True Endless Speed for Humankind

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Published by Baraquoi (mod ID: 1872051)


Working properly only in Endless Game Speed !

- Technology cost "almost" X 10, exponential in late game. Unlike vanilla, techs cost in Science is set, so no increase by the number of unlocked Techs

- Base Game Speed multiplied by 1,5 : Will adjust difficulty bonuses the IA get if they scale with Gamespeed

2 Stars in Neolitic Era :

  • Neolitics Stars : Population 10 -> 16 ; Science 20 -> 200 ; Hunt 10 -> 14 ; Each Star now grant 200 Fame
  • Knowledge gain by Ancient Campment : 1,2 or 3 -> 8
  • Knowledge gain option with the Neolitic Events : 2 -> 10
  • Science gain by Curiosity in Ancient Era : X 2 (includes events from DLCs)

16 Stars in Others Era (Era Stars Requirements Changes (Bronze is really easy to get in any area and Gold is really hard to reach)) :

  • Aesthete Stars : Near vanilla X 5 in Ancient area and almost vanilla X 2 in Contemporary area
  • Agrarian Stars : Increased (almost X2,5 but weird)
  • Builder Stars : Increased (almost X2,5 but weird), Fixed Fame bonuses for Builder Cultures (x 1,1 -> x 1,5)
  • Expansionist Stars : Fame halved except for Expansionist Culture
  • Merchant Stars : Near vanilla X 6 in Ancient area and almost vanilla X 2 in Contemporary area
  • Militarist Stars : Near Vanilla X 3,5 for Bronze, X 4 for Silver and X 4,8 for Gold
  • Scientist Stars : Without mod you need to search about 80% of available techs to unlock Gold Star -> Now you need about 100% to unlock Gold Star
  • Diplomatic Stars (TWR) : Vanilla : Cost doesn't move between "Normal", "Slow" and "Endless" -> Normal : x 1,5 / Slow : x 2 / Endless x 3.

- Reduced the duration of Star Catchup in Endless by 8 (avoid beeing stuck by the era too long)

Settlements and Cities Cost changes :

- Outposts Costs in Neolitic incerased : 4 Outposts in Vanilla = 3 Outposts with TES

- Cities Cost : reduced for the 2nd City and Increased for other

- Building Outposts Costs : Double the cost due to distance

- Absorbtion of Cities : Cost reduced

District Cost Changes :

- Base Districts (FIMS) : Cost now doesn't scale when you attach territories. Added an increase of District Cost with the percent of Territory occupied by districts in city. Vanilla until around 8% are constructed, fill the territory is still possible (it's not like the story of Achilles and the Tortoise it's just pretty hard). Cost increase will also slow down after the city have "District - Territory > 50"

- Emblematic Districs : Cost is now 1,5 x Base Districts (except specialists slots count is the mean of all 4 FIMS)

- Harbor and Hamlet : vanilla

- Nature Reserve : vanilla

- Infrastructure Districs (Garrison, Train Station, Aerodrome, Airport, Missile Silot) : Cost Increased. Cost now doesn't scale when you attach territories. Added an increase of District Cost with the percent of Territory occupied by districts in city (The same as base districts). Each Specialist Slot will reduce the cost of Infrastructure Districts (400 Specialists Slots halves the cost)

Civic Enactement Cost :

Battuta and after : 20 + Civics^2,8 ; TES : 20 + Civics^2,95

Increased veterancy level requirements :

  1. Cost : Vanilla : 2 X Base Strengths X Veterancy Level^0,5 ; True Endless Game Speed : 4 X Base Strengths X Veterancy Level^1,3
  2. Strengths Bonuses : Vanilla : (1;1;1) ; True Endless Game Speed : (1;2;3)
  3. Experience Gain : % of Ennemy Health loss X Ennemy Base Strengths X B % of Ennemy Health loss X Ennemy Base Strengths X Bonuses + 0,5 (Avoid no XP gain)

Diplomacy :

