglorious-bastard

thank you! like some stupid git I was trying to make the UNIX version work XD