  1. Badge Timeout 40->30
  2. Vassalization cost reduced in early and augmented in late. Formula : 125+35 X VassalCities - Famedifference/40 => 210+50 X VassalCities - (Famedifference+300)/120 - 30 X LiegeEra ; (With vanilla you get 5 cost reduction for each 200 fame difference reached stepwise. With TES you gain 5 cost reduction for each 600 fame difference by average)

- Artificials Wonders cost reduced in Ancient and Classical and increased in others

- Calendar adapted

- If you want you can play in Normal Speed (not that much balanced and will not) : Same changes for Tech and Stars requirements except it takes normal speed as reference (halves most values).

Compatibility :

Extended Naval Combat : You must load TES after ENC, TES just put intermediate values for added Techs. However no cost decrease with the number of Techs here !

Vanilla Improvement Project : Compatible but it requires you to load the TES & VIP Compatibility Patch last. If you use VIP and TES together and you found anything strange or an incompatibility, please say it in a suitable place, namely in the comment section of the compatibility patch.

If you want all the changes to apply, I suggest loading this mod last. But you can also load another specific mod after, if you intend to change a parameter (If you want more or less stars as example)

To play another previous version : You must Download it, Unzip, Put in Documents\Humankind\Community -> It will appear in your mod list with your others mod lib mod's

If you encounter any problem or have a balancing suggestion please tell me in the comments below ! And please check if TES it's the cause of the problem before ...


































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Walglorious_Bastard @walglorious-bastard

I see something about less stars, which, still working, mod in combination with this one would you recommend?

Baraquoi @baraquoi

Well I don't know which one you want but if the other mod works alone, it should also with TES (but only if load TES before).

Necrophagi1662579753 @necrophagi1662579753

Does this mod disable mods? Because I just bought the game and I can't earn any. I turned it off at one point and was able to get some achievements but as soon as I turned it back on I couldn't get any again. Is there a way to enable achievements with this mod?

Baraquoi @baraquoi

Not only TES ! It's impossible to unlock achievements with most mods enabled (except achievements linked to official mods of course), because with mods, it would be cheating.

Kosh1645979352 @kosh1645979352

Hey there, we were playing yesterday with this mod with no problems but today it would not work. Noticed it just updated 8 hours ago... thinking something borked? I'm hosting and the other person is getting:

at Amplitude.Mercury.Game.Game+<DoStart>d__4.MoveNext () [0x00157] in <90e17bcb470a4a83b93ea733ca6110eb>:0
at Amplitude.Coroutine.Run () [0x00019] in <acfb744786f440b193a602fe930d317b>:0

We confirmed in the mods browser that we have the exact same version #s for all mods and same load order. Was working fine yesterday like I mentioned and this is the only mod that updated today (Extended naval, VIP, Culture super pack, triple alliance, TES, TES + VIP)

Baraquoi @baraquoi

Really strange, in my last update I have just modify one formula about vassalization already included in TES since months, it's literally impossible for it to cause an incompatibility. In addition I can't get this error by loading the mods correctly. In which order you and your friend has loaded ? Also you can access a diagnostic of your problem in Documents\Humankind\Temporary Files, to identify the incompatibility.

Kosh1645979352 @kosh1645979352

Thanks for the quick response - Extended Naval actually just updated minutes ago and we just tried again and it's working... still makes no sense because everything worked yesterday before the TES update.... But we will take it as a win and not have to bother you further. Thanks again :)

Baraquoi @baraquoi

I saw ENC had 3 updates in the last 24h. One of them may be the cause I guess.

MrBSRK @mrbsrk

It's my first time trying this mod. I wonder if it intentional to require 200k money and 100k influence for the first star in the classical era? That seem like such a massive gap from the ancient era and feel I'm screw for choosing merchant(and the one ai that choose science and then builder just run away now with 1000+ industry and science while most fall behine by 3 times).
Also building speed for district and infrastruture seem way too fast relative to how star can be unlock(I run out of infrastruture to build and map gonna be fill with districts by the time I leave classical). I also almost research everything in classical at this point but only have 3 star feel like I'm gonna stuck in classical for a while(science culture will surely runaway).
I'm playing on Huge map. But from the 2 games I try it 3 ai never advance to ancient era.
Just want to know if these are intentional. I'm only using this mod with VIP pack.

Baraquoi @baraquoi

If you use the VIP mod, Requirements for Stars changes and maybe other things too (Anyway it's a compatibility patch issue I guess). About districts, for now it does'nt seem that bad (I was never filled with district even in Medieval Era) maybe I can do something about it, but as I know it will be really hard to balance and besides I am going to be really busy this year ... And if you run out of infrastructures, that's absolutely intended and was one of the main goals of the mod ! About the IA being stuck in Neolitic, for me sometimes 1 IA stay in Neolithic for a really long time but always found a way (I have never see a Neolithic tribe in early modern era for example).

MrBSRK @mrbsrk

Then it probably just compatibility patch issue. I finally get to medieval(the second empire after that runaway ai) and decide to drop that session since the star requirement is getting too insane that I will probably kill all the ai before getting to the next era.

Will wait for the compatibility patch to be update but otherwise great mod. I actually like the change to the infrastructures. District might not be a problem if the mod is working as intended.

monoolho. @monoolho

No idea why, but my comment went to the end of the comment list, so I'll repost it to see if its fixed.

Hey there, this is an absolute must mod for slower speeds, though the calendar gets quite odd at Slow, but seems ok at endless (when the AI isnt cheating its way into the industrial era by 150CE).

Baraquoi, I do have one request to you: can you upload your mod project files to github or someplace so I can edit them and try to make an edit to your files and create a "rush to medieval era then proceed endlessly as intended"? I wanted to try this method to fastforward through ancient times . I got tired of them and really want to feel the later eras, and since there is no starting age option, id like to try my hand at modding early stars, tech costs and calendar with your configs, as I cant live by vanilla values anymore.

Thank you in advance for your attention and your great work on this mod. Your AI persona is mostly a hepful ally on my games, except when he chooses treason, then... retaliations are needed.

Sealed1633508025 @sealed1633508025

first off: legendary mod. truelly reinvigorates the game for me.
this idea sounds amazing! if you manage it, would you both mind sharing your proces?

Baraquoi @baraquoi

I sent you a message with it !

SD16 @sd161

good mod. i have a question though, about how long should each era last? also im finishing all techs and still need more science to get all 3 stars, is that intended?

Baraquoi @baraquoi

Basically in Endless, each era (except Neo) is supposed to last about 150 turns (-/+20). And no, it's not intended, I don't understand how you can need more technologies, it never happened to me ... Do you use other mods ?

SD16 @sd161

yes i am using the following- VIP Mod pack, Extended naval combat, Expansion Extras, True Endless Speed, ENC & VIP Compatibility, TES & VIP Compatibility. all in that order

Baraquoi @baraquoi

It's about a "TES & VIP Compatibility" issue, we are working on it with DoktorKain.

SD16 @sd161

Ah ok, thank you for the help.

Maarken[ELISA] @maarkenelisa

this mod is handsome, but do you how proc the science curiosity in neolithic era ? because i'm often stuck with a lack of spawning of them and the ia progress quickly even with two star ...

Baraquoi @baraquoi

In the past I've tried to change the spawn probability but I reverted it to vanilla. Because that doesn't change the problem. I guess the AI ​​cheats by knowing where the curiosities are ... Unfortunately if you don't have enought science, it's a matter of luck or savescum !

Maarken[ELISA] @maarkenelisa

thanks for answer, but did you know if the actual probability are conditioning by some element, because even on wiki i don't find precise data to know where to camp to hunt the science curiosity, i go on snow or desert title with river, but maybe there is some factor that increase probabilities ?

Baraquoi @baraquoi

To the best of my belief, the terrain type doesn't impact the spawn rate. I only know that the number of curiosities decrease with Eras and with the number of already spawned curiosities